If You Are Still Getting Error, This Is What To Do – NYSC 2018 Batch C Registration

Good morning dear prospective Corps member. It has not really been funny since yesterday as you all have been getting this error as you are trying to register. Only a few PCMs were able to register successfully. Some gave it more time and tried later and it worked.

A lot of people were able to register successfully yesterday while some are still getting this error:

“You cannot be registered. Your school has not fulfilled the mandatory document submission.”

Here are what you should do:

  • The first thing to do is Log in and try to register again today if you get the same error,
  • Contact your friends in stream II that you finished from the same school together to make sure you are not the only one in your school experiencing this.
  • The Third option is to contact the school DSA (Division Of Student Affair). Tell them what NYSC dashboard is saying.
  • You can still give it more time. Maybe your school is yet to upload the Senate list. The Registration will end by 11th, November. So we still have more time.

If you have successfully registered, please share the experience with us below. If you have contacted your DSA, please share the message in the comment box below. We all have to stay strong and share information with one another.

Firstly CLICK HERE to start your fresh registration first. Please SHARE!!!

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  1. Pls is it going to close on the 11th aji on the 5th

  2. Okay I heard it was on 5th of Nov and I went to school to find out from DSA they told me that they are still mobilizing in order to send the hard copies to Abuja that we should exercise some patient

  3. Good morning..I have registered bfor but my call up latter didn’t come out .they said am not in this stream. That they will notify me when to print it.am asking shld I register again. Tnx

  4. Tachi Yohanna Jibrin

    My school has not n
    mobilize yet, what could be the problem?

  5. Good morning,i try to register ,the portal is saying that you can not register cause your school has not submitted the mandatory document.but my name is on the senate list and my detail have been uploaded i can now register. what is the next step to take? thank you

  6. My name is on the senate list but my status say no admission offered yet dat i shud go to my institution.can I still do the online registration?

  7. Pls i have registered but I cannot print out my green card since two weeks now. They said have not been evaluated yet.

  8. you can not register cause your school has not submitted the mandatory document.but my name is out, plz what can i do?

  9. pls when is the last date for uploading of names I heard 30 October another said uploading will continue with registration as it happened in batch C stream 1 pls which is correct thanks

  10. Please ive been trying to revalidate but its been showing request pending

  11. Pls I have registered since 2weeks now but I have not been evaluated yet, and my sch as given me my evaluation letter, what should I do with it now because I don’t know where to upload it

  12. Evening all…. Mine still showing school has not submitted mandatory documents I already reported to school the anthem is to keep checking…. They are still uploading…. I must say I’m bothered about this. I hope to join this stream ||… I pray wish and hope to join too

  13. I am a foreign trained graduates, I have not been evaluated, I registered on Saturday, and I just recently uploaded my medical report. But it keeps showing me you have not been evaluated yet

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