NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Call-Up letters FINALLY OUT!

The NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Call-Up letters is the piece of document that will tell you and show you your state of deployment. This call-up letter will contain your details and the exact state you have been posted to, the address of the Orientation camp and also the date you are to report to camp.


The NYSC call up letter is finally Out! Go and check yours… Congratulations to you all !!!

So happy for you all.

Congratulations for a Successful Mobilization into the National Youth Service Corps.

We wish to inform you that as 2018 Batch “C” Stream II Orientation Course commences on Thursday 15th November, 2018, you are advised to print your Call-up Letters, read the instructions and adhere to them strictly.

NYSC wishes you all journey mercies to your various Orientation Camps.
Thank you.

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You can CLICK HERE if you want me to check for yiu


It’s after 4pm and still yet there is no Call-up letter yet. That does not mean the Call-up letter will not be out. It will be as the ICT department are working on it tirelessly. The good news is on the way and you all should please be expectant. You have really been trying I swear. I commend you and can boldly say you are not the Lazy youths.


Some people that are so worried they will be deployed to a very long distance and might not be able to catch up with time to the orientation camp because of the distance. You are right to be worried but don’t let is bring you down because camp opens on 15th does not mean you cannot go to camp 2 days after.

The DG Speaks

According to the Director General of NYSC, he said “You should be expecting your Call-up letter anytime from now. See the screen shot from his Twitter feed below:

Nysc call up letter

Let’s just be hopeful and be positive.



Dear Kaduna PCM, your new Call-up letter will be out once the call up letter is out.

If you have any questions, ask me below.


It’s about 9:30am as am writing this. The Call-Up letter is not yet out as we are all waiting patiently and anxiously for the Good News to break Out. The reason for this delay is probably because of the many ICT guys who are currently at different Orientation camps. But that shouldn’t be a problem. The Call-Up letter will be out today and we have all the time to wait for it.

We are hearing rumors and getting emails that some people are saying that the Orientation camp will be postponed. Please ignore such rumor. If the NYSC management will postpone the NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II orientation camp, it will be on their official page by now. So, please kindly ignore that rumor and let us wait for the call-up letter. Lola is always here to give you correct NYSC news and am everly available for you all. Comment on any post, I will reply immediately, ask me anything and I am always here to hear you out. Please if you hear any rumour that is not from the NYSC management, do let us know before you start worrying yourself.

Follow Me On Twitter and never miss out of anything out there. You can DM me, reply to tweets and before you blink your eyes, am there. The Camp date is still 15th this month and if anything will change which I doubt, you will be the first to hear about it. Like our facebook page below also. Please stay fine and be expectant. And please share! You know rumor spread very fast.

Also On this

Some people are seeing “Sorry you are not you are not in this stream…” on their dashboard. You don’t have to worry about that messsage. Once the call-Up letter is out, it will dissapear. You are going with stream II.

If you have any other things to ask, am just right below in the comment box bellow.


Monday 12: 45am LATEST UPDATE!

Good morning to you all, its 12:45am here and there is no call-up letter yet. I will advise you to go and sleep if you are still awake waiting for it. You will get it on your dashboard tomorrow morning. The NYSC ICT are working vigorously on it. And if you still want to stay awake, it’s okay.

Saturday 10-11-2018 LATEST UPDATE!

You are welcome here again dear respective and gallant Prospective Corps members that will soon become Corps members in few days by the Special grace of God. The official registration ends yesterday and the next big thing is the call-up letter. We are all anxious and so curious to see what state that will be on the call-up letter. Trust me, it is good to be anxious.

I know this might break the heart of many NYSC 2018 batch C prospective corps members but I really have to tell you because this is an update and you deserve to know the truth. The fact is, you should not expect your call-up letter until Monday. Call-up letter coming on Saturday or Sunday might just cause over curiosity. Just take your mind off this weekend and think about Monday. If it comes, which I doubt, its fine but for sure with all certainty, you will get it on Monday. You have been waiting for long so please don’t be down with just 2 more days that will come and go before you open your eyes. lol..

Till Monday, stay fine and if there is anything you want to know or ask, use the comment box below. If you are scared of where you will be posted, Click Here and if you want me to predict where you will be posted, Click Here. Please stay calm and you don’t have to be sad over a letter you have not even seen. Somebody might say, I am having a feeling that they will post me to a bad state. Cut it please, you are not God.

Just be fine. If you are too hot, comment below and let me get you a soft drink.



The NYSC 2018 Batch c Stream II registration ends today and the next thing on the expectation list is the call-up letter. The orientation camp date has not changed which is Nov 15th – 5th Dec. Many prospective corps members have been asking and getting worried because the call-up letter is not yet out. Please let’s just relax and stop stressing ourselves because the call-up letter is not yet ou.

The Call-up letter will come out any moment from today and there is no exact date for it yet. If you are stressing yourself thinking it will be out today and at the end of the day the Management did not release the call-up letter. It might be today, it might be tomorrow, it might be 3 days to orientation camp self. But the truth is it will come out. Congratulations to you in advance.

Be expectant but don’t stress yourself out with over expectation. We will notify you once it is out. I understand how you are feeling, very well because have been there before. But asking and searching every minutes for the Call-up letter will be too much on yourself.

Let’s partake in this little excercise to relax. Just CLICK HERE 

and if you have any questions, just ask below.

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The latest update about the NYSC 2018 batch c Stream II call-up letter is that you will be able to print your call-up letter, shortly after registration ends tomorrow. You should be expecting the call-up letter shortly after the registration portal is closed tomorrow or a day after tomorrow.

If you are scared of where you will be posted, comment below and let me see what I can do about it. company website Many of you guys are strong and you can withstand anywhere you are posted.

The NYSC call-up letter always come a few days to the Orientation camp date and we have witnessed a couple of batches ago that got the call-up letter notification just 2 days to the orientation camp date.

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NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Call-Up letters Date

We have been receiving messages and emails from gallant prospective Corps members asking for information about the exact date the NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Call-Up letters will be out. It’s not a bad thing to be curious and I can assure you that if we already have a date, we would have announced it and get the news to you.

The fact is that for now, there is no Official date yet and the National Youth Service Corps managements these days are not predictable.

Like our facebook page and always check this post because as soon as we have a date, we will share it immediately.

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  1. Am scared of where I will bi posted to.. Its just me n my brother supporting my education.. Don’t want to end up in a state where situation will bi worse for me.

  2. Plz I need help I was in stream 1 and I printed my call up latter but did not show up in camp due to the far distance and now I want to go with this stream 11 but in my dasbord is showing Sorry you are not in this stream you will be notife when to prite your call up latter Plz I want to know if I can still go with this stream.

  3. I schooled in Ibadan and Lagos. Picked fct,Edo,ondo and taraba

  4. I am from Benue state and schooled in Benue state too.
    I chose abuja, ebonyi, Adamawa and akwa ibom.
    pls I don’t want to be posted to adamawa ma.

  5. please I am from Kwara state, school in Kwara
    state. but I choose Kano, Enugu, Adamawa and Ondo. please my preferred state is Enugu

  6. From IMO
    Schooled in IMO
    Chose Akwa ibom, Ondo, katsina, kebbi
    Please answer!

  7. I schooled in cotonou am from kogi state I picked sokoto Niger akwa ibom Eboniyi

  8. I still have issue with sorry you are not in this stream u will be notify when to print your call up letter on my dashboard
    Hope no problem ma

  9. I am from Anambra and schooled in Anambra too. I closed Kaduna, Nina, Enugu and Akwa ibom. I am scared of where they will post me

  10. Will the call_up letter be ready today? Registration is ending today, how then is it possible for it to be ready today?

  11. I’m from Abia, schooled in Imo, but choosed Oyo, Ebonyi, Benue and Bauchi. i wnt to serve in Oyo.

  12. I have this issue of Sorry! You are not in this stream. You will be notified when to print your call-up letter. Will I still go with stream 11??

    And second I am from Abia and schooled at Abia, I put akwaibom, Abuja, anambara, and Yobe. Which could be my likely state to be posted.?

  13. Good evening ma, I’m from Enugu I studied in Enugu too. I choose Niger, Balyesa, Ebonyi, Zamfara

  14. I’m from Abia and I picked akwaibom, anambara, Abuja and Yobe.. Where likely can I be posted please?

  15. For me, state of origin is Osun and studied there, OAU. I chose Ogun, Kano, Ebonyi & Akwa-Ibom. where is it gonna be…so curious😁 I want Ogun though.

  16. Haha…ok, wouldn’t exactly mind there too. Thanks sunshine.

  17. My name is dammy. Have checked my dashboard 4 my call up letter but i saw sorry, you are not in this stream. We wil notify u wen to print ur call up letter. Am not pls at all or is it possible dat am not part of stream 2 for dis year.

  18. am from Anambra I skip in Ibadan, but I choose Niger, edo,kebbi and IMO for my nysc. Pls Wia will dey post me

  19. hi ,please I will like to know when they might stop giving out the call up letters.

  20. I am from IMO but I schooled in Edo. I choose Kano Anambra Kwara and akwaibom. What’s my fate

  21. I am from Benue, schooled in Benue state university, chose Kano, Anambra, Niger and Akwa-ibom states.
    I prefer either Anambra or Akwa-ibom

  22. I am from Edo…I choose kogi,Delta,adamawa,and osun…where will end up pls???

  23. Please my husband is in portharcourt,and information gathered showed that rivers state camp won’t be among d states. Wats our faith on it

  24. Good day, I finished from Benue State and I choose Niger, Balyesa, Kano and Imo. Where will I be posted to?

  25. From delta. Schooled in calabar.
    Filled fct, kano, enugu n oyo.
    What are my chances

  26. Pls I live in Lagos state but am from osun state and I school in Cotonou,i pick Abuja,kaduna,ekiti and imo state..pls wat are my chances

  27. Kafa Mustapha Bukar

    I have choosen Adamawa,Abuja,Rivers,Oyo,Kano.am from Borno State.Where should I expect to be deployed?

  28. Hi Lola am hector,I school in jos and am from imo state.i choose Abuja, Lagos, rivers and Bornu

  29. am from akwa ibom and schooled in delta state, i choosed kaduna, anambra, osun and crossriver. pls predict

  30. Am frm Anambra…. School in Taraba…. Choose Adamawa… Platue…. Enugu and Akwaibom

  31. Am from Ogun,school in Ekiti and i choose;Sokoto,Ondo,Kwara and Delta….Whr can i be posted to?

  32. Osinachi onwutuebe


  33. Babangida Usman I am Frm Jigawa Sch In Jgw and I Choose Kwara,katsina, bayelsa,and Is My Prefered State is Enugu Or Bayelsa


    Thanks for hearing us out lovely Lola. My name is Okhae Eunice. I am from Edo State and schooled in Edo too. I chose Ogun, kwara,Delta and Kaduna. I needed Lagos or ABJ because my business are centered around there but they were off before I registered. So I chose Ogun because it is very close to Lagos.

    I was given Kaduna in stream 1 and we couldn’t go to camp because of the crises. We’re in stream two now. Please can I still get Ogun State? I so much need it because of my business in Lagos. Thanks

  35. Hi Lola. I heard the opening date for stream2 resumption has been extended it’s no longer 15 please is that True

  36. Kaduna Stream1 Corp Members Have Yet To Be Updated. Why Na? I’m Usually Online 24/7

  37. Good mornin ma, please my dashboard is saying am not on this stream,that I will be notified when to print call up letter.am so scared right now

  38. Lola thank u so much.. My name sake… Im glad I found this site.. I’m hopeful.. We will see it today.. Thank u. Im from Lagos, schld at Ogun.. I choose kwara, osun, delta, kano.. Where do u think I’ll be posted to.

  39. My name is Temitope. I schooled in Ede Osun state, am from Ekiti state. I chose, Ogun, Kwara, Kano and Edo. Where is it likely am posted to?

  40. Lol, just heard about the postponement rumour too. Funny.
    Whatevs, thanks for being there so far sweety

  41. I was posted to Kaduna with stream 1 but no update for us yet, I saw on my dashboard that am not with this stream. What is the way forward please?

  42. Miss/Mrs. Lola, thank you for having answered my previous questions.
    I just heard from a force personnel in Kaduna, after asking him about any info from Kaduna. He said we’ll be resuming in camp this Thursday which is 15th.
    Please I want to know if it’s really true. Or we should still reprint call up letter. Mine has been showing I’m not in this stream.

    • Kaduna is not on the list of the states where the orientation camp will be holding for this stream. Once the call up letter is out. This message on your dashboard will dissappear. Be expecting a new call-up letter.

  43. will call up letter still come out t if today?

  44. I do o, but the issue of changing our state is really not funny.

  45. Good day Lola, Pls i used 1991 for all my registeration, execpt my WAEC which is having 1988, and now am seeing CHANGE DOB on my dashboard, and when i click it,it shows,registration closed, please should i be be worried about this? will i get the call up letter when its out?, because i have court affidavits for that, can i do something about it now? what should i do? i really have to go.pls respond fast.

  46. I saw Change DOB on my dashboard is there something i can do about this? will i get the call up letter, pls respond

  47. Lola NINO says call up letter is now ready for download.

  48. I chose Abuja, Enugu, Rivers and Kano. But I was posted to Edo. I’m surprised. Hope it isn’t an error.

  49. Hi Lola,
    I got this message on the dashboard.
    “Concessional Deployment Approval Status()
    Approval Status: Not Approved
    Comment: No evidence of State of residence of husband.”

    I used letter from my husband’s work place as evidence of residence.

    What can I do before the call-up comes out.
    Thanks in anticipation of your response.

  50. Can anyone send me kogi state WhatsApp group link please

  51. Lola na Kwara o. Didn’t even choose it. Tho marked it as one of visited states. I dnt see anything interesting about Kwars really 😔

  52. Can you imagine, I schooled in Osun and am also posted to Osun. Nysc why??

  53. I chose Ogun, Kwara, Kano and Edo, I schooled in osun, am from Ekiti and am posted to Osun again. I hate this. I hope it is an error

  54. Good morning, the state of deployment on my call up letter is Anambra, but the Address on the orientation camp is imo state, please what do I do

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