Shocking Facts About Serving In Ebonyi State – By A Serving Corper

Here are facts no one will tell you from a serving Corper in Ebonyi state. What you are about to read is just an opinion of a corper serving in Ebonyi state. Different people might be having a different experience.

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Good morning this morning fellow PCM…  I’ve been silent watching you all speak. But I must tell you one thing based on what I’ve seen. I am a Serving Corp. Member serving in Ebonyi state.
First and foremost,  never hope on the state paying you.  That is never pick a state that pays because it may get to your turn and dey decide not to pay.  It’s happening to my set in Ebonyi state. If u have anyone in Ebonyi state ask if 17b has received their state allowance
Secondly,  where ever u are posted to,  don’t be worried about seek rejection because  the next place you may be possibly posted to may not favor you
Thirdly, associate yourself with a religious body… Don’t say your church isn’t there so u won’t fellowship amongst other Christians
Have it in mind that God is sending you there for a reason
Last and not the list, join the family of either the NCCF, NAC or the MCF and fellowship amongst your fellow corpers
NCCF for non catholics, NAC for catholics and MCF for Muslims
Please don’t pay anyone for reporting either in camp or for u to be posted to greener pastures
see screen shot:

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  1. This is just the simple fact. Thanks to the corper for saying the truth!

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