How To Get Mobilized With NYSC 2018 Batch C

The NYSC 2018 batch C is fast approaching, click here to see the date and details if you don’t know. You as a prospective Corps Members, you need to do some things to make NYSC Mobilize you for the next batch. Gone are the days when your institution will have to do everything for you. But nowadays, you need to clarify and take some steps so that you don’t get surprised when you check the Senate list later and your name is not there.

My dear NYSC 2018 batch c prospective Corps Members, here are things you need to do and start clarifying.

1. You have to submit your JAMB registration number to your respective institution. You can easily find out about this from your school division of student affairs. Some higher institutions do this automatically, why others will need you to submit your JAMB registration number.

I don’t know why this new policy is being used in schools o. After all, they must have gotten your Jamb registration number during your matriculation back then.

2. You ought to check if your name is on JAMB Matriculation list. If your name is there that means your have satisfied JAMB requirements to serve Nigeria. But if your name is not on the list; just go and print your JAMB admission letter and submit to your institution.

3. One of the reason that many prospective Corps Members to get to see their names on the Senate list is Jamb regularization and you really have to take this serious.

If you’re unable to print your JAMB Admission letter, especially those who do not get direct admission from JAMB; it means you need to do JAMB Regularization. But before you go for JAMB Regularization, ask your school first, because Some institutions regularize their candidates by themselves.

4. Prospective Corps Members need to sign-up for NYSC. To sign up for NYSC, visit the Students’ Affairs Unit in your school and fill the pre-mobilization form. But make sure you satisfied JAMB requirements as stated above; if not, NYSC will reject your name.

If you have any questions, just ask me below and I will answer you in a lightning speed.

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  1. Thanks very much for this information. Please do you have an idea when NYSC batch C Mobilization will start?

  2. Thank for this info.

  3. Pls. Admin what bout we that our fingerprints did not verified during bacth b stream 2 @ d camp. How can we do?

  4. Lillian ogechi ihejirika

    please what about foreign students…

  5. pls I want a to be updated about nysc batch c .

  6. please I have done all the necessary stated above my name is on matriculation list and till now I can’t find my name on senate list and I can’t do the registration and they mobilized me in school please what can I do

  7. I have done necessary things and I saw my name on matriculation list but I don’t see my name on senate list till now what can I do

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