NYSC 2018 Batch C Remobilization

NYSC 2018 Batch C Remobilization Deadline Extended – ACT NOW!


This is to inform you all that are concerned that the remobilization that was set to close by 5th of January 2019 has been extented to Wednesday 23rd, 2019. 

Read the official message below:

This is to inform Corps Members who are to be remobilized, that Online Registration for Remobilization has been extended to Wednesday 23rd January, 2019

Read on below to see if you should partake in this or not or click the button below to start your remobilization processing.


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The NYSC 2018 Batch C remobilization is going to be closed by 5th January 2019. I want you to listen and read carefully so that you don’t miss the vital information.

NYSC remobilization is an opportunity made available by the management for corps members who missed the last batch to go with the next batch.

For an example, Lola belongs to NYSC 2018 Batch C was deployed to Lagos state. But due to some reasons that are known to Lola, she could not go with NYSC 2018 Batch C. For Lola to go with NYSC 2019 Batch A, she will have to do remobilization.

In another form, if you have been mobilized for the last batch and you want to go with next batch, you will need to do remobilization.

In the time past, remobilization is always during each fresh registration, but during this period, NYSC management wants to take a different approach.

So if you are supposed to go with NYSC 2018 Batch C and due to some reasons, you could not go, you will have to do your remobilization right now before 5th January 2019. 

The remobilization is in two ways and am going to explain below:

1. If you have been mobilized with the NYSC 2018 Batch C and you did not do the online registration, you should click the button below and fill the form to start your remobilization.


NYSC 2018 Batch C Remobilization
Click the button above to and fill this form

2. If You Have Registered Online and In Camp, you will click the button below and fill the form to begin your remobilization.


NYSC 2018 Batch C Remobilization

Go ahead and start your remobilization. If you have any question, just go ahead and ask below. Please share.

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  1. Lola. Is remobilization not supposed to be during 2019 batch A fresh registration?

  2. Muhammad Abdulrazak Rabiu

    I was mobilize and I did my online registration but do to some unresolved issues I couldn’t show up in camp.please what can I do and how will I do it???

  3. My name appeared in the senate list 4 the last batch but my status said I can not register, due to some problems with my jamb no., however, currently I cleared every things. Pls should I remobilize?

  4. Hello actually I was mobilized and posted to osun but I was unable to go to camp, due to Statement of result issue. Now some are saying I have to revalidate. Please am so confused right now, what should I do.

  5. Pls I was posted to sokoto last batch but could not go due to SOR stuff but I got it now and used the link above and it says I am not eligible for remobilization. What do I do pls

  6. the second link writes not eligible
    and I have used the first before last year and they gave me sokoto but didn’t go should I fill in the first link again pls

  7. Aunty Lola good evening and compliment of the season, I just received my PPA letter now both the local government and school are close to my house, please which do I report first, because I want to take maternity leave, my delivery date is due already.. Please help me with the steps to take

  8. Aunt lola, I was unable to be mobilized with the last batch due to my regularization process. I was a jambite but in getting to school I did a change of course. I was not aware that I ought to do regularization till last year,so I did it and has submitted to my school last November. Till now my course has not changed. So my question is what if the course did not change till the next batch starts registration, does that mean I will have to wait again? Sorry for the long story ma’am

  9. Lola , i have be given exclusion letter , month after my school was approved for NYSC it’s possible for me to reparticipate for service .

  10. Thank you Lola. Please, I’m on the remobilisation form now, that entry that reads NYSC ****/*****/******, what are we supposed to fill there. I am confused

  11. The form is confusing Lola. Please help. Thanks for the update.

  12. Lola, please, help us out on the form especially that place that bears the Nysc ***/*****/******* stufff

  13. Thank You

  14. Hi Lola, I was mobilised with batch C but did not go to camp. I have tried both links to remobilise and none are working. Link 1 says ‘This Service is Only for Remobilised Corps Member’ and link two says ‘You are not eligible for Remobilization’. What do I do please?

  15. Okay Lola. I was confused. In my own case, my name was only uploaded on the Senate list. I couldn’t register cos I was busy. Should I do the remobilisation? I don’t even have Nysc call up number

  16. Ogunyemi Emmanuel Gbenga

    Please I was unable to get the information that remobilization was extended to 23rd of january, now I was unable to remobilize. Please help me out on what to do. What can I do? Is there any other chance for remobilization

  17. Aunt Lola …i was posted to cross river last year batch C but didn’t go to my ppa ,i wanted to redeploy to lagos but didnt work out so i was told that i will be remobilized but dont know how to go abt it. Am i to write a letter to them in calabar or do it online?

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