Ondo NYSC Orientation Camp Review

A Review By NYSC Counsellor

Ondo state orientation Camp is a place where someone can be happy depending on his/her ways of life and show ready to associate with others.

Normally just like most other camps I have heard about things are more expensive than outside and they also sell foods in plate. A plate is 250 naira for either rice or swallow and they serve in different quantities.

The kitchen foods are usually ready to time but at times but be late a bit. Whenever tea is served some don’t bother to take it but just request for Hot water while some take and add personal beverages to it because if it usually watery meanwhile some choose to be permanent Mammy market customer because of insufficient quantities and qualities of food given which are largely inadequate most of the times.

The camp can be very awesome if you have friends who also like fun in any ways you can think about because the mammy market is usually bubbling on night basis. So you can prepare to go with money depending on the kinds of fun you intend to have.

There are religious activities too on their designated times for both Christians and Muslims. So no one is denied of freedom of religion.

There are also social activities ranging from welcome parties, platoon contests and cultural night. The one I experienced was very boring but I don’t know if it has been improved upon.

That’s the little is can remember for now. Thanks for reading

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Ondo NYSC Orientation Camp Review

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NYSC Orientation Camp, Ikare-Akoko, Address

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