Online Registration For Remobilization Starts 22nd Sept 2021

This is to announce to you all that the online registration for remobilization portal will be open by 22nd Sept 2021 for everyone who needs Remobilization.

Before you go to the portal to click Remobilization, you should kindly read the details below to know who needs Remobilization.

This is for the Corps Members who have absconded from service and the state has not taken appropriate action.

The completion of this application form shows that you are ready to come back and complete your service after you have refunded the NYSC.

Afterward, you will then be able to Remob into the current batch when opened”

Let me explain with an example.

Let’s say Lola belongs to batch A and was posted to Lagos for NYSC. Lola then traveled to Lagos camp and observe the orientation camp process and after camp or after a few weeks or months during service, Lola abandoned NYSC and never report to PPA or the Local government again. Don’t ask me why Lola abandoned NYSC.

If Lola wants to continue her NYSC and go with the next batch, Lola will have to do remobilization to be part of the next batch. I hope you now understand the whole meaning of remobilization in NYSC.

The Portal will be open for remobilization on the 22nd of september and we will provide an update then.

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  1. Hello. I just want to find out something. For someone that had to be remobilized to a new state after “Absconding”, how long after generating/printing the new remobilization letter does the person have to report to the new state..?

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