6 Myths About Getting Posted To Your Choice City During NYSC Camp

One Thing You Must Do Immediately After NYSC Orientation Camp

Congratulation to you all our dear gallant NYSC 2019 Batch A. You are leaving camp on the soon to your various PPA (Place of Primary Assignment)

Some will be posted to the city, some to the villages, some to industries and many to schools as their place of primary assignment.

You have spent around three weeks with thousands of people, marching and getting up very early, eating foods that’s not your type and many more. The first thing that would come to your mind is to go home and relax. But wait.

Here is an important thing you must do before you go home or even travel.

“Don’t carry your bags and travel home after the NYSC orientation camp without reporting at your PPA and NYSC local government office for your documentation except you have been redeployed.

The fact is, you’re not yet a full Corper until you’ve reported in those two places. Submit your posting letter at your PPA and collect and acceptance letter which you’ll use for your registration at the NYSC area office. And if you’re rejected by your PPA, it’s not a problem; just make sure the same PPA gives you a rejection letter. You’ll take the letter to the NYSC area office and they know what to do.

Normally your PPA is expected to offer you accommodation and monthly stipends but some may not even give you any. So sort this out with your boss after you might have been accepted.”

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Congratulations to you all. YOU ARE WELCOME TO THE SYSTEM

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