List Of Institutions Whose Senate List Is Out On NYSC Portal

List Of Institutions Whose Senate List Is Out On NYSC Portal – NYSC 2020 Batch A

We will keep updating the list as soon as institutions start uploading their list on the NYSC Portal.

Please if your senate list is out on NYSC portal and your school name is not above, please comment “OUT:” and write the name of your school in front.

OUT: Salem University Lokoja

Stay connected and keep checking back.

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  1. My name is on the Senate list but there is place indicating that I have not been matriculated please what do I do?

  2. Hello Lola, I did Registration since November 6 but I have cleared by jamb In mid January but now I check the NYSc senate list, it’s still showing Not on matriculated list but I was sent congratulations by jamb and also pay 1k to print admission letter which I did Which show you have been offer admission by jamb.


  4. umar hassan abdullahi

    Yobe state university not yet out

  5. Please, l am still worried about this Senate list. Have UNN(UNEC) uploaded theirs to NYSC website?

  6. Aunty Lola good day pls am confused my name came out last year batch C but because of regularization I could not register and I have done the regularization,but nw can nt see my name on the Senate list again I even checked it yesterday it was there but today what am seeing is no record found pls be of help thanks

  7. I did regularization since last year December and I was sent a message via my email to print out my admission letter but I’ve not been able to print it. It keep showing me “awaiting for approval process”. Please what could be the cause and will it be approved in due course?

  8. Good morning Lola,I went to cafe to register and still saying hard copy not submitted and my school have uploaded the name on the portal, but can I still go with stream 1

  9. Hello, please how long does it take for foreign students to be evaluated! I registered since Thursday but I can’t print verification slip as it keeps saying not yet evaluated. Thank you

  10. is my school federal Polytechnic nassarawa have submitted their. senate list ?

  11. Please ma do you know if delta state polytechnic otefe-oghara senate list is out on the nysc portal

  12. What of institutions that have been confirmed to have submitted there list of graduating students and even when the student check it on nysc it was confirmed but proceeding to register it’s saying the school has not uploaded senate list

  13. Is igbajo polytechnic have release senate list

  14. Out
    University of benin

  15. Please why can’t you putting the name of institutions that mobilized their students, because it will surely help us to even notify others that are different school with us

  16. Hi,my institution have uploaded their senate list. When i check my name in nysc graduation list on their portal my name was there but i have been trying to very my name on Senate list all my effort was in vain ( it not doing) d respond i always received is ur institution have not uploaded dere Senate list. Please i need help.

  17. OUT gateway polytechnic saapade

  18. Hello Lola. My name is IBE PATIENCE ORIEOMA Same way it was arranged when i sat for jamb.but my Nd and Hnd result is arranged IBE ORIEOMA PATIENCE hope its not a fault

  19. My session is 2015/2016 and since then just did my clearance bcos i finished 2017 which i am suppose to follow the batch of 2017 set but bcos of lack of funds. I have done every requirement and even register with batch c but my name is not out. Will it be among those of batch A since i registered with batch C?

  20. Okeowo akeem oluwadamilare

    Good morning I still Can’t find my name uploaded on the Senate list Lagos State polytechnic students Accounting to be precised

  21. Please how can I apply for change of name on the NYSC portal??

  22. Good evening Lola, i checked my name on the senate list and its showing no record…..but when i checked the names my school uploaded on nysc website….my name was there…..please what do i do ?

  23. I still can’t find my name on d Senate list but most of my course mates have registered what can b d issue

  24. Please any news on unijos?

  25. They said my school submitted their hard copy yesterday, people started seeing their names online yesterday afternoon but I’m yet to see mine
    Is it possible they are uploading it bit by bit
    Do i still have chance of going with the batch A

  26. My status is saying not yet matriculated, you cannot registered contact ur institutions used by none and have been able to see my name in school graduated list plz what can I do sister Lola

  27. Pls Lola have. Nekede upload there senate list for batch A 2020

  28. Anty Lola My name came out on the Senate list pasted on my school students affairs but on the recently uploaded senate list I can’t view my name, but others have seen theres.
    Does it mean that nothing cañ be done for me to join this batch A

  29. My Institution is not showing yet…
    I have tried checked for my name but still showing NO RESULT FOUND

  30. Kazeem kudirat omolola

    Last year my name was out on d NYSC list but it keep saying u cannot register contact your institution used by none and another things wen i did regularization on jamb i notice that i was given another jamb registration that is different from d one that was given that year that i did jamb but that registration number access all my detail but i can print out my previous jamb result slip
    D question i want to ask is that should i go and complain in jamb office or i should leave it like that
    And i hope is not d one affecting my NYSC

  31. Hello,pls how long does it take one to print his or her green card and call- up letter after registration and payment

  32. Good evening Lola, please their is a mistake in matriculation number ,can I still register.

  33. Hello Lola. How are you doing.?
    Pls my date of birth is showing 06/06/1995 instead of 12/06/1995. Do I have to change it? Pls what do you think?

  34. Hello Lola,
    Please can you confirm to us what is happening with Delta State University? There are 4 universities and 3 polytechnics here in Delta State. All 6 schools can see their graduation list and senate list on the NYSC portal and have even commence registration except Delta State University which is the main university of the state. We the PCM’s are getting really worried has we have been told in confidence by our school that the soft copy has been sent to NYSC and also the hard copy. Yet it’s almost 1 week since the registration process and we can’t even boast of a graduation list on the portal? More worries even arise considering the fact that registration process ends on Monday. Having just 3 days left to the end of the registration process because Sunday can’t be considered among the days left because these cyber cafes don’t work on Sundays. Please can someone or anybody give a detailed explanation as to why this delay? At least a response from you might help calm our minds. Thank you

  35. State of origin; Ogun state
    Institution; Lagos

  36. Good afternoon anuty Lola,pls I need ur help my names in jamb are Anthony Gloria noma while in school it Anthony Gloria could that affect me from going for service

  37. I don’t understand why the portal is still open but Saying No state available for deployment,who else is experiencing same.

  38. Oyo

    Nysc States

  39. Would have preferred Delta state. Is the chance of going to kebbi state high. Cous I already choose kebbi as one of my visited States

  40. Princess Lola good morning, I have received my green card but at the box for kit specifications it’s not showing what I registered just showing a long red line. What do I do

  41. Princess Lola good morning, I have received my green card but at the box for kit specifications it’s not showing what I registered just showing a long red line. What do I do? Please help worried

  42. I’m dare, my name appeared on graduating list but i can’t see my name on senate list up till now. Any hope about dat? Bcoz registration will soon close. I graduated from kogi state polytechnic

  43. Please I’m yet to verify my name in the nysc portal because it keeps saying no record found. Is it okay to register ?

  44. Pagiel Heman Dyagamkapwa

    What’s wrong when it shows your registration is successful but no available slot?

  45. Please Lola, is there a different list for stream 2?
    Or one list for both stream 1 and 2?

  46. Hello princess, good morning, trust your night was cool. I have done my registration and I have got my call up number. But I was told that I may go with stream 2. I am trapped inbetween cos I don’t know if I will go with stream one or 2. Please put me through.

  47. Hi lola, Good morning! Trust your night was cool. Please I registered on the 5th day and I have my call up number. But they said I may go with stream 2. Please how possible is this information because am confused now.

  48. Hi lola, trust your night was cool. I registered the 5th day but I was told that I may go with stream 2. Please how true is that. Am confused now and needs to be cleared on this.

  49. My school sent 2018 as my graduation year whereas it was 2015. Pls what can I do because am having 2015 on my statement of result

  50. I registered, filled all the needful and just as i was about to pay, portal got closed, please what do i do ?

  51. Please Mrs. Lola will still be chance for schools to upload more names for stream II?

  52. Lola please what about those that did not register at all with batch A 2020 stream 1 can we register with the stream 2
    Will school still upload Senate list for those that want to join stream 2 or is only those that did not complete there registration


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