Davido Just Robbed Shit On Nigeria – A Facebook Corper Claimed

Early Sunday morning, while enjoying myself on a Facebook group “NYSC Dating Room” I came across a heart melting article published by a member and I can tell you that those words are coming from the heart of someone that cares for Nigeria.

Read the exact post below and let us know what you think in the comment box below:

feel so much ashamed to be a Nigerian.In fact if God gives me oppurtunity to change my Nationality,I will choose even Lavita ahead of Nigeria.

Last Week ,Davido went to NYSC camp he was accorded a VIP treatment ahead of his peers, I dont even have a problem with that. As he drove into the camp( Remember Pcm are not even allowed to come to camp with cars).

I saw the State coord and NYSC official all jostling to get a selfie with the superstar( Hmmm i am not even feeling bad so that people wont say i am jealous). After then they handed him a mic to address his colleagues some that are even extremely brainy, more intellectual than him I dont totally see that much terrible after all he is also addressing those who dont know what to do with their lives.

The most painful one to me is the fact that he drove out of the camp and went to United State for his show and made it public !!!! that he has left NYSC camp and now in Boston for a show.

He just robbed shit on Nigeria as far as i am concern, No progressive country will allow this. This is an injustice and the mother of corruption. Here is a pic of Wayne Rooney he was sentenced to 100hrs community service for breaking speed limit. He served the duty completely himself. That is why i will never join people to shout not too young to run, I expect the youth to come out first and fight injustice like this before even taking power.

God will not help Nigeria if we cant correct this simple attitude.Nigerian Laws are not meant for the poor and Average class alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think? Is this a true talk or they are words from a jealous Corper? Let us know below:

Davido Robbed shit on Nigeria

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  1. Am with post on this. It really looks embarrassing if you see how camp officials are running to take selfie with him. Most painful One is how most of the PCMs are also running after him. So saddened!

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