Will Davido Do These & Things At NYSC Camp?

Will Davido Do These & Things At NYSC Camp?

Davido is reportedly at Lagos NYSC camp for the three-week orientation course and he’ll have to do everything corpers do.

So, the latest news is out and by now, we hope you’ve heard that David Adeleke, Davido will be wearing the NYSC white shots for the next three weeks.
But if you haven’t heard, here’s the gist. The music star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, to share some photos of himself wearing the traditional NYSC kit.

But if you’ve been a corper before you’ll know that the National Youth Service Corps has its rules and irrespective of Davido’s social status, he will have to do everything other Otondos are doing at Lagos NYSC camp in Iyana Ipaja.

Here are seven things Davido will have to do at the camp.

1. Waking at 4 am
Soldiers wake corps members up as early as 4 am at NYSC camps. If Davido is not used to waking at that time, he might find this difficult, but hey, he has no choice but to join his fellow Otondo to rush to the parade ground.

2. Early morning parade
The early parade can be tiring and frustrating. Each platoon lines up side by side to pray and then sing the NYSC and the National anthem. Participating in the three-week orientation course will see the music star joining other corps members to pray and sing in white tops and shorts.

3. Get used to being called Otondo
Otondo is a military term for civilians and this is how the camp soldiers address most corps members. Davido will have to get used to being addressed as Otondo by soldiers and other camp officials.

4. Attend SAED
SAED is a program designed for Corps members to help them develop entrepreneurship skills. It is compulsory for all corps members on camp to attend this program. Davido too will have to join thousands of Nigerian youths to learn and add some entrepreneurship skills to his music career.

5. Man O war activities
There are many things to learn from these activities as NYSC wants us to believe. For instance, jumping the fence and climbing a rope symbolise life challenges and how to surmount them.

The music star too understands that this life is full of challenges, he’ll need to climb the rope, run or trek 800 kilometres to learn how to escape life obstacles.

6. Hang out at Mami Market
In the next three weeks, Davido will have to ignore his popular hangout spots in Lagos and make friends at Mami Market.

The NYSC camp is full of many activities that get corpers busy. The only place they have to relax and hang out at the camp is Mami Market and Davido might just have to buy drinks for his fans the market to celebrate their service to fatherland.

7. Bonfire Night
Finally, after all the intense drilling and tiring parade, the corps members have the Bonfire Night to celebrate and have fun. This Night will feature Davido and certainly, Lagos corps members can’t wait for OBO to perform his hit songs for them.

What do you think? will Davido really do all these at Camp? Share your thoughts below:

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