7 Questions You Should Never Ask A Female Corper

7 Questions You Should Never Ask A Female Corper

Dear male Corpers, one thing you’ll probably never completely understand in your life are girls, especially female Corpers. So do not try to.

However, you will have to interact with them nevertheless. And there are some things you should say, and some you should never say to a girl. EVER.

It’s better you don’t think about it at all so that we can avoid the apologies later. I’ll let you in on a little secret: We don’t really know what or why some things drive us crazy on occasions. But there are some things that always do.

Here are a few of them which you should try to avoid saying to a Female Corper at all costs:

1. How many men have you slept with?
This is a big no-no. Just don’t ask. Don’t do it.

Think about it. If she decides to answer this question, what kind of answer would you actually want to hear? If the number is more than you expected, then does it mean she might sleep with someone else while you’re together? If it’s only one or a few, who was special enough that she gave it up for them? And what if she refuses to answer at all?

The point is that she is now in a relationship with you, and the number of men she’s spent time within the past isn’t important in the slightest. Nothing good can ever possibly come out of asking this question, so just leave it be

2. You’re overreacting. You’re probably hormonal.

Yes. Because everything we do is instinctive, right?
Or wait. Did you just call me insane?

3. Are you sure you should be eating so much of that?

A man shows how strong he is by asking for a second serving. What’s your problem, boys, if we do the same?

As far as I know, I’ll eat whatever the hell I want.

4. My ex used to say that, too.

How do you feel when you’re compared to other men? Us going over and over about another man. Not good, right?
So Do Not talk about your ex in front of us. It’s not worth the risk.

5. You’ve lost weight.

The picture tells how we actually feel.

But is it a compliment? Then fine. But why should my weight matter at all? So many thoughts are sure to make us lose our calm. So why take the risk?

6. Keep calm.

We do not keep calm. Ever.

7. Who was that?
Whether she just got done talking to someone on the phone or a guy said hi to her on the street, don’t ask who it was unless there’s a good reason for it. There isn’t any need to know everything about everyone in her life. For all you know, it is probably a co-worker, an acquaintance or a friend of her dad’s. If you’re always asking her to tell you everything about any man who looks in her direction, it’s going to get old really quickly.

Trust is everything in a relationship. If you don’t feel that you can trust her and resist the urge to ask “so who was that?” when another man (or woman) speaks to her, then maybe you shouldn’t be in a relationship at all.

So the next time you’re talking to a woman you’ll know what a woman doesn’t want to hear from you at all. Communication is key whether you’re a couple or just making friends.

Female, you can help me add to the list below.

Guys it is time for you to contribute. have you ever asked any of these questions in the past? what was the result and do you have any other thing to say or argue, use the comment box below:


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