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Foreign Trained Graduates Physical Evaluation – Share Your Experience

This post is for our dear NYSC 2019 Batch B stream II foreign trained graduates to share their experience of the physical verification for others to learn and for us to know what they passed through.

A couple of days ago, a verification of Foreign trained graduates was introduced. You can click here to read full details.

While some have gone for the verification, others are still preparing to go. And we want the PCMs who have successfully done the verification to share their experience with us.

If you have gone through the verification process successfully, kindly share the experience below.

Here is an experience:

Oh…. Just got there though the officials didn’t come on time but then when they came. They gave us a paper, they will ask what you studied and give you a question under the course you studied. Then after that, they go through it if its ok. They will now call you and check ur documents if they are OK, they then give you a paper just like the green card and then you sign and leave.

Not really simple, because if you essay is not good, u rewrite and if ur documents are not complete they send u back.


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  1. The experience was horrible. The officials came late and wasted so much time. Very inefficient. They made us write an essay and the questions were: write about yourself, the importance of NYSc or about your degree.
    Most of it was a waste of time so come prepared and come with a book to read or a movie to watch. Also come with your passport, degree certificate, transcript and waec certificate

    Good luck

  2. We’ll be asked questions under our field of study and write easy as well?

  3. Hope they ask of evaluation letter?

  4. Good day Lola. Hope you’re doing good? Please I have a question about the meningitis vaccination we’re meant to do. Is it compulsory we do it and must it be in a government hospital? Thanks

  5. I did my verification in Enugu on the 6th. It was annoying since I entered Enugu around 10-11am, but had to wait after 3pm, before the person doing the verification arrived and started. The requirements were:
    1. Degree certificate
    2. Transcript
    3. O’Level cert (waec or neco)
    4. The data page from your nysc Dashboard
    5. International passport (visa page and the stamp of your return to Nigeria)
    6. Residence Permit (it’s stamped to your passport yearly)
    7. Your Annual license and Full Registration (for Doctors and others who need practicing License)
    8. As for the ministry of education whatever, I didn’t have it. I got the message about the requirements when I was on the vehicle to Enugu so I didn’t bother with it, and luckily they didn’t stress us about it (maybe cos they started very late🤷‍♂).
    The printed data page was signed and we were asked to photocopy it. They kept the original and gave us the photocopy. We were also given another document that was signed.
    While going to camp, take the two documents with you.

    Also, after your documents have been screened, there’s a form where you’ll write your name, name of school, course, phone number (and maybe email), nysc call up number and you’ll also sign.

    Anyway, if you can’t get the ministry of education stuff, just go there and hopefully, just like me and the others, they won’t bother you.

    I think that should be all (hope I didn’t miss anything sha)

  6. im really lost here, didnt know the time frame of this. i just realized today being the 10th of august is the last day and my dashboard still needs correction which has been be rectified yet. will there be another time for this verification or its a one time offer for foreign students. Chai i don die ooo

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