How Many Passports Do You Really Need For NYSC?

This Passport issue has been on ground for a very long time in the history of NYSC. Somebody will tell you that during the NYSC orientation camp, you are going to need so much Passports that you will start to wonder if you will have to drop a passport for every steps you take.

I have seen Corp members asking if their 20, 30 or even 40 passport photographs will be enough for Orientation Camp.

During my own time, I had up to 25 passport photographs with me based on what I have been hearing from several people before my NYSC Camp experience.

So back to the question, how many Passports do you really need for NYSC Camp?

The answer is, you only need about 5 – 10. You can make 15, you can make 20, you can make as many as you want but regarding camp registration and other official documents in camp, you only need the maximum of 10.

You will still have to take another professional picture with your NYSC crested vest in camp. It should be about 5 pieces or so. These are the ones that will be used for some very important documentation.

Before you take 100 Passport photographs to camp, you should know that you will only need about 5 -10 of them. You can however use it for other things as you wish.

Don’t let anyone scare you with the Camp passport photographs effect because now, you know the exact number of Passports you will really need.

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  1. the professional picture, is it passport photograph or a full picture….?

  2. may Almighty Allah bless you ma 4 the information

  3. Those passport photographs of which background color?

  4. Aside from passport what other document is required in camp.

  5. Im my dashboard I’m seeing Change DOB(WAEC) pls what does that mean?

  6. Pls I want a clarification about what I saw on nysc requirements stuff concerning our documents saying come with the original+ 15photocopies….pls how true is this

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