NYSC 2019 Batch C Stream I Corpers Shares Camp Experience

Today is 24th of November 2019 which is the second to the last day of NYSC 2019 Batch C Stream I Orientation camp Exercise. By tomorrow which is 25th of November 2019 , Stream I will say goodbye to orientation camp and proceed to the remaining 11 months of NYSC year.

You all must have experienced some amazing moments and have unforgettable experiences and that is exactly what we want to document for others to read and also to keep your memory alive.

Follow this format below.

  • Name: (Optional)
  • State Of Deployment
  • Platoon

Then share your experience as best as you can. This is one in a life time experience and you should be proud of it.

Let’s go as we read from you. God bless you, protect you and keep you all safe.

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  1. Adetunji Timilehin

    My name is Timilehin, I did my camping in benue state, and I was in platoon 4. Cmap was fun especially towards the end. First week was kinda hectic seeing that soldiers wanted to show theirselves but as time goes on it started to be very enjoyable. I participated in many social activities like drama, singing and the likes which makes it More fun for me.. Camp officials here are nice too although soldiers were sometimes over reactive however all in all it was fun

  2. Soo I’m apostle Samuel
    Deployed to rivers state orientation camp nonwa gbam tai
    Well the place is okay but they’re strict in rules about 500 people were decamped due to one thing or the other so if it’s your state then you have to be careful aside that the rest I can say it’s normal in terms of facilities and amenities

  3. Elias Bruce
    Taraba state
    Platoon 6
    I really want to use this medium to thank the Federal Government for the privilege of service and the amazing experience at camp. This experience will forever remain in my memory. Thanks for all the provisions and care from the FG for 21 days. The allowances, the feed and kits …and also thanking Taraba state Government for the conducive environment at the camp. Taraba camp is one of the best camp. I’ve learnt allot, thanks for the saed training. WE ARE indeed ONE

  4. Abbas Ahmad Sani

    Rivers state


    My camp experience appears to be above what I can express in writing as my heart is filled with lots of joy, and mixed with little sadness because we have all been divided. However I would document something for future sake.

    We joined the Rivers state WhatsApp group as well as telegram, platoon platforms were also created to make platoon activities easy and successful.
    So this is how we would all exit these beautiful platforms, bounded by love affection and success.


    I’m on my way back home to meet my family, this I’m supposed to be very happy and keep a smiling face but the reverse is the case as I can’t imagine that:-
    πŸ“ŒI will not see those beautiful faces of yours anymore

    πŸ“Œ Those beautiful things we all did together has come to an end.

    πŸ“Œ The wonderful friendship we all made is been separated by virtue of sight and constant communication.

    πŸ“Œ The days of regimentation which appeared tough and stressful was filled with lots of smiles, affections, and closeness within just one environment has ended like a fire flame.

    πŸ“Œ The uniformity and resemblance in the way we all appeared in our white shirts and shorts during our short period of stay in camp can never be compared to none.

    πŸ“Œ The corporation we all had in making sure our platoon platoon 4 comes best in all camp activities even if we lost some.

    πŸ“Œ The relationship between us and our platoon instructors, officer Abdullahi Sabo and officer Tolu was just like the relationship between the family ties.

    πŸ“Œ The CRIPPLE THEM slogan which was supposed to be a threat and source of fear amongst us became a slogan of friendship and source of smile and joy between us.

    Rivers state was known as one of those states which does not pay corp members, Initially it appeared I was posted to a place where I was not needed because of the high cost of living in the state capital as well as the high cost of accommodation.

    However. Governor Nwesom Wike the executive governor of Rivers state signed and made the immediate implementation for corp members to be paid the some of 15,000 fifteen thousand Naira monthly. Congratulations to all corp members posted to rivers state.

    I love you all.

    I look forward to us meeting in high places of life and bigger offices in the near future.

    May we continue to hear from our selves in good and perfect conditions.

    May we finish this wonderful step of our life in joy, happiness, and upliftment.

    May every step we take lead us to our joy, preferred destiny, and everlasting prosperity.

    I miss you all.
    I love you all.

    Four platoon!!!
    Cripple them!!!

    Cripple them!!!
    Four platoon!!!

    Abbas Ahmad Sani
    Camp drama stage name “Baba Ade”

    Long live Nonwa-Gbam Tai Local Government Area of Rivers state Nigeria.

  5. Hello everyone. I just found out that I was posted to Abia State. I am currently in Lagos and will like to get some more information. I could not get access to the WhatsApp group. Please help me with some info. I like to know when registration closes and if I am not late already. The earliest I can get to camp is Saturday, Nov 30th.

    Please help

  6. I’m busuyi, i did my orientation camp at kaduna, Black Gold orientation camp to be precise. i have fun meeting new people with different way and style of living, sometime i will just be laughing inside me, but always dislike the night show, because sometimes it can be boring like grave yard, but one thing I’m going to really miss, is my Hostel mate,(Unity Hostel Room six) they are wonderful people, funny, jovial and kind in nature, even though we are all guys, we still have a guy that naturally got a lady voice, so funny right, that room is so complete than, you can imagine, only thing that is not there is thief’s, kudo’s to you guys all.

    gonna miss you all
    mc Prof
    dare and that funny G mensai……….

  7. Daniel Ugwumadu.
    Cross river state. Platoon one.
    I thank God so much for 21 days spent so far on camp.
    Actually the first week was so boring. But the second week was lifely am not sure if five hundred people where decamp but i know that five hundred people was relocated due to the difficulty of the environment. Is not every one that can survive the water in camp because is so colorful like fanta. This make so many corp member redeploy. Also the camp was holy because some programme was cut off like ‘born fire night’. I don’t like that one. Also why i say that the camp was holy is that even in the meditation ground strong gospel message do come out there and it is left for you to recieve and better your life or you leave it to ruin your life. I miss the message and food so much and am living bY IT Up till this time.

  8. Imam Muhammad Fatihu

    Hi everyone, I’m Fatiu Ayumi by name, i’m in platoon 1, served in the OBS which made life so sweet in camp back then. You want to know what I did most while serving in OBS in camp? I passed mic all round.

  9. Hi my name is Amara Egbuta from Abia State well as a foreign trained graduate i least expected Adamawa State as my state of deployment as I was expecting Lagos State.On seeing Adamawa on my dashboard with a frown on my face told my parents that I wouldn’t wanna serve there and they should do smth abt my redeployment.On getting to Adamawa Camp ground,thr first week was hectic as the soldiers won’t let us rest but the remaining two weeks was full of excitement and thrills as my Platoon the renowned Champion plastoon kept winning all the way…I equally played the volleyball game where i meet somany wonderful ladies especially my coach even my lovers from all other platoon #smiles .Honestly speaking camp in Admawa was FuN the only bad side of it was the Hot Sun.
    I miss all my platoon members a lot very playful set of people seen by other platoon groups as unserious element yet we kept on winning everything…
    P3!! CHAMPIONπŸ™Œβ€β€πŸ’Ž
    I wish all those currently serving in Adamawa a fun thrilled stay and y’all should get yo know Akinlapa our favorite charging spot cuz If u there and u don’t know him you are WRONG😊

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