Real Fact About No Batch C But Batch A Rumor Going Viral

Real Fact About No Batch C But Batch A Rumor Going Viral

In case you have not heard, or maybe you don’t really understand what has been going viral on WhatsApp groups and forum since yesterday. Here is it.

There is a rumor that there will not be 2018 Batch C again but it will be Batch A. In a simple term, the rumor claimed that NYSC 2018 Batch c has been canceled and will be replaced with NYSC 2018 Batch A. This rumor started yesterday night as several PCMs have been sending emails and disturbing our WhatsApp platforms stressing out and getting confused.

We have been trying to calm them but the more we try, the more it’s spreading. So I decided to make this post to tell you some facts we have discovered about the rumor.

  1. The news about the Batch c cancellation or replacement with Batch A is just a rumor with no particular source. When we ask where the rumor came from, prospective Corps members will say they are just hearing it around.
  2. NYSC officials that we have contacted said there is no official statement about that.
  3. The NYSC 2018 batch c official timetable is already out and it wouldn’t have been out if there will not be batch c.
  4. The Senate lists uploads is already in progress.
  5. If there will be any changes, the NYSC official will announce it publicly.

If you have been getting confused and stressing yourself out, just calm down and watch. Keep checking us here for updates and keep in touch. It is just a mere rumor, Batch C 2018, you are good to go.

If you have any question, just use the comment box below. Please share so that we can save some PCMs from stress that doesn’t worth it.

You can check the Senate list here

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