NYSC Mobilization Form

NYSC Mobilization Form – 2019 Batch C

The NYSC mobilization form might be a strange term to many of you, but to some who belong to some particular institutions, you will already be familiar with the term. At the end of this post, you will understand everything about the NYSC mobilization Form and how to obtain one.

Firstly, you should know that what is called NYSC Mobilization Form is not by the NYSC management, it was an invention of some institutions as a way to mobilize their qualified graduates for the National Youth Service Corps program. Read also: NYSC Batch C 2019 News Updates

NYSC Mobilization Form

The NYSC mobilization form is a piece of Form given to graduates of a particular institution in other to get their names on the senate list. That is the definition I could come up with and if you have a better one, use the comment box below.

Some higher institutions will do it totally for free, some will charge from N200 – N1000 to fill the mobilization form while other schools will see an opportunity to make money and charge graduates up to N5,000 to fill just a Form. It’s not fair though, but this is Nigeria.

What is more amazing is that there are some institutions who don’t require graduates to fill any NYSC mobilization form. They are the school management and they know the graduates that are qualified for NYSC and the ones that are not.

How To Get A Mobilization Form

To be on a safe side, you should ask your friends or call your school to confirm if the NYSC mobilization for is out or not. Many schools always announce to their graduates and ask them to pick up a Form at the DSA but if you are yet to hear anything, make sure you confirm from friends.

During my time, we were mobilized automatically. We would just wake up and see our names on senate list pasted at the DSA and also uploaded on the school portal. But these days, some schools will ask you to pay for it.

Now Your Turn

It is your turn to contribute to this whole issue. Tell us what you think about the mobilization Form. Have you filled yours and how much were you charged for the Form? Use the comment box below to share.

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  1. What About institutions where they call it pre mobilization form, and it is filled online.. with no charges

  2. my school didn’t charge a thing for the form.

  3. Mobilization form in my school is #10,000

  4. My school mobilisation form is 10k.

  5. Edono Josephine Oghenemeru

    Uniport charges 2000 Naira. And mobilization is ongoing.


    I got my nysc mobilization from in my institution for free they announced it that all the 400 level student should come and collect their form in the office No body paid.

  7. Am gbenga from kwasu my didnt request for money the form is free and registration is on going it might close today

  8. I have filled mine and my school didn’t ask a dine from us.

  9. Sorry Lola, I just want to ask you one question, if someone finished his/her school at age of 28, but he didn’t mobilize that year and the following year he didn’t go with batch A and B. Its possible for him/her to still go for batch c, when he is going to clock 30 years early following year

  10. Hi, please I have been unable to print out my admission letter. I want to know if I need for service
    Because my school said nysc told them to tell us to print it out to check if our names are correct and all.
    I checked my admission status and everything is fine but I can’t print out the letter.
    What do I do?

  11. Yes I have fill mine and was charge 100

  12. I graduated from UAE Aviation School early this year, my school gave us a mobilizations form which was included in our final year charges. I think it cost me over 20k When converted to Naira.

  13. Please i submitted my mobilization form since last two weeks and i don’t know when the senate list will be out.. Please share idea with meπŸ™

  14. I was 33 Last year, during the time I filled my mobilization form two weeks ago I had to reduce it to 27 years to enable me go for service. Pls will the school mobilised me based on the information I have given to them? Or will will NYSC go through the information I gave to JAMB during my admission process?

  15. I’ve filled mine and the form was given to us at 1k

  16. Samuel Olajumoke Victoria

    I want to ask if they are going to ask for original copy of my o level result cos I only have the print out

  17. I want to know if there’s still a chance for mobilization cos I heard the information late and I’m yet to be mobilized

  18. Good morning Lola will that date of birth be an issue on my Jamb original copy it’s 1990 on my ssce it’s 1989 on the Original copy am I safe ??

  19. Pls Lola I lost my school identification card….can’t this cause problem for me in camp?

  20. I graduated from a College of Education few years ago. Since I was not admitted into the college through JAMB, I had to do JAMB regularization number so as to be recognized by JAMB in case of subsequent academic pursuit.
    But later on, I still got admission into a degree programme directly by the school, and not through JAMB.
    So, I wish to know whether not being admitted by JAMB into the degree programme even as I have JAMB regularization number from my previous school will affect me during NYSC mobilization. Do I need to do regularization the second time also for the degree programme. Please help.

  21. Ngene ginika Francisca

    They say that if you have reached 30yrs, u will not go to service is that true?

  22. Who knows if UNIBEN gives mobilization form to graduate to fill? Anybody with idea?

  23. Hi Lola, please my name is still showing no record found on the senate list. please ambi safe?

  24. Oluwadare kunle ibironke

    Hi Lola pls I want to know I was told that my name will fall on the stream 2 are we expecting stream 2 Senate list

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