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Life Of A Graduate – A Poem By OJIEH CHUKS THOMAS



B.Sc in the bag but i’m lost in my own thought πŸ™
I try to place my mind on the things that really matter, but,… πŸ™
…the focus isn’t just there, I keep going in circles πŸ™
Wandering round & round like lost bubbles πŸ™

This Man just attained the calling of a Certified G, G as in Graduate πŸ™
He’s supposed to feel proud of this, cos it feels great πŸ™
But the truth is, in a world where diamonds are placed at the feet of Kings πŸ™
That title becomes more of a joke than reality from the look of things πŸ™

CV upon CV, resumΓ© upon resumΓ©, Job counts upon Job counts πŸ™
How the Hell is he going to cope with this, without gassing out πŸ™
Prior to this, is the call of duty, the call of serving his Fatherland πŸ™
NYSC they call it, he can only hope for the best, else he’ll look for a “Greener Land” πŸ™

By a “Greener Land” he means Europe or America πŸ™
He wouldn’t mind getting there at all cost, through the pacific or through Libya πŸ™
You ask, why take such a dreadful risk? He yells at you: “Give me a damn job”!!! πŸ™
A good job is all a Graduate asks for, he wants to join the working club! πŸ™

But what do they provide for the Graduate? Nothing but empty promises πŸ™
Promises pervasive enough to furniture a 5 star premises πŸ™
He laughs, well he hears new leaders will be elected in 2019 πŸ™
He laughs again! New leaders? Or New looters? Same old routine!!! πŸ™

The Graduate will indeed serve his Fatherland during elections πŸ™
Politicians will come with fat envelopes enticing him to manipulate the electorate’s decisions πŸ™
The Graduate questions himself: “Should i do this?” Bloody yeah! All i recieve is N19,800 πŸ™
He then agrees, multiplies ballot papers, turning things around for sycophancy’s sake, acting the devil’s advocate πŸ™

When all is said and done, the same looters emerge winners πŸ™
Though fat pay in his pocket, the Graduate doesnt feel proud; He becomes the real looser πŸ™
NYSC done & dusted, He goes back home feeling despondent πŸ™
No job, No money, No pride, No support. He becomes a Graduate with no intent πŸ™

Out of the blues, like one who strikes Gold, He accidentally meets his old dreadlock Friends πŸ™
Wearing Gold chains and wrist watches, driving expensive Benz πŸ™
He felt so stunned at seeing his “witless” 3rd Class coursemates πŸ™
The same guys he told in class “When it comes to Media Law, we aren’t mates” πŸ™

Still feeling stunned, he wondered; “how the hell did they rapidly get rich” πŸ™
He wondered & pondered with a fake smile, he whispered regretfully: “Life is a b tch”πŸ™
They scorned him, said he wore rags, called him a bookworm with no Money πŸ™
He said to them, whatever you guys did to get rich, I swear, im in!!! πŸ™

The words, “Im In” echoed!! In a matter of weeks he became a top Fraudster πŸ™
He was fortified diabolically, making female sacrifices and eating excreta πŸ™
He became affluent, wealthy and influential. Indeed, he was a Lord in BTC πŸ™
EFCC bowed, SARS became his slave. He blessed them daily with huge package tips πŸ™

“Where was i all this while”, he thought. He was “stinkingly rich”, living his dreams πŸ™
He acquired lands and properties, bought cars; a plethora of luxuries πŸ™
Assurance became his nickname, cos he got the Girl of every Man’s heart desire πŸ™
Little did he know that his wealth had a time frame, his riches in no time, were going to expire πŸ™

Gradually, he withered like a tree lacking water and photosynthesis πŸ™
His wealth began to fade, his friends deserted him as he plunged into crisis πŸ™
Like a decomposed animal, His life was on the line. He was at the point of death πŸ™
As he drew his last breath, he said with tears: “Had i known i would haved looked onto God, the creator of wealth” πŸ™

Dear Graduates, this is an eye opener. I hope this doesn’t become our story πŸ™
A Graduate with no patience will only achieve vain glory πŸ™
Being a Graduate with a certificate is good but not good enough, we need skills πŸ™
Above all, we need God, the blesser of Men. The one who askes for no bills πŸ™


About Lola Princess

I am Lola Princess and am from Earth. I am from somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. I love making friends and blogging. Am your NYSC Google Assistant and am always here.


  1. I love this, very wonderful. Keep the good work up!

  2. Proud of you chuks….

  3. This is fantastic,,, keep it up….more grace upon u chuks

  4. Dear Ojeih, I must commend this effort. You have with words explored depths. I hope we all take to the pieces of advice there encrypted. More power to your elbow.

  5. Chucks…the radio’s finest. This is a nice one. Will definitely share this on air today during my program. Well done bro. More juice to your elbow.

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