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How To Follow A Stream Of Your Choice – NYSC Stream I & II

Most people think belonging to a particular NYSC stream is out of choice because the NYSC management did not give prospective Corps members an option to decide. If you have been thinking or hearing things similar to that, this post is about to turn things around.

In this post today, I am going to show you a special trick or let me call it a hack that can make you follow the NYSC Stream of your choice. By the time you finish reading this, you will know what you need to do to follow either Stream I or Stream II.

The NYSC splitting of Streams became important a while ago because of the population of PCM and the resources available at each NYSC orientation camps.

The NYSC management selects PCM for a particular stream randomly independent of tribe, institution, color, state, course or grade. This kind of makes it hard to guess the Stream you are likely to follow.

How To Follow A Stream Of Your Choice

To follow a Stream of your choice, all you have to do is register late if you want Stream II and register very fast if you want Stream I. Yes! It is As simple as that. Some people will say, ‘yeah! I thought of that.’ Others will be like, ‘how come I never thought of that’.

The idea is that, once the online registration begins, if you register very fast within the first 3-5 days you have just increased your chance of going with Stream I by 96%. If you do your online registration during the last 3-5 days that the registration will close, you have just increased your chance of going with Stream II by 96%.

It’s just as simple as that. If you want Stream I, register early and if you want Stream II, register very late. And if you are too late and allow the registration portal to close, you will go with next batch.

Now Your Turn

Have you ever thought of this simple hack before? Will you like to go with Stream I or II? let me know in the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Lola I’m Ofofon from Akwa Ibom. Would love be in stream I coz I’ve already resigned from work

  2. I will like to go with stream 1

  3. Ojugbeli grace nwakaego


  4. Ojugbeli grace nwakaego

    I will love to be in stream 1

  5. Lazarus idara elijah

    I will like to go to stream 1

  6. please i want to know if there’s will be November batch dis yr stream two.

  7. HI, I’m EUNICE I’ll like to go with stream one.. I want to change my environment as soon as possible.. lol

  8. Kolawole titilayo tosin

    Going with stream 1

  9. I will love to be in stream 1

  10. I’ll love to be in stream I i hope it is going to be so…

  11. I will love to go with 1

  12. Ojo Deborah Oluwaseyi

    I will like to go with stream 1

  13. I want to go with stream 1

  14. What is the difference between the two streams?

  15. I will like to go with Stream 1.

  16. Hi Lola, thanks for always keeping me abreast with your news. I will like to go with stream 1. Thank You!

  17. Hi Lola,I will like to go for stream2. Which you said we should register late. What if I want Abuja or Lagos which I was told before 24hours its filled up. What do I do?

  18. Am Peace Monday
    From cross River, Calabar
    University of Calabar
    I will love to go for stream 1.

  19. What if the state i want gets full because i was waiting to go with stream 2.

  20. I would like to go with stream one too o

  21. please i will appreciate it when i fall in stream one

  22. Plz ma what can i do over the issue of difference of age in my DE & my primary cert. bcoz i want to cafe today and i face with this problem,what can i do?

  23. Hi.. lola, after this present registration will there be another registration for NYSC batch c stream 2

  24. My name is not yet on Senate list, what is the possibility I can still go with this November batch c Lola?

  25. Your application has been processed for batch c,2019.your call up letter will be ready later.

    This is the message I got on my dash board.
    What doesn’t this mean

  26. How do I know call up letter is available

  27. How do I know call up letter is available and which camp am I likely to go to.. Is the camp going to be random or what

  28. @lola i registered very late, i mean on the very last day but I was placed in stream 1. Extremely sad…….

  29. Hi Lola,have already registered within that 2-3days the portal was opened! But right now my result isn’t ready! So if i should Printout my CALL-UP letter now, will it affect me since am not ready because of my result? Or should I wait till its ready then i can print it out! I don’t know what to do! Help me please!!! Thanks ALOT

  30. Our school result will be placed on 12 Nov so are we eligible with batch c strreem 2

  31. Nnajiofor Anthonia chidimma

    I want to go with stream 1

  32. I would like to go with stream 1

  33. Miss Lola I will like to join stream 1

  34. I will like to join stream I

  35. Hi Lola. Please I would like to know how many batches there are and how many streams in each batch. Thanks.

  36. Hi lola
    May I please know if there is a difference or benefit attached to being in a particular stream?
    Also does belonging to stream 2 for instance hinder your chances of getting your preferred state for service as one would usually need to register early to get their preferred state?

  37. I was to go with stream 1 batch A 2020, but due to some issues I didn’t. Can I join stream 2 since my call up letter is still showing Niger state online and won’t allow me to do another registration.

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