5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp

5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp

You are so excited after seeing your name on the Senate list. And you are thinking of taking your Laptop with you to orientation camp for more fun.

It will be good if you can take in your laptop with you. You can see movies, take some video clips or numerous pictures and copy them on your system for space on the memory card. You could do a lot of stuff and stunts with your laptop. see also: How To Know Which Stream You Belong To

I did not deny that. However, it is not wise or advisable to carry your laptop to Orientation camp.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not take your Laptop to NYSC Camp.

1.You will not be allowed to take it in.

Laptops are not allowed in camp. You cannot just take it in. When you arrived at the orientation camp, the soldiers at the gate will search your bag thoroughly. You might be asked to bring out everything inside the bag. If a laptop is discovered, am so sorry with what might follow. See also: NYSC Batch B 2019 State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy

2. It can disappear

Suppose you take the laptop inside. Here is what you should know. Your laptop can disappear

Yes it can disappear. Remember you are on camp with people who had BSc or BA in Stealing.

Don’t think everybody is a responsible graduate. In fact, you would ask if some people are on camp to steal.

Things can disappear anyhow. Before you know that someone is trying to steal from you, your property is gone already. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

3. You will not have time for it

NYSC orientation camp is fixed. Fixed time, fixed fun. You will not have time for it. You go for morning parade as early as 5am. About an hour after Morning parade, you are called for breakfast. After breakfast, you go for the next activities to the next activities till 10 pm light out.

Apart from fixed activities, orientation camp is too fun to sit in a corner with your laptop. You meet friends, meet beautiful girls you wanna spend time with.

You might want to share your experience on Corpers Forum, make new friends and more. Taking your Laptop with you would be a mistake. See also: Top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC

4. Protecting It Is Almost Impossible

If you think NYSC orientation camp would be some Self contain apartment and a place of comfort, you are on your own. About 50-100 people inside a hostel is not really a comfort I think.

The waist purse is the only way to secure your valuable properties and you laptop cannot fit inside a wait purse. Maybe there are no Cupboards or wardrobes where you will be posted to so protecting or monitoring your laptop for 3 weeks would almost be impossible.

Instead of inconveniencing yourself with a laptop, share your experiences on Corpers Forum for others to read. It’s just once in a lifetime.

5. You are on your own

Yes you are on your own. That’s clear enough.

Guys, we have a section for camp experience on Corpers Forum. So please share your different experiences on Corpers Forum during orientation camp.

Now Your Turn

Do you have more reasons, do you have questions, do you have experience to share, Register if you are a guest and use the reply button.

Thanks for reading 5 reasons why you should not take your Laptop to NYSC orientation camp.

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