The Greatest Cohincedence In The History Of NYSC - 3 Female Corpers

The Greatest Coincidence In The History Of NYSC – 3 Female Corpers

Let me quickly tell you this:

In Monza, Italy, King Umberto I, went to a small restaurant for dinner, accompanied by his aide-de-camp, General Emilio Ponzia- Vaglia. When the owner took King Umberto’s order, the King noticed that he and the restaurant owner were virtual doubles, in face and in build. Both men began discussing the striking resemblances between each other and found many more similarities.

1. Both men were born on the same day, of the same year, (March 14th, 1844).
2. Both men had been born in the same town.
3. Both men married a woman with same name, Margherita.
4. The restauranteur opened his restaurant on the same day that King Umberto was crowned King of Italy.
5. On the 29th July 1900, King Umberto was informed that the restauranteur had died that day in a mysterious shooting accident, and as he expressed his regret, he was then assassinated by an anarchist in the crowd.

While this NYSC Coincidence below might not be as wild as the one above, however, it is an event that will open your mouth.

These 3 friends attended the same higher institution, deployed to the same Anambra state, posted to the same Local government and teaching in the same place of primary assignment.

See the exact post:

“3 friends
Same school
Serving in same state
Same local government
Teaching in same school
Anambra corpers
@honest_fayth @iamhope_ebrus Friends forever”

WWhat do you think?

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  1. This is unusual! Are you sure they didn’t work it?

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