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Official NYSC Call Up Letter Sample - The Picture And The Details

NYSC Call Up Letter Sample – The Picture And Vital Details

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The Official NYSC call up letter sample is what am about to show you. It’s always good to know how the call up letter look like before you actually get it so that you will know what to look for.

Another is reason, why you should see the official NYSC call-up letter sample, is to know how the original look like so that somebody will give you something else and call it the NYSC call up letter.

One other reason to check the NYSC call up letter sample is to show you where some important information you cannot ignore will be. There are some critical information that I will show you in the NYSC call up letter sample so that you can know where to find them when you finally print yours.

The National Youth Service Corps call up letter is that document that will show you your state of deployment, the date you will go camp, the address of the camp you will use and other important details. Don’t worry, am going to show you the information in the NYSC call up letter sample below.

If you are searching for NYSC call up letter sample or how does the NYSC call up letter look like orange you just want to know what to look for in a call-Up letter, this post will give you all you need about the NYSC call up letter.

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NYSC call up Letter Sample – Things To Look Out For

Below are the details you should look out for in your own NYSC call up letter after printing.

The Compatriot Constitutional Welcome

This is where you will be given an official welcome speech backed with the constitution of Nigeria. Read below:

Dear Compatriot, I am happy to inform you that by the provisions of NYSC Act Cap N84 of the laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, arrangements have been completed for you to participate in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme for One Calendar Year and you should report as follows:

The Shock

This is where you will know the exact state you have been deployed, the date you will report to camp, the Officer in charge and the address of your orientation camp. Please pay attention to on to the address on your call up letter. Sometimes, your orientation camp might hold in another state. Just pay attention.

State of Deployment:
Date of Reporting:
Address of Orientation Camp:

The Important Message You Should Not Ignore

Toward the second part of the letter, there is an important message you should read. The message contains some first class vital instruction by the Director-General himself. Read on below before I show you the official NYSC call up letter sample. Do not scroll it away, read.

1. This letter is a proof that you have been called-up for National Service. You must, therefore, present it to the State Coordinator, National Youth Service Corps of the state you are deployed to before you can be registered. All persons called-up are those whose results have been approved by the University Senate or the Polytechnic Academic Board and are also presented by their institutions to the National Youth Service Corps for mobilization. Registration at the camp shall only be for a period of 2 days. Be informed that there shall be no further registration in camp after the cut-off date and time.

2. For the registration procedure, however, you are requested to bring to camp your original statement of result, Institution identity card, and 8 recent passport photographs. In addition, if you are a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist or an Optometrist you will be expected to bring along original of your registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of housemanship or internship.

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Transport Allowance

3. Arrangement has been made to pay the sum of One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (#1,500.00) as Transport Allowance in the camp. Also the sum of One Thousand Naira (#1,000.00) shall be paid to you as local Transport Allowance. The above allowances are to be collected at the orientation camp of your state of deployment.

4. I sincerely hope that you will participate fully in this noble scheme, bearing in mind that the nation will benefit from your participation. The motto of NYSC is “Service and Humility” which should be your motto throughout your year of National Service.

5. As a participant in the orientation course, you will be required to take to the camp your pillow and pillow case, mosquito net, bed sheets, plates, cutlery, bucket, drinking cup and torch light for your personal convenience.

6. I enjoin you to contribute your best to the Nation in the programmes that have been carefully designed for the achievement of the lofty objectives of the scheme. You are expected to resume duty at your place of primary assignment immediately after the orientation as no leave whatsoever shall be granted for further preparations after assumption of duty.

Please note: i. ii. iii. iv. It is an offence to serve more than once in the NYSC scheme. Prospective corps members are prohibited from bringing automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles etc. to camp. That your one year of continuous national service begins from the date you report for service at the orientation camp Prospective corps members are reminded that national service is about service to the fatherland; therefore they need to accept their deployment to any state in good faith. However, relocation is granted only to married women, to enable them join their husbands, and those with life threating ailments.

Foreign Graduates

7. Nigerian graduates who are foreign-trained should in addition to their academic certificates be ready to present their travelling documents (International Passports) etc. for verification at the point of registration.

8. You are to report to the Camp with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and Medical Certificate of fitness from a Govt/Military Hospital

9. The NYSC programme is for a continuous period of 12months and you must abide by this after registration at the orientation camp

10. Wishing you a most exciting, rewarding and hitch-free service year. Looking forward to meeting you personally in your state of deployment. Yours in Service and Humility

Official NYSC call up letter Sample below

Below is how the NYSC call up letter look like:

NYSC Call Up Letter Sample

NYSC Call Up Letter Sample

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