DAVIDO: 10 Things To Expect From Singer's NYSC Orientation

DAVIDO: 10 Things To Expect From Singer’s NYSC Orientation

FOR a celebrity millionaire like David Adeleke, aka Davido, a three-week orientation in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp is a walk in the park.

Indications started on Thursday when the pop singer arrived the Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos orientation camp like royalty, thus one can safely speculate 10 regular NYSC camp experiences that will elude the singer, as a post graduate Nigerian youth.

  1. With the option available to youth corps members serving in Lagos to report to camp from home, it is obvious Davido will not domicile in camp for the duration of the exercise.
  2. This is understandable considering that the superstar desires some level of privacy and security, as he was almost mobbed by the ecstatic crowd on Thursday. Who knows, a sympathizer of one of his baby mamas may be among the crowd, who may want to harm the singer.
  3. If Davido appears for any of the early morning parades, drilling exercises, obstacles and endurance treks, it would only be for photo ops, just as in the case of the opening day.
  4. Davido is sure to add fun to this year’s camp exercise by performing free-of-charge to his camp mates during some of the social activities.
  5. The military personnel will no doubt show a soft spot for the singer in their supposed drilling exercise, and they are most likely to enjoy his philanthropy.
  6. It is certain that Davido does not need the scheme’s bicycle allowance for anything. One lucky person on camp stands to be gifted that money; that is if the singer would not choose to make a show by flinging the naira notes into a choice crowd.
  7. What does Davido need the camp foods for? For sure, he would not be caught among the crowd queuing for a bowl of Ogi (palp) and Akara (bean cake); beans and some ridiculous loaf of bread or the usual rice ‘concoction’.
  8. Davido will not be a part of the Mammy Market experience. While his peers will be there to eat and drink at their leisure, he will probably be at some eyebrow clubs chilling with his class.
  9. Three weeks is too long for Davido, a rave-of-the-moment singer to undergo the camp routine. While his colleagues are in camp, he is likely to be performing at one show within or outside the country.
  10. Davido will be a distraction to the normal activities of the camp. This will make the job of the camp officials more difficult. Therefore, it will be a relief to the authority if he plays truancy. Recall that on Thursday, officials struggled to stop outsiders from scaling the fence into the camp.


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