nysc 2019 Batch C Registration

NYSC 2019 Batch C Registration – Portal Is Now Open!

The NYSC 2019 batch C Registration is the moment graduates from various higher institutions will start uploading their details into the NYSC system for deployment and identification. 

Important Things You Need

Below are the important things you need and cannot make any mistake about.

  • Working Gmail address
  • Available Phone number
  • Password
  • Your fingerprint

Registration Portal Is Open

You can now do your NYSC online registration as the registration portal is open.


Can You register Without names On Senate List?

One question we have been getting over and over again is either someone can register without seeing names on the NYSC Portal. For clarity purpose and better understanding I am going to do a demonstration just below:

By the end of this little demonstration, you will understand what will happen if you decide to do your NYSC registration without verifying your name on the portal senate list.

STEP 1 Let’s begin from the home page of NYSC Portal.

You click the registration button.

STEP 2: You click Fresh registration because this is your first time

STEP 3: Time to fill the first form for account creation.

You fill this form

STEP 4: You will then get a confirmation mail from NYSC to create your account.

You will click the link to verify your mail.

STEP 5: You will then arrive at this page below:

By the time you fill this form to where you will enter your JAMB Registration Number and Matric number, the system will automatically look up for your name on the Senate list. AT this point, if your name is on the senate list, you will proceed with a congratulation message.

However, if your name is not on the senate list on NYSC portal, you will get this message below:

This is evidence that your name is not yet on the NYSC senate list on NYSC portal. You will not get passed this stage. You will have to quit and wait for your name to appear on the senate list before you can continue your registration.

To answer your question if you can register when your name is not yet showing on the senate list is NO. You will not get passed through stage 5.

Just relax and keep checking the senate list. Once your name appears, you will be able to proceed with your registration.

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  1. Ms Lola, good morning
    I was supposed to go with batch B but waited for batch C.
    I didn’t get d information abt d change in registration date on time so I kind registered on Monday 14th of ds month, dt is two days ago.
    I was given a call up letter and it still has batch B written on it and d date of reporting remains August 20.
    Pls, wht do u think happened and wht am I supposed to do?

  2. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the update

  4. Anything like batch c stream 1 and 2

  5. Good morning Lola,

    You can’t go ahead with the registration until you have been verified on the Senate list on the portal. (True/False)

  6. Who have registered oo Identify, my it’s Still showing no record found yet. Abi it’s my phone? 😕

  7. Hello, is the Senate list out, because I can’t find my name on it

  8. Ma,how can we register without senate list.
    Your last post on the website got me confuse. Pls,is the senate list out?

  9. OUT, Kogi State University

  10. I have successfully registered today… waiting for my green card to be sent.

  11. for those revaliidating do they need to go for pre-camp verification exercise to get call-up number.

  12. Am Still finding it difficult to register, what could be the problem. Still saying no record found .What could be the problem.

  13. Hi Lola, you said kogi State University Senate list is out but it is still saying no record found. What are we to do

  14. Rufus giwa polytechnic Senate list is out

  15. hi lola, I can’t revalidate. it keeps saying invalid email or password. what cud be the problem. is there no orda way out?

  16. Oluwaseyi Odubote

    Miss Lola,
    Thank you for everything God will continue to bless you for this.

  17. Will there be a stream 2 by November?

  18. Esther Gibson Nteile

    Good morning Lola
    I did registration last year but could not meet up with the camping and I want to revalidate the registration but I can’t remember the email I used how can u get it please

  19. I am a foreign-trained graduate, how long does it take to be evaluated? i registered yesterday and i’m still unable to print my slip.. and i don’t know the next step. kindly advice

  20. I found my school, nwaforizu college of education nsugbe in affiliation with UNN on the Senate list,why? Can’t do my registration because it keeps on saying no record found.

  21. Hi Lola
    This is what I saw after registration……ND certificate will be presented with corps member of mono/polytechnic as precondition for necessary bla bla.., and I’m with my ND notification of result is this one will affect me in camp????

  22. Good afternoon sister Lola I was did my registration for Nysc before and I was going to do New regularise because age that appear on registration is above 30ys the cave man submit to the Nysc portal and I want to make another registration it possible for me to do another registration

  23. Hi Lola how do I change the phone number on my NYSC profile, tried retreiving the line but they keep giving lame feedback

  24. Good evening Lola, so I completed my registration yesterday and still not gotten my callup number and i’m just trying to find out how long it usually takes

  25. I registered and got mobilized with the wrong matric number, should I relax till camp?

  26. Hi lola. I graduated 2017 i went for registration today the system is showing me exemption what should i do?
    The funniest part i noticed it when i have already submitted

  27. Olubiyo bukola grace

    Good morning Lola, please I saw my school name not long ago but it keeps telling me ( no record fund here) please what should I do

  28. OUT, nnamdi azikiwe university

  29. I have an error made by my school in my last name on my certificate, and have inform my school for correction and don’t know if it could be made till the batch c camp opened cause have registered with my right name on the nysc senate list, won’t I have a problem even if I present a court affidavit and an acknowledge letter of the name correction sign or stamp by my school on entering the camp

  30. Good morning Lola. My school name has been on the graduation list for a time now but has not shown on the senate list. Is there anything I should be bothered about?

  31. Miss Lola good morning pls will they demand for origina copy OF waec, statement of result ND And HND at camp entrance?

  32. Pls is there stream 2 in this batch C.. Need an answer asap.

  33. Good evening Lola, my school mobilized me with the wrong reg number is there any way it can be change, what can I do?

  34. wat if d date of birth on ur jamb is diff 4rm dat in ur waec wil it affect d person wen he gets to camp,thanks

  35. Good morning Miss Lola,

    There was an error on DOB on my green Card; how do i correct that.

    Await your swift response ma.

  36. Good day please I want to ask there was a mistake on the year of graduation on my green card slip the year of graduation suppose to be 2014-2019 instead it’s 2014-2015 how can it be corrected

  37. Good evening ms, please I’m trying to select states for deployment but it keeps saying sorry no more available state slot for deployment and can’t register without filling the space please what can I do?
    And please reply

  38. Oluwaseyi Odubote

    Good afternoon Miss Lola

    There is an error on my NYSC green card pertaining my date of birth; it is showing May 2nd instead of May 21st.
    I took steps in correcting it by clicking on the “change of DOB” and it lead me to get a WAEC Verification Pin which i have done but when i click on “update of DOB” it keep saying “Your Request cannot be processed. Ensure You have not applied before”.

    Please kindly advise what step i should take or you can help in solving this.

    i sincerely appreciate your swift response.

    Thank you.

    Happy weekend

  39. Morning Lola. My school senate list is out but I haven’t seen my name. Should I keep checking or contact my school?
    Happy Sunday.

  40. Aleshinloye Eniola Ganiyat

    Out:lagos state university

  41. Hello I’m a student of Lagos state polytechnic and my name is on the senate list but with the wrong matric No. How can I go about this??

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