NYSC 2019 Batch C Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less

You are welcome here dear NYSC 2019 batch C prospective Corps Members. I am going to be your NYSC Google assistance for a while. All you have to do is ask all your pressing questions and I will try my best to provide an accurate answer with lightning speed. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch C Corps Members House – Lets Connect.

Do you have any questions about NYSC in general, NYSC mobilization, Senate list, and all others? Every one of your questions about NYSC 2019 Batch C goes here below.

Just ask the question the best way you can put it and I can assure you that I will understand you. Give details and give an explanation to make it easy for me. See also: How To Follow A Stream Of Your Choice – NYSC Stream I & II

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below and expect answers in 2 minutes or less.

Before you ask your questions, read below to make sure it has not been asked by someone else

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  1. pls lola i need info on LAUTECH will they mobilize for this batch at all?

  2. Help Lola please my certificate will be ready by 15th of November, do you see a possibility of making it to camp?

  3. Hi lola please when is the closing date for registration?

  4. Hassan Yamusa Hamza

    I’m Hassan Yamusa Hamza from Kano State pls my dear is there Stream II in 2019 batch C?

  5. During my registration the computer attendant use feb. 1990 as my birth date and the correct is feb. 1980. How can i amend it and collect my exemtion.

  6. Hello miss Lola….My name hv already appeared in mobilization list for batch c in my school. When wil senate list be out

  7. Hey Lola, if someone was in batch b but didn’t go to camp because they were posted somewhere they had no access to is demobilisation also for them?

  8. Hi Lola, do stream 2 do their registration separately? Cause people i ve asked say they do. I do really want to go with stream 2.

  9. Please lola when will the online registration end

    • Abdulfatai Aishat Adeola

      Hi Lola, please i have issues with my date of birth, my real date is 29/11/1993 which i used for my utme, 29/11 /1995 for waec but on my nysc dashboard, it’s 09/11 /1993 and nysc is even stating that we should correct the dob for waec, am confussed, what’s the way out?

  10. Ojugbeli grace nwakaego

    Please Lola my jamb result my name one alphabet is missing which makes it not the same on my hnd result Nwakago instead of Nwakaego hope it won’t affect my going for service

  11. Hi Lola, please do stream 2 register separately? Cause the people i ve asked say they do. I really do want to go with stream 2.

  12. Hello pls i want to know if mobilization has started..i.e if schools have started doing uploads.

  13. Can will take something like alcoholic drinks inside d camp

  14. Good afternoon Lola, I have a phone that uses the fingerprint sensor to open my bank app. Can I use my phone for during the NYSC registration instead of going to a cyber cafe?

  15. How do I go about the final year ID card , my school collected it at the point of collecting my certificate. But I have a photocopy of it . Would a copy suffice ? Thank you

  16. Hello Lola, when can one be able to print the exemption letter??

  17. Are they two streams in this batch C

  18. pls Lola my date of birth in my school info is different with waec own but my name came out with Batch B and I want to go with Batch C will I av any problem during registration

  19. When is the mobilization for batch c?

  20. Please, my name came out for batch A 2019, but my status was that that I should print my Jamb Admission lellwr and my Jamb score. I plan going to my school next week before registration start o the 14th October. I want to ask, will my going be too late to be part of the batch C 2019

  21. Am Tope , graduate of Gateway polytechnic saapade.
    Please wanna ask you a question .
    My local government on my school portal is (okitipupa) , but am 4rm( ilaje), hope it won’t affect me when registering for nysc. because it (ilaje) i want to use when registering.

  22. Good afternoon miss, please I do have a question about the remobilization
    During batch B I was suppose to go for service but due to some issues from school I couldn’t go, but I was brainwashed into paying for my name to be placed on the mobilization list, I couldn’t get my result early in school so I couldn’t go, the results is now ready and my name was already out by last batch… what steps can I take to ensure I go smoothly with this batch… I didn’t register then though

  23. Hi Lola, I am Foreign graduate but I’m not sure if I have to go through the same process as a Nigerian graduate. For example waiting for my school to send the list to Nysc. If they don’t before 14th, would I be able to register without any issue? I just need to know the procedure I’ll have to follow as a foreign graduate.

  24. Chukwuemezie Franklyn

    From the timetable by nysc……….when will camping commence

  25. I still can’t view my name on the senate list even if my school agreed to have uploaded the names already.. What could be wrong with it..or is it all batch c pcm that have not been able to see their names

  26. Pls, will those that will be exempted also go through the process of registration?

  27. If someone’s name came out last nysc senate list but didn’t do online mobilization what should the person do this following batch?

  28. Will stream two be this year? I am yet to finish my school clearance hence my name has not been sent with the senate list. It should be sent by the middle of this month, is there a possibility I’ll still go with this batch?

  29. Good afternoon Lola, will batch c go to camp on d 5th of November going by d timetable

  30. On the time table i don’t understand that physical verification of document how can we go about it and know where we can go for the verification

  31. When would the registration for batch c stream 1 start …

  32. Kolawole Titilayo tosin

    Good afternoon sis Lola,am a student of oou..pls,av been mobilized already with batch B stream 2,but didn’t register at all bcus my statement of result isn’t out yet den.so wen registration for barch C begins,what Will I do?do I need to remobilize?

  33. If i finished school when I was 29 and I have the problem with the results I see not collect the results till 31 my I go for service

  34. Pls miss Lola do you think there will be stream 2 in this batch c?

  35. Have any University send senate list of prospective corpers to NYSC?

  36. Good day Lola, i registered for batch b, and was not able to go, because i lost my Dad, will i still re – register again before going for batch C

  37. Plz Lola my name came out for last batch but I didn’t register and am ready to go with dis batch do I need to do anything or just wait till registration starts.. Thank you.

  38. Hi Miss Lola when is the registration for the batch c finishing?

  39. Hi Lola pls my sch refuse to release our preliminary result and i heard mobilization is on going now if i can’t meet up with stream one is it possible for me to meet up with stream II ?

  40. Please Lola, my name came out for Batch A 2019, but my status was that I should print and contact my institution with my Jamb admission letter and Jamb score. I plan going to my school next week before the 14th October registration date. Will this be too late

  41. Will stream two be this year?

  42. Hello lola, is it possible for me to pick my state of residence when registration starts?

  43. Okunlola John mayowa

    Hi I school in Cotonou I just start stamping my passport may this year because I just collect it hope there will not be any issue with that

  44. Emmanuel4success

    What’s the best solution for those with age issue?

  45. Hi Lola I just got to my school now, AAU, to lay a complain about my name not being on the Senate mobilization list online. I was told in my department that mobilization has ended is this true???

  46. Please Lola, I had no idea about the school ID requirement, my school took it back after they handed me the cert, and sadly I have no copies. will it be hard for me to register at the camp?

  47. Good day ma! Please what is pre mobilization workshop all about?

  48. Pls I was suppose to go last year but I got house job I couldn’t go again and I just got info about remobilisation pls how do I go about it so I can follow this badge

  49. What date is the senate list be release?.

  50. I am a foreign trained graduate who completed from the University of Ghana, Legon.
    After going through the requirements for foreign trained students, I noticed I needed a residence permit for registration.
    However, I don’t have that. I use my passport instead, that is I stamp it anytime I’m going in and out of the country.
    So, my question is that can I register using the passport as a replacement to the residence permit?

  51. Chinedu Ekene Okpala

    So i see some activities happening bf the registration starting, this got me confuse as i would like to register where i am bf returning to Nigeria in Nov. currently in Ghana. But the activities happening is worrying me like i will miss out on some event.

  52. Thanks for given us the update of mobilization on nysc all the time may God blessed you

  53. my mates were in stream 2 batch B and are currently in service. though my name is that graduating list but was not mobilised due to issues of regulations. Can I be mobilise this time that the jamb issues is settled?

  54. Please Lola it happened I lost my wallet which contain all my school ID and i am a graduated student of oou 2017/2018 please I want to know if I’m going to to need the school ID at the camp and is there any other alternatives for the lost ID instead of going back to school because I live very far from school area now

  55. Nwankwo chiamaka tessy

    Ma’m i mobilized with batch b but due to jamb regularization issue my name didnt come in the senate list,later i did it and currently i checked the senate list and my name was uploaded,,and says yet to register.what do i do

  56. Please Princess, can NYSC Exemption letter be printed online?

  57. Hi Lola Please I’m confused will there be a batch C stream 2 and if so, please will there be another mobilization for it in schools?

  58. I have initials in my name as Monday. O Joseph. Am I safe?

  59. Inyang, Oto-Abasi

    what does it mean when your status on the senate list says “Jamb Number has already been used.(You cannot register, Contact your Institution) used by none”

    And what’s the implication?

  60. Abubakar k Aliyu

    hi Lola Princess I have a question concerning ECOWAS passport that NYSC is no more accepting its for foreign graduate is that true???

  61. Hi Lola,can someone who is pregnant go for nysc orientation camp exercise?(not heavily pregnant)

  62. hello lola, I made a mistake in my date of birth when filling school mobilization form, but I have done clearance and collected statement of result, will it affect me from getting mobilized?

  63. Gud day miss Lola…. pls do u av an idea of hw date of birth can be corrected to enable me go wit this batch, their asking me to to lake exemption letter but I still want to serve…. please reply me ASAP…….. Thnkz

  64. Pls i want to know, if incase my school have already uploaded its Senate list on the NYSC portal, would it be possible if they can still add more names to it?

  65. Hi Lola can one go to camp with gadgets like a PC

  66. Please how does one do revalidation ?

  67. Hi Lola since portal will open on monday, when will senate list come out.

  68. for those that are suppose to go camp during June/July batch then, but due to one or other things, they did not do the registration then, can they follow the same procedure for this Batch C registration?

  69. Hi Lola, I am a foreign graduate I started my reg during batch B session but my reg was not complete bcos I didn’t upload my O’LEVEL cert so due to the fact dat I have to travel to get O’LEVEL cert am no longer in the state I first started the reg so my question is can i do my physical verification of certificate in the state I am in right now or do I have to travel back for it????

  70. Good morning I registered for batch B and did not go Cos of the state I was giving … and now I want to go with batch C …
    Guide me please

  71. Hello lola. I graduated in 2016 but did not serve because I decided to conclude nt masters program first and right now, I wanna get involved with the batch C. When I checked the portal with my matric number, surname and institution, it found my record but told me that “matrix number in use…login with email and password ” . This startled me as I have never even opened the online portal previously until now. Could you advice??? Thank you.

  72. Lola,
    please I want to know,
    my name is not yet on jamb matriculation list, so I want to know if I can register when the nysc portal opens??

  73. When is mobilization for batch C 2019

  74. Hello dear. Please I don’t have any resident permit, got duped twice and got really scared to try again. My question is, what should I do? What document should I get in replace of it? And will be able to still serve??


    My name is Temitayo Gabriel but on the nysc portal is temidayo. How do i fix this?

  76. Hii Lola

    Pls is Islamic marriage certificate accepted during the registration, or one would ve to go to court to get a certificate

  77. please I am a polytechnic student,
    which of the mat number should I use while checking my name on senate list, should I use the OND mat number or HND mat number

  78. Hey, two questions please.

    Does the new registration date affect the rest of the timetable? Particularly foreign student verification does that also start on the 21st?

    Also do you have a list of accredited Nysc centres in lagos please

  79. Please what us the condition of Kano and Niger? The cost of living, accommodation and state allaweeeeeeeeee? And if one can get hustling opportunities during service.

  80. Please when will manual registration end for batch C.

  81. Hi Lola.. My name was on batch b 2019 but I couldn’t register.. What should I do to join batch c 2019

  82. Goodday Lola, pls Is uploading of wedding pictures optional and do i need it in camp

  83. During my jamb regularization I use three name but on my certificate is two name and all of my credentials is two name wot can I do and hope it will not affect me in camp

  84. Please can i attach affidavit to my original waec for online registration…cos there was a mistake in my name

  85. Please can i attach affidavit to my original waec for online registration…cos there was a mistake in my name on

  86. 👋 lola please when is revalidation for batch C?

  87. How is the online registration going to be while the Senate list is not yet out

  88. I was supposed to go with my mates2018/2019 set. I had an issue with a course which has being resolved. I have been cleared by the school,is it possible to go with batch C?cos I keep checking senate list, I still see ‘no record found’

  89. Hi Lola any update about the Senate list

  90. Hi, the portal is open I I am yet to register because of Senate list, please do you think its possible today? I mean the registration?

  91. hi lola my school senate list is out but when I was trying to check my it is saying no record found pls what might be the problem

  92. Hi lola, I cannot find southwestern states from the list for my choice of states, what does that mean please?

  93. Hi lola, please when is the date for physical verification of documents

  94. hello. senate list for batch c came out yesterday in my school and my name is not there. pls will there be batch c stream 2 this year again?

  95. Good morin miss lola!please so you have ideas of the question to be ask in the physical verification from foreign student.
    The age I have on my waec is diff from the one on my birth certificate and passport,hope I won’t be affected

  96. Hi princess, my name is on NYSC list but showing no records no records found on senate list. What should I do please?

  97. barua rasaq samson

    my name is barua rasaq samson on school documents but on bvn it was baruwa rasaq samson just the inclusion of letter W in baruwa, hope this wont cause problem pls

  98. Good morning please any update about the Senate list?

  99. Good morning please I am a foreign student that just registered for batch c but i am yet to get my registration slip “green card” even 48 hours after registration , what do I do ?

  100. Hi
    Please if I didn’t want to follow Batch C Stream 1 to enter camp that I want to follow Stream 2 will I still do registration now.

  101. Aside from my waec that has a different birth year which I already sworn an affidavit, all my documents are of the same year. Now my question is “Do I still need to apply for change of DOB???”

    Swift answer will be appreciated

  102. Hi,if you don’t have the final year Id card is it OK to use the school id card?

  103. Hi Lola, as a foreign student, Benin Republic, have completed my registration and uploaded all required documents but I recently got a message to *upload Nigeria Passport*. Could it be that NYSC no longer recognize ECOWAS passport ? And have been scheduled for physical verification on 28th.

  104. please the portal has been replying me with no available slots. what do I do now. I want to go with stream 1.

  105. My state of origin for NYSC registration came out as BAUCHI instead of PLATEAU and I can’t edit this.

    All my documents carry PLATEAU state as my state of origin, I dunno where NYSC got bauchi from 🤦🏽‍♂.
    Please I need your assistance. How do I change it?

  106. My school have uploaded the senate list since on Wednesday and i saw my name there but the Nysc status is telling me i can’t register because have not been matriculated by my school and i should visit the my school but they re-uploaded my name at my school increase of any problem before and it still the same thing, And of course I’m matriculated on the Jamb site. I want to know what might caused this issue and how can i go about it so that i can rectify it on time. Thank you

  107. Hi Lola there was a mistake on my green card slip the year of graduation suppose to be 2014- 2019 but it’s 2014-2015 will it be a problem for me?

  108. I ve registered today but am seeing this on my dashboard ”no available slot” and I ve already submitted please wat do I do next

  109. I applied for change of date of birth but the feedback am getting is ‘Your request cannot be processed.Ensure you have not applied before’ and I haven’t applied before. What does it mean

  110. Hi Lola
    Please I just received info on the change of DOB
    My waec DOB is not the same with my original senate list DOB.
    The Senate list own is the correct one, so am asking will that be a problem.

  111. Hello Lola, thanks for the updates
    I’m a foreign trained graduate, I completed my registration since Monday, didn’t get any message from Nysc about incomplete documents but my dashboard is still showing “not yet evaluated, ensure you have uploaded all documents completely”. What does this mean?. And where do I find my green card.

  112. Chukwuneke Emmanuel

    Good afternoon

    I have a question to ask

    I’m a foreign student and I registered on Monday for batch C mobilization, on the 28th to 1st of November is verification

    Please I want to know when are we going to be evaluated?

  113. Hi Lola, I have registered as a married female corper, during registration I was asked to chose four states for deployment and also a center for verification. Am l suppose to go for verification and will my choosing four state affect my been deployed to my husband’s state? thank u.

  114. Hi Lola good evening, pls I wanna ask,my name on my certificate is arranged differently from the registered name for nysc,surname comes first but the first and middle names were wrongly arranged,will that be a problem for me during registration in camp?plus I have printed my green card already?…I.e Okonkwo ndidi blessing and okonkwo blessing ndidi…pls am I safe?

  115. Pls my Jamb age is 29yrs while my WAEC age is 31yrs and I have registered for NYSC already, do I still need to buy the waec pin and change my age?

  116. Hi Lola, please how long does it take to printout letter of exclusion after registration, I did my registration on Tue 22nd of Oct and I was to told that it will be ready after two weeks,how true is this. I need it badly.

      • Hi Princess Lola please the DOB waec verification is it for those whose date of birth is wrong on their dashboard or those whose Waec dob is wrong on the Waec certificate. The DOB on my dashboard is correct but my Waec certificate bears the wrong date though I have applied for correction with Waec. So do I still buy the Waec scratch to correct date on my dashboard?

      • Hi Lola. I’ve regisrered for batch c and printed out my green card. On the column for Educational Qualification Details the year I graduated was wrong plz how do I correct it?

      • Hi lola pls they said that for bat c there is no slot for diployemment no state availabl is true snd how are we going to do

      • Please Lola… I have done my registration and goten my green card… But the age in my weac result is above 30 and the one I use for jamb and NYsc is 28 will it affect me in camp? Please help

      • What can be used in place of school ID? If you can not also get a letter of notification?

  117. Hi Miss Lola, I started the registration but couldn’t finish becausr i was not able yo pick any state , no state was available for me to pick. Mg questionis, will it not be that I will just be given a state that i might not like ? 2. Is it possible yo go for stream 1like that? Because I have been trying to do it since then and there’s nothing there. Thanks a bunch

  118. Hello Lola!! My dob after registering came up as 13th Jan instead of 15th! The one on my waec cert is 13th which is also wrong.I have initiated the correction in waec office yesterday. Can I still go ahead and do dob correction on Nysc portal before reg closes. because I am scared and confused now??

  119. Are married female corper suppose to go for physical verification?

  120. Pls Lola, the cafe man use one of his top for me when mine didn’t appear during registration, hope it will not affect me in camp

  121. DOB=
    What about if the person Is 30 an some month old before he graduated will he still go for services ? E.g. 15 February 1988 an graduate sept 2018 is he/she eligible to serve or exemption

  122. Ruben
    What about if the person Is 30 an some month old before he graduated will he still go for services ? E.g. 15 February 1988 an graduate sept 2018 is he/she eligible to serve or exemption

  123. My problem I try to check my name in the senate list, they said my name has been previously entered. I cannot upload same entry. So finally they said I cannot register. Please what is the solution.

  124. Hi Lola I want to serve in Abuja but don’t know how to go about it, during my registration Abuja was not among my choices, plz help me out on any idea that can help me to redeploy to Abuja. Tanx

  125. Hi Lola.
    I got my Waec result laminated years back and I’m unable to remove it.
    Is there a problem with that ???

  126. Hi Lola
    I laminated my Waec result some years back and I’m unable to remove it. I hope that isn’t a problem?

  127. Hi Lola. I have a question regarding my nysc batch C registration 2019. I have successfully completed my registration via online but I cannot login with d same email I used in registering instead they will be telling me invalid email. So pls i need solution because I am indeed confused. Thanks

  128. Hi Lola, I’m married. I did my registration since last monday and uploaded all the required documents. I got my call-up number two days later, but my concessional deployment status is still pending up till now. Don’t know why.

  129. Hi Lola, I’m married. I did my registration since last monday and uploaded all the required documents. I got my call-up number two days later, but my concessional deployment status is still pending up till now. How long does it take to get approved ?

  130. Pls Lola there was a mistake on my schools metric number instead of BD/13/64593 I saw BD/12/649593. I have done my online registration. Can it be corrected in camp

  131. Hi Lola, my date of birth is not correct and i did not used Waec instead i used Neco what should i do?

  132. Wil there be batch c stream 2 dz year

  133. What can be used in place of school ID? If you can not also get letter of notification.

  134. NYSC made a mistake in arranging my name my former name is jibril Aishat bukola due to marriage issue am naw Hismaheel Aishat jibril but in my dashboard am naw seeing Hismaheel Aishat bukola though av filled for name arrangements and I don’t know if it has reflect,so am disturbed don’t want it to come out on my callup letter ooo,cos I don’t know if it Will affect me in camp pls reply me assap Mrs Lola.

  135. Hi lola, pls we Ave done d registration and even pay for it but we Ave nt been allowed to choose state can we still go for stream 1

  136. Hello,please for days now have not been able to complete my registration due to the fact that there is no available slot,please is it advisable to go ahead to submitting it like that without inputting state,because registration ends tomorrow?

  137. Hi lola. Please I can’t make it to camp with stream 1, can I join stream 2?

  138. Agunechiebe Nelson

    Good day Lola, I was deployed to Niger State in stream 1 batch C 2019 but couldn’t go due to some issues. Now stream 2 is on can I want to know if I can join this stream and go for service

  139. please am a married woman. can I use my husband’s indigene form instead of domicile letter?

  140. I am a foreign trained graduate I have registered but I can’t print my green card slip it telling me not evaluated yet after upload all necessary documents

  141. Hi Lola,
    Please I would like to know if it is required (Mandatory) for me to still choose the four choices of state deployment in my application process. I am a married woman and the required documents have been uploaded but the choices keep coming to my dashboard.
    Kindly help.

  142. am foreing graduate am using ecowas insted of international pasport and already stamp and sign the data pages but some’s are telling they are not considering ecowas in camp how will i do?

  143. Please Lola. my name came out on batch c stream 2. I registered on 12 of Nov & go on the following day 13 Nov to print my green card, call up letter came out too. bearing deployment date of 5th Nov. ( which is deployment date of stream 1) please what do I do??

  144. Hi Lola
    I have three questions to ask please
    I have been mobilized to camp before with stream 1 I went but I had an issue with the name on my certificate which differs from call up letter so I was told to go for a change in it
    I have correct it but I made an error also
    Because I changed my name on the NYSC dashboard
    1.can I go with batch c stream 2 again
    2. If no what does revalidation mean ?
    Does it mean I’ll register as at first
    3.hope the name I changed to can be changed again when doing that revalidation

    • If the correction has been done, you can reprint your call up-letter with stream II and go with them. Revalidation is meant for people who belonged to the previous batch. If you have changed the name successfully, you won’t have to do it again.

  145. pls Lola, i my statement of result is reading 15th October while i will be 30 years by 1st of December this year can i be allowed to register and serve?

    • after registration, you will know if you are allowed or its exemption

      • Hi Lola. I’m a foreign trained student. I was just able to register this week. But I haven’t gone for physical verification cos I wasn’t aware I had to go anytime from registration. But I intend going on Monday, I hope it’s not to late, will I be able to meet up? And secondly, do I have to print anything from my dashboard before going? And thirdly, when registering I imputed the Osun state camp, as the one closest to me for the physical verification. But as I would have it, it’s Lagos that’s assesible to me for that Monday, hope this won’t cause any hitch?

  146. Plz Lola, I hav a question. For someone that couldn’t finish clearance at school before a batch’s stream one goes to camp. Is there any possibility that after the clearance the person’s name can appear on the senate list for the stream 2 of dat same batch?

  147. Please Lola good day…..I printed my verification slip today for batch A 2020, the verification date is stating 28:10:2019 instead of 2nd of March ……. Is there any problem if I go for the verification

  148. Am a foreign student,and I heard ecowas passport is not allowed in verification centres,so have done my int’l passport, wil I still go n stamp on my international passport?….. I need reply asap

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