NYSC 2018 October Allawee Updates

Good day Dear Gallant Corps members, hope you are all doing fine and enjoying serving your fatherland.

NEW UPDATE 1/11/2018

We are getting information that some Corps members are seeing the money in their account without an alert. So if you have not seen an alert, go and check you balance at the ATM or use your mobile banking to confirm it.

Let me hear some good news below, please!

Check now

The October allowance is the topic of tonight. I am sure a lot of you guys have planned how to spend the money once it enters. Some of you will save 10k from it, which is hard though. Some will buy a full chicken and at least enjoy like a Boss. I do that every months anyway. Some have already spent the Allowee even before it enters.

The Allowee will enter by midnight today or early tomorrow morning. If you are getting worried too much, just try to sleep, by tomorrow, you for don get an alert.

The question for tonight is

“Are the banks supposed to be deducting the monthly N52. 00 maintainance fee even after deducting N200 bank charges on the whole allowance?”

Comment your view below.

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  1. i thought the N200 was for tax

  2. Hi Lola, am Ezra from Borno state, am serving in Bauchi state but didn’t got my September allowance. I complained but nothing yet, what should I do?

  3. My bank which is stanbic said 500 has to remain in d account
    I just tire for dem.

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