NYSC 2018 batch C Stream II

Vital Information For All NYSC 2018 Batch C Both Stream I & II – This Is Official

The NYSC managements have an important information for every NYSC 2018 Batch C about how to correct some errors on their dashboard. Read the official message below:

Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!
This is to inform PCMs and Serving Corps Members that they should
click on “Apply for Change of Name” link on their dashboard so as to
request for Name Correction appropriately.
1. Name Replacement.
2. Name Addition.
3. Name Removal.
4. Spelling Error.
5. Name Rearrangement.



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  1. Gud Mrng Ma… My school jsr gt our results approved yesterday, cn dy still upload?

  2. My Name is Motunde,I’m foreign trained and My dashboard has been saying No degree no transcript for over 2 weeks now….I’ve Uploaded these documents more than thrice and its still the same….Please What should i do?

  3. Hello,I’m motunrayo an international
    student,I registered on the 8th and I’m yet to be evaluated.i was sent a message on the 12th that I should upload my waec certificate and remaining transcript and I have perfectly done that the next day. I’m still checking my dashboard it as not change,I’m afraid cos I don’t know what’s happening.

  4. I have been seeing sorry you are not in this Stream u will be notify when to print your call up letter on my dashboard should i do d registration again

  5. Amechi Anslem Mazi

    Good evening, I was supposed to serve in 2016 batch B stream 1 but left for something very crucial after orientation Camp thinking I would finish ontime and return before resumption but couldn’t make it. Uptil now I haven’t achieved that purpose, can I still serve when I return ? If yes, do I need to pass through orientation Camp again? Thanks

    • No, you won’t go for orientation camp again. You will go to the state you were deployed to and tell them you are back. You might be given an extension if the reason you left is not worth it

  6. I tried to remove my middle name because it wasn’t spelt well in my certificate and it like dat in my dasborad how do I correct it

  7. Lola’ can school uploads name without approval from nysc and submitin the neccessary document?pls reply as the speed of ligth tnx

  8. princess can schools uploads names without approval from nysc an submiting the neccessary document? thnks anticipating ur reply.

  9. pls reply quickly
    my name is olakunle odunayo stephen but my name on my statement of result is olakunle odunayo because of space allocation. what do i do?

  10. Please I want to replace my name but is not saving, what should I do

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