Vital Unknown Fact About NYSC Allowance Increment – NYSC Allowee Update

In March 2011, Former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan approved the increment of the NYSC allowance from N9,775 to N19,800 and back then, graduates were so happy to be lucky at the time of increase.

However, N19,800 might be a big deal back then in 2011 but with the economy and the worth of graduates now, that amount is very low and the expenses around and bills to settle monthly as a Corper always leave the N19,800 in dust at the end of the month. Read also: NYSC Debunks Rumour Of N31,800 Stipend For Corps Members

Over the years, there has been several requests and complaint that the federal government should increase the NYSC allowance to enhance good living and welfare of Corps members. The conclusion of the Ogas at the top is that the NYSC allowance can only increase if the Minimum wage is increased.

Every Corps members have been patiently waiting for the federal government to sign the increment of the minimum wage with the hope that the NYSC allowance will also vibe up. See also: NYSC DG Confirmed The Increment Of NYSC Allowance – See Real Amount

Finally, Mr president signed the N30,000 increment of the minimum wage and based on the past promise that the NYSC allowance can only increase if the minimum wage increase, Corps members have been jubilating for the increment. It’s not that Graduates are not worth more, they surely worth more but the increment will make things easier. So the hype was over the air.

About a couple of days ago, the NYSC Director general confirmed that the Federal Government will start paying N31,800 via his twitter page and the reaction from corpers were as expected.

About a day ago, Vanguard Nigeria interviewed Eddy Megwa, the deputy director of NYSC about the increment of the NYSC allowance. The deputy director of NYSC said:

 “The NYSC does not pay corps members any sum of money directly as stipends but the federal government does.

“Until the government is ready to implement the N30,000 minimum wage, we cannot say what corps members will earn for their service to the nation.

Disregard any figure you find making the rounds on social media. When the federal government is ready, it will inform NYSC and we will announce it to corps members through official channels.” 

There is nothing that ascertain that the NYSC allowance has not been increased from the statement above.

The conclusion of the whole matter is that the NYSC N31,800 still stands but when the implementation will begin is what we cannot answer for now until Corps members start getting N31,800 alert. If you are expecting the federal government to pay N31,800 by the end of this month, you should snap out of it and wait till you see the alert on your phone.

You should all understand that the increment stands but the month the implementation will begin is what we cannot determine for now. Seeing is believing in Nigeria.

You don’t need to panic or be confused over the increment, just stay calm till you see alert and BAM! Its N31,800.

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  1. Please are batch A 2019 corps members who just left camp going to be paid allawee at d end of this month?

  2. Jene Wilson Peter

    From the structure and statement o the NYSC Deputy Director Mr Eddy Megwa is obvious is not certain and his focus on been hypothetical while prior before his responses we had a critical public address from the NYSC DG which he cleared on air the sum of 31.800; notwithstanding National minimum wage is applicable to Both Federal,state,and Private sectors employers so since Mr President has sign the new minimum wage and the National Assemble has approved it then why will an individual or a particular extract of the federal government be giving us Nigerians corpers Paraphrasing Address on just 31.800 we worth more than that please; Please FG NYSC appreciate us Nigerian corpers with good and tangible welfare. Am Jene Wilson Peter Economics Disciple from Nasarawa state university posted to serve my Father land in Oyo state; Ibadan city.

  3. Anyanwu chiedozie

    Please,I can still be able to serve because the age on my weac is above 30 but the one I used when I was registering for jamb is lesser.Is nysc using the online the weac or will they use the one my jamb.

  4. Please can i skip stream 1 nd go for stream two

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