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List Of Institutions Whose Senate List Is Out On NYSC Portal – 2019 Batch C

The NYSC 2019 Batch C senate list is not yet out on the NYSC Portal and this post is just to provide updates on the list of Institutions whose Senate list is already on the NYSC portal. If you have been checking and you are getting no record found, you should relax and keep checking.

Before I show you the lists of schools whose Senate list is out on the NYSC portal, let me show you how to correctly verify your name on the NYSC Portal.

Correct Way To verify Your Name On Senate List

Verifying your name on the NYSC portal for the senate list is simple and easy. You will need:

  • Name of your Institution
  • Your Matric Number
  • Your Surname
  • Your date of Birth (Submit like that if you can’t select the year)

Once you have the above information, click the link below

Verify Name On NYSC Portal

After filling the above form correctly, hit the search button. If you are unable to select the year from the date of birth, hit search like that. It will bring your details if your list has been uploaded. If you are seeing “No Record Found” please relax, no Batch C list is yet on the NYSC portal.

List Of Institutions Whose Senate List Is OUT

Below is the list of all the institutions whose senate list has been uploaded on the NYSC portal.

No Institution senate list is on NYSC portal yet. We will keep updating the list.

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  1. Hi Lola , on the batch c time table. It shows that 10th September is for online upload of Senate approved results by institutions, but as at that time I was still on my school clearance process, and I also saw on the time table that 14th-18th October is for hard copy submission of Senate approved results of which is happened to have successfully finished my clearance on the 3rd of October.

    Am I likely to see my name on the portal for registration when it starts?.. or will the fact that I didn’t finish my clearance before 10th September extend my service till next batch (A)

  2. Please if someone correct is jamb name on his admission letter next week and submit next week is it possible for the person to be on the list for batch c stream 1 on November next year

  3. pls Lola my name came out with batch B but I tried checking it in senate list now n it showing no record found pls wots could be d problem

  4. Olorunmosunle segun James

    Just want to know when is batch c registration starting

  5. Also the date when I did the mobilization for batch c 2019 was on the 25th September and my name is out on my school Senate list but could not find my name on the nysc online Senate list why?

  6. Popoola Damilola Valentina

    Will court affidavit be accepted in the camp?

  7. Morning lola, pls my name was on the school Senate list pasted at my school and I did my mobilization batch c 2019 25th September but yet my name was not found on online nysc Senate list why?
    Though I reported to my sch and I was told that nysc has not yet activated it….pls how true is it?

  8. Hi Lola,about the date of registration been moved to 21st,how true is it? Do this batch c have steam 2,and if they have,if I want to join stream 2,do I still register on the 21st of October?

  9. please lola which of the information NYSC likely to use, is it the one from my school or the one from Jamb? thanks.

  10. Good evening lola pls, is the Senate list out for batch c 2019

  11. Hi Lola , my school is affiliated to obafemi awolowo university please how do I check my name on the senate list because I can find both my school and obafemi awolowo .. so I don’t don’t know which to pick when asked for name of institution..

  12. Hi Lola
    I love u. Pls can u marry me?

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