See Photos Of Policemen In Uniforms With Guns Playing Bet9ja – NYSC Amebo

Please if you are Police officer or maybe your brother or aunty or daddy is a Police officer, i want you to know that (come closer) ermm… actually am not the one that took the pictures o. I was just looking around when i saw the pictures and i have to tell my fellow corps members about it. So please don’t arrest me o.

My dear New and Old NYSC members, so this pictures am about to show you are real life photos of Policemen with AK47 playing Betnaija.

I really have a lot of amebo i want to do for NYSC members o about this pictures, but i want to hear from you first.

look at the pictures below and tell me what could make a armed Nigeria police officer to be standing like this playing betnaija. use the comment box below to tell me why o.

here are the pictures:

I have 2 questions to ask you,

  1. What could make a Nigerian Police officer playing betnaija on duty?
  2. What do you think will happen if they caught the person that snapped the pictures?

I am NYSC amebo, stay connected!

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One comment

  1. Same greediness that makes them collect money from struggling drivers on the road.
    If you are the one just tell us so they can know how to deal with you!

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