NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Registration Error

NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Registration Error – SOLVED!

The NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Registration Error is what is trending as many PCMs are encountering the error on their dashboard.

The fact is that since the deadline of the registration is 11th on November, you guys should relax and give it more time. You are not the only one who is getting the error message, we have not seen or heard of anyone who has successfully registered. So it’s a mass situation.

The advice now is that you should relax and give it some time before you start stressing yourself out.

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  1. please you guys need to act fast on this..things like this will not give rest of mind.

  2. Pls my name has not been uploaded by my school, will I have to wait till next batch? And when is next batch pls.

  3. Tried to register now but still got this same response. Pls wat’s the way forward?

  4. Please I am just confused. When I checked my name on the matriculation list last month they said YOU WERE NOT OFFERED ADMISSION. Now I was told to do the JAMB REGULARISATION which I did since but yet to receive notification from jamb going to a month now. But I just decided to check again but this time the message says YOU ARE NOT ON MATRICULATION LIST. So I am currently so confused… From not offered admission to now not on matriculation list. I need help on what to do right now please to get mobilized. Thanks

  5. Go and print your admission letter, is it then you can see ur name on the matriculation list.

  6. Pls am trying to print my green card since two weeks now, it always display you have not been evaluated yet.

  7. Have missed out of stream 1 because of this evaluated stuff hope I won’t miss out of stream 2 or is there anything I should do

  8. Please I am yet to register still getting the same response, its really making everyone restless, can’t even create a profile talk more registering, please when will all these mess be over, dont want to miss out on this stream II

  9. Pls what is nysc IT department doing about this problem of ” you can not be register because your school has not submitted mandatory document ” because the earlier the better. I have contacted my school and they informed me they have submitted the necessary document and some of my mate have been able to register but as for me the same thing keep reoccurring. Pls I need urgent attention on this. Thanks

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