How To Make Money With NYSC Registration

How To Make Money With NYSC Registration (Legit! Up to #270, 000)

How to make money with NYSC registration is a question that most people do not pay serious attention to. How about I tell you that you can make a lot of money during this coming NYSC registration.

Many would not want to share this with you, but why won’t i? Even f we are in the same state, you will have your customers and i will have mine.

Thousands and thousands of Prospective Corp Members all over our prestigious university are over everywhere in Nigeria. And since they are everywhere in Nigeria, that means no matter where you are in this country, you can make some money with this idea am about to share with you.

This idea is for business-oriented individuals. It’s fun and if you are serious about it, you can make it a big deal.

The idea is this: You will create your own Registration centre where PCMs can come and do their NYSC online registration.

That’s it. Simple and straightforward. I have seen NYSC registration centres that charge #2,000, #1,500 and #1,000 respectively. It depends on your area.

Imagine you Open a registration center and you Charge #1,000 per registration. If 50 people come to register, that’s #50k. If 100 people visit your center, that’s #100k. An easy way to make money.

There is nowhere you are that there won’t be thousands of Prospective Corp Members who want to do the NYSC registration.

What Do You Need To Start

I will not only give you the idea, but I will also tell you what you need to start. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. You have to know that you will need to put in some work into this. If you are looking for a business that will bring you money while you are sitting at home, you might want to skip this.

Here is a list of what you need to start.


You don’t have to go and rent a shop or build a Container. You just need an open space where you can place a table and a chair and a little space where people can stay. Just make the place comfortable and easy to Locate. Also remember that graduates are your customers here, so you should make the place neat and clean. This can work anywhere.

Electricity Or A Small Generator

You, of course, need electricity. And if you have a friend who has a small generator, he can be useful. Electricity will run your laptop and even if your backup is strong, you will still need electricity. You don’t to loose all your customers because there is no light.

A Laptop/Desktop With a Webcam

You really need one. If you already have one, then you are good to go. You can’t run the registration of NYSC on your phone. You will need a good laptop with a good RAM. You can use a desktop if that is what you have.

Internet Connection

You can get a Modem of #3,000 and also confirm which network is good in that area and then subscribe on the modem. Click here to see my recommendation and the one am currently using.

Finger Print Scanner

The Biometric verification is mandatory. So you need to get this gadget anywhere around you. You can buy the recommended one on konga very cheap by clicking here to see details.

A Good Communication Attitude

Nothing interests a customer than making them feel valued and wanted. Don’t think because they need you, you can now talk to them anyhow. Am sure you understand what I meant.

  • You could do a bill and paste in few places. It worth it.

I have tried this before and it worked well. That’s why am sharing with you.

I strongly believe someone will try this out and come to this forum to thank me later. I know some will discard this and even try to discourage people who want to try it. But i can assure you, if you can put your mind at this, you will smile and even call me to say it worked out.

Now Your Turn

Do you have any question or anything to say, ask me below.

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  1. To start won’t one need a printer?

  2. Am Stephen by name, how can I get the site that contain the form filling?

  3. I thought they said the cafe must be accredited by nysc?

  4. Hello would you advertise to people?

  5. There are cyber café centers that run registration already, and other services, how can PCMs trust
    an individual entity without a company name, just like that?

    Also, is there not a government rule that may prohibit something like this? In the same vein, is there not something like authorization from NYSC that will authorize each individual who desires to start up this stuff?

  6. When is nysc registration starting

  7. Hello Lola,

    The NYSC registration for batch C is stated 14the on the NYSC website. Please clarification.

  8. Please I need the NYSC form that is clear and printable that I can use for my customers. As a business, those things need to be done so that the customers will know what to be provided. Thanks

  9. Susan Joseph Patani

    Please which site is used to register for the Nysc registration

  10. Susan Joseph Patani

    Will there be payment online?

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