Meaning Of NYSC

Meaning Of NYSC

The meaning of NYSC is the National Youth Service Corps. This is a programme established for the purpose of Unity in Nigeria after the Civil war.

The National Youth Service Corps is a mandatory programme for every citizen of Nigeria. Either you studied either in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Without the NYSC certificate, you cannot work in a serious company in Nigeria.

The NYSC is also for graduates who are below the age of 30. Once you graduate after 30 years, the NYSC will automatically issue an exemption letter which is equivalent to the NYSC certificate.

Meaning Of NYSC And The Process

The NYSC always start with a mobilization list which contains the names of all graduates eligible for the NYSC service. Every candidate whose name is on the Senate list will proceed with the NYSC registration and print their call-up letter which will contain information about the states each Prospective Corps members will serve.

The NYSC orientation camp is usually 3 weeks in various NYSC Locations across the country. After which each Corps members will get a place of Primary assignment where they will spend the next 11 months.

With all the explanation above, I can say the meaning of NYSC is a process whereby graduates serve their father’s land on a strange land.

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