How To Belong To Stream I

How To Belong To Stream I

Most prospective Corps members always look for an answer to this question of how to belong to stream I and to their disappointment, they don’t always find an accurate answer. Your search will end here because I will give you the best answer to this question you are asking. 

Either you have been asking for the procedure or the tactics that the NYSC management always use to spilt prospective Corps members to streams or you want to belong to stream I and you don’t know how to. The answer is just below.

The answer to your question of how to belong to stream I is that “Nobody Knows”

Yes! The splitting of streams is always random and it’s not determined by your institution, your state of Origin, your course, your grade or even the time you registered. It is random and you cannot determine the process. 

If you are looking for what you can do to belong to stream I, you are looking for what is not out there.

Do your NYSC registration and wait for anything that comes by. Although, early registration might determine but nobosy is sure of that. 

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  1. Eyam Moses Ibrahim

    Good Morning at Lola, please how will I know that they person I paid money to do online payment did it

  2. State of origin: Osun
    instutition: kaduna
    Kano, Ogun, Anambra, Niger

  3. State of origin: Osun
    instutition: kaduna
    Kano, Ogun, Anambra, Niger.

    I have not get a reply

  4. Why did my comment awaiting moderation since ysterday?

  5. State of Origin: Plateau
    State of Institution: Lagos
    Kwara, Enugu, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom

  6. state of Origin: Lagos
    Institution Location: Lagos

    Selected states
    1. Nasarawa
    2. Kano
    3. Delta
    4. Osun

  7. Akwa lbom
    Akwa lbom
    Delta..Anambra.. kaduna…nassarawa

  8. State of origin :oyo
    Kano, enugu, kwara, akwa ibom

  9. state of origin: Oyo state
    State of institution: Oyo state
    Osun state, Aka Ibom, Kano, Kwara state

  10. Kogi
    Nasarawa, Anambra, Kano & Ogun

  11. State of origin.. Abia
    Institution. Enugu
    States visited: Adamawa, Niger, kano, Anambra, Abia
    States selected: Niger and Akwaibom (only two options came up for me)

  12. Winifred Onyinye

    State of origin Anambra. institution Federal polytechnic Bida, Niger state. choice of institution.

  13. state of origin:Oyo state
    state institution: Oyo state
    kano, Akwa ibom, Osun, kwara

  14. The cafe I did the nysc registration did not fill my N.D details ooo, like date of graduation, award, etc, he only fill primary school, secondary school and H.N.D own, will it affect me?

  15. lola princess, how can I do with my state of origin dat is mistake in it, I am from oyo state nd from d portal it’s show ondo state nd I tried to rectify it but not successful.
    please any opinions nd hope it’s wnt affect me coz d error is from them…

  16. Lolo, I did the registration since on Tuesday by 1am till date I can’t print my green card only seeing awaiting call-up number….. pls what could be the cause

  17. state of origin..Imo state
    institution.. IMO state university
    selected states.. Kano Enugu Akwaibom Enugu..

  18. Lola princess, please I did my registration since Tuesday morning , but since then I haven’t been able to print my slip it’s been saying awaiting call up number till date.
    Please what is the problem?

  19. state of origin Gombe
    state of institution Bauchi
    choice states; Rivers, kano, ogun and plateau

  20. Anambra
    Kebbi, Ebony, Rivers, plateau

  21. Eyam Moses Ibrahim

    State of origin: Cross River
    School: Cross River
    NYSC States: Adamawa, Ebonyi, Nasarawa and Delta

  22. Eyam Moses Ibrahim

    Chai abg ooooo I don’t want Delta I mistakenly filled it, let them give me Adamawa State.

  23. State of origin- kogi
    School- Abuja
    Nasarawa, Delta, kaduna, osun

  24. state of origin: delta
    school: Edo state

    selected states:

  25. 1_Please can i do the date of birth correction anytime like during camp or before the registration close.have been moblised and given call up number……
    2_state of origin ogun state, institution ogun state. State chosen_imo,kano, kwara, oyo

  26. BAUCHI

  27. Enugu

    Kebbi, Benue, Osun, Anambra

  28. State of origin:cross river
    State of institution :edo state

    Abuja,Enugu,,ogun and kebbi

    Pls predict for me

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