How Long Does It Take To Get NYSC Call Up Number

How Long Does It Take To Get NYSC Call-Up Number – SOLVED

How long does it take to get NYSC call-up number is your question right? You will get the best answer in this post. Just make sure you read to the end.

You’ve just completed your NYSC registration, and now you’re waiting for your call-up number. You’ve heard it can take a while, but you’re not sure how long it will actually take.

No need to search further because, in this post, I will tell you the exact official duration and what to do when it’s not showing up. If you read to the end, you will even discover more. [Read also: Top 10 Legit Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Corpers]

How Long Does It Take To Get NYSC Call-Up Number

The duration of the NYSC Call up Number is 24 hours after a successful registration. While some will see it immediately after their NYSC registration, others might see it late but usually within 24 hours.

Although, the policy is different for Foreign-trained. In some cases, their Call-up number might delay for up 3 days but in the end, you will get it.

One of the issues with the delay for the Foreign-trained has to do with evaluation and physical verification.

After the online registration, Foreign-trained graduates have to wait for the physical verification and also for the evaluation letter and this might hinder the call-up number.

If you are not Foreign-trained, then your call-up number should be out immediately or within 24 hours except if you have other issues. [Read also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know]

Other Details

When you complete your NYSC registration, you will be given an NYSC call-up number. This number is a unique identifier for every Corps Member in the NYSC program.

Once you have your special number, you can now have full assurance that your registration was successful.

I’m sure by now, you have an answer to your questions about how long it takes to get the NYSC call-up number. If you have any questions, use the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

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