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NYSC Batch C 2019 News Updates – Hot News

The NYSC Batch C 2019 is all about every prospective Corps members and graduates who will be going for their National Youth Service Corps with Batch C. Either you were supposed to be with NYSC batch A or B but due to some reasons, you were unable to go with the previous batch.

Or maybe you are a fresh graduate hoping to go with the NYSC Batch C 2019, then you are in the right place.

Either you are looking for NYSC Batch C 2019 news updates or you are looking for a place to get all the news, helpful articles and assistance you need to make everything easier, you are also in the right place.

I am Lola of www.nyscnews.com and am your NYSC Google Assistant. I am here to provide you with exclusive updates and everything you need from Mobilization till you will pass out of NYSC. I got your back and as long as you are connected, you will never miss out of anything important.

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Latest Update!

The question and the discussion going round at the moment is “Can 2019 Batch C PCM register without names appearing on senate list” NYSC registration is tomorrow and we are yet to see names on the senate list, will registration still take place?”

These two questions above have been coming in all day and no matter how many Direct messages and emails we respond to, they kept coming in. The tension is getting high and I decided to give an update.

We have called our sources and the response we are getting is that we should relax and wait for an official announcement. The management knon what is going on and they are fully aware that registration is tomorrow.

Another fact is that even while the registration portal is open, you can still be seeing your names on the NYSC portal. Let’s just wait and see how it will all go tomorrow.

There is no need for confusion and there is no reason to panic. The issue of no record found is general and as at now, no Institution list is ahowing on NYSC portal.

Please stay calm and stay connected. By tomorrow, we will know what’s a up. There is no official information on camp date yet. You can scroll down to read previous updates.

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NYSC Online Registration Full Expenses

The NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration is tomorrow and a lot of PCM have been asking us for expenses break down so as to know what to prepare for the registration.

I kind of think it’s not really necessary to start talking about registration expenses because there is really nothing much about it. However, your wish is what gives me pleasure, and since a lot of PCM have been asking, I decided to turn it to a post.

One thing you should know is that, the only reason why you cannot do your NYSC registration on your smartphone is because of the biometric verification that requires a finger print scanner.

Because you don’t have a finger print scanner for the biometric verification, you will have to visit a cyber Cafe for the registration. With that in mind, then:

How Much Do You Need For The Registration?

The first expenses you need to worry about is the N3,000 for the NYSC call-up letter. This is optional and I am going to explain just below.

The NYSC management always give every PCM a choice to either pay N3,000 during registration or not. Wait! Its optional but if there are no strings attached, nobody will pay.

If you pay the N3,000 during your NYSC registration, you will be able to print your NYSC Call-up letter right on your dashboard immediately it’s out.

If you choose not to pay the N3,000 during registration, you will not be able to print your call-up letter on your dashboard. You will have to go to your school to collect it.

I will advice you to pay the N3, 000 because when you get to your school, the DSA will also charge you. The amount schools will charge varies but I can assure you that you will wish you have paid during registration. N3, 000 is not worth the stress.

The second expenses is the money you will pay the cyber Cafe man. No cyber Cafe owner will do registration for you free of charge after all they are using money to maintain the cafe. So you will have to pay them.

The amount a Cyber Cafe man will charge varies and depends on how much he or she want to charge you. The official have no business with the amount you pay the cyber Cafe man. So it’s up to him to fix the price.

In addition, the amount a cyber Cafe man will charge might depends on location and the amount of crowd at the Cafe. When most of them see crowd, they hike the money.

You should know that the N3,000 will be paid online through remita or bank deposit. Also, you can do your NYSC registration anywhere you want. There are no accredited centers or any bla bla bla.

So, apart from the official N3,000 and the cyber Cafe charge, there is no other expenses you will need. Except if you will take a bike or keep some cash to buy snacks and soft drink during the waiting at the Cyber Cafe. Lolzz.

Don’t pay any extra charges for special center or any other Form of charges. Some will say they will do a special registration for you to get posted to a place of Your choice. Lol. It’s a big lie. Do not fall for it. Stay wise and stay smart. If a center is misbehaving, checkout for another center. You can even start the registration on your phone and do the biometric only at the Cafe.

Now am sure you know all you need to know about NYSC registration expenses. If you have any questions, use the comment box below.

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Updates On Senate List

The most asked question and the trending topics in NYSC right now is the senate list on NYSC Portal. This is just an update so that everyone will know what is really going on.

On a normal day and during previous batches, the senate list would have been out by now on NYSC portal for PCM to verify their names. This is a new thing and I am sure the management are aware of what is going on.

The NYSC senate on NYSC portal is a very important list and if your name is not verified, you will not be able to do your online registration.

The NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration is on the 21st and as at now, no Institution senate list is displaying on NYSC portal.

Those of you that are already panicking and getting confused, just stay calm because the senate list can display anytime. The management knows that you have to verify your names on the senate list before you can register and they are also aware that Registration is on the 21st.

You don’t have to panic or be scared, it’s general and everybody is experiencing the “No Record Found” on NYSC portal. The management are aware and they are working on it.

Stay calm and stay connected. As soon as anything shows, you will be the first to hear about it.

Just In: Official Public Notice

The management just released an important public notice. Please read on below:

This is to remind Foreign-trained Prospective Corps Members that as Online Registration commences on 21st October, 2019. You are advised to register in good time, to enable you participate in the Pre-camp Physical Verification Exercise which guareetees the generation of Call-up Number.

The Verification Exercise commences on Monday 28th, October to Friday 1st November, 2019.

The Eleven (11) centers assigned Nationwide are as follows;
(1) South West: Lagos & Osun.
(2) South South: Rivers & Edo.
(3) South East: Enugu & Abia.
(4) North East: Bauchi & Adamawa;
(5) North West: Kano & Sokoto.
(6) North Central: FCT.

Note that there is a provision on your dashboard to choose the center for the Verification Exercise during Online Registration.

Those who have not been verified physically previously and will revalidate for 2019 Batch “C” during Online Registration should also present themselves for the Pre-camp Verification Exercise.

Accordingly, Foreign-trained PCMs should physically present themselves alongside with original copies of their degree certificates, transcript and travel documents.

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Latest Updates

Good day to you all dear NYSC 2019 Batch C Prospective Corps members. This is just an update on what is going on in NYSC at the moment as we don’t want to keep you in the dark.

The NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration is still on the 21st. There is a rumour flying around that the date has been changed again. Please disregard such rumour because it is not official.

The date remain 21st as at now and if there will be any changes, it will be announced by the management and you will be the first to get it from our groups.

The senate list is yet to appear on NYSC Portal and as at now and we don’t have a date for the NYSC 2019 Batch C orientation camp yet.

There is no change or information about foreign trained graduates physical verification date for now. The date and venues still stands and if there will be any changes, you will get it first. Just stay connected.

The next thing we are all waiting for right now is the registration date to begin so that the portal will be open for you guys to register.

We still have some secrets and amazing articles to share before registration begins, just Stay connected and stay sharp!

Urgent NYSC 2019 Batch C Registration Update

This is an important update about the NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration date and you should all read this to avoid confusion.

There is a page in Daily Trust newspaper that has gone viral because of the batch C registration date on the newspaper.

According to the daily trust newspaper, the NYSC registration date is 14th – 26th of October 2019.

The main confusion started because the newspaper was published on Friday 11th October 2019. Which was also the exact day that the NYSC management announced the postponement to 21st.

This is the page of the newspaper

While a lot of NYSC 2019 Batch C PCM already know or guessed that the newspaper must have been published before the change of date, there are still many others who are still confused and sending us messages and mails.

The fact is that the new date for the NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration is 21st of October 2019.

This is to inform all 2019 Batch ‘C’ Prospective Corps Members that Online Registration will now commence on Monday 21st October, 2019. All inconveniences are highly regrettable. Further details will be communicated in due course.

The newspaper was probably published before the management changed the date. Please ignore the newspaper and don’t be confused. The change of date to 21st is official and real.

I hope you now have the clarification you are looking for. Stay connected!

Previous Updates

This is to announce to all NYSC 2019 Batch C Prospective Corps members that the NYSC management has just announced the change in the Batch C registration date.

The initial date was 14th of October 2019 and but after the remobilization registration for absconded Corpers was extended, the NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration date has been changed too.

The new date is Monday October 21st 2019. See the official announcement below:

This is to inform all 2019 Batch ‘C’ Prospective Corps Members that Online Registration will now commence on Monday 21st October, 2019. All inconveniences are highly regrettable. Further details will be communicated in due course.

Please stay connected as more details will be coming up.

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  • Please, everybody should download Telegram because once call-up letter is out, we will use telegram to create states groups for you all to join and connect with people deployed to the same state. Whatsapp is not safe from scammers and spammers but on Telegram, we have more ability to keep you all safe. Please download Telegram Now and join the official channel Here
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Previous Updates!

Good day to you all dear NYSC 2019 Batch C. What we are all waiting for is the senate list to appear on the NYSC Portal for verification.

Your name appearing on NYSC portal for senate list is what will enable you to do your online registration. If your name is not there on NYSC portal, you will not be able to register.

Information is getting to us that almost all the institutions have uploaded their senate list but until the hard copy of the senate list is submitted to Abuja for verification, the names will not appear for PCM verification on NYSC portal for senate list.

Let me explain how it works. Once Schools release their approved senate list, they upload the names and then send a hard copy to Abuja for verification. After the verification, the names will be allowed for PCM verification on the NYSC portal.

If you go to the NYSC Portal for senate list right now, what you will see is “no record found.” This is because the hard copies still have to be submitted by Corps producing institutions.

We are still yet to have a camp date. It will be communicated in due time.

All you have to now is relax and wait for a breaking news. Stay connected! You will be the first to hear about it.

NYSC 2019 Batch C Mobilization Timetable

The NYSC Timetable is a very crucial timetable both for the Prospective Corps members, the various institutions and the National Youth Service Corps management. Every year, every batch, there is always the Timetable to show the arrangement, and how the plan will be for that particular batch.

Below is the NYSC 2019 batch C timetable:

Stay connected for more updates.

Previous Updates

The NYSC management has extended the registration for Remobilization till 10th, October 2019. The reason behind the extension is not known.

The registration for Remobilization is for Corpers who absconded from the NYSC but want to go with batch C. If you belong to NYSC 2019 batch C or a fresh graduate, this does not concern you.

Read the official announcement below.

Registration for Remobilization Online has been extended to Thursday 10th October, 2019.

The extension of the registration for Remobilization did not affect the normal announced NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration date. The current date for batch C registration is still 14th of October, 2019.

We are yet to get official information about the timetable and senate list upload as at this moment.

Stay connected!

Important Information To All PCM

This is a special information for all NYSC 2019 Batch C prospective Corps members to ignore calls from anyone claiming to be NYSC official and asking for money to add names on mobilization list.This is the latest scam complaint we have been receiving from PCM who will receive a call from someone claiming to be NYSC official from Abuja.

The scammer will then ask you for money to include your name on the NYSC mobilization list. Someone will call and tell you that your school have sent your list but your name is missing.

So they will ask you to pay them for them to include your name. One way to catch them is ask them how they got your number or ask them the name of your department and you will see how funny their answers will be . Most of these scammers copy your numbers from social media without knowing the school or department you belong to.

The NYSC management will never call you or ask you for money to add your name to the senate list. Your school is responsible for your senate list and not one self claimed NYSC agent. So please ignore anyone that calls claiming to come from NYSC Abuja.

There is still no update on mobilization timetable and senate list uploads for now. All we know is that registration is 14th next month.Stay connected and stay fine.

What Is The Next Action After Registration Date?

The NYSC management made an announcement earlier today about the NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration date which is to commence on the 14th of October, 2019. You can scroll down to previous updates to read the official details and discover more.

The question most prospective Corps members are asking now is what is the next thing, now that we have the registration date.

The new NYSC DG has made a lot of changes since arrival and we are still blending to the new policies from his table. A lot of things have been introduced to the system.

Like the physical verification of foreign graduates, the strict law against traveling without permission, the Date of birth to be added to the NYSC Certificate, the latest abscondment punishment, and other things that you will know of later.

Initially in time past, the NYSC mobilization timetable is always the first step of mobilization but as we can see now that we already have the registration date even when we are yet to have the timetable. Things are dynamic these days and we should all be flexible and roll with the system.

The next thing all prospective Corps members should do now is chill for senate list uploads to begin. The senate list is a list of qualified names of gradiates by an higher institution to the NYSC database and only those whose names are on the senate list will be eligible to register.

For foreign graduates, you don’t have to worry about anything, you don’t need senate list before you can register. All you have to do is wait for 14th and proceed to register.

The registration date has just made things easier because we now know that all uploads and premobilization and senate list bla bla bla must end before 14th of October 2019.

For now, all you have to do is wait and stay connected on our whatsapp group for further information and instruction. The proper mobilization timetable will soon be out and you just don’t want to miss the info and other helpful articles that will be coming.

Stay connected and start getting ready to serve your father land.

The Official Registration Date For Batch C Is Out

The NYSC management has released a breaking news about the date for the online registration of NYSC 2019 Batch C. The date is October 14 2019.

Read full details below:


The General Public AND ALL PROSPECTIVE CORPS MEMBERS are hereby notified that NYSC Portal would be opened on monday 14th October 2019 for 2019 Batch “C’ SERVICE YEAR REGISTRATION.

Accordingly, all NIGERIAN FOREIGN TRAINED GRADUATES should register and upload all the required academic, professional credentials (where APPLICABLE) and travel documents.

While registering on-line, all FOREIGN TRAINED GRADUATES should choose any centre convenient for them where their credentials would be physically verified.

After registration, PHYSICAL VERIFICATION of all the credentials uploaded would take place in the centres SELECTED.

Please, note that only PCMs whose credentials are physically verified would be assigned with Call-Up Numbers and subsequently print Call-Up Letters.

It is therefore mandatory for all NIGERIAN FOREIGN TRAINED graduates who register
on-line for the 2019 Batch “C” Service Year to be physically present for physical verification of their credentials.


Thank you.


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Previous Updates below

Latest Batch C Updates

Good day to you all, hope you are doing fine and eating well. There is no official news about batch C mobilization or timetable for now. What we are getting from sources and officials as at now is “There is no official information”.

Please dismiss any rumour or fake dates going viral. NYSC 2019 Batch C mobilization is yet to start and there is no registration in progress.

A mobilization timetable will be officially released as soon as batch C mobilization begins. And as at the time of this report, there is nothing yet.

All you have to do is stay connected on our whatsapp group for updates and exclusive information.

To those asking us for the idea of when exactly it will be, I will tell you that we don’t know and we don’t carry rumors, so I am not going to guess.

Our best shot is an official announcement and we don’t have any for now. Just chill and stay connected.

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  • To see answers to popular questions by NYSC 2019 Batch C PCM, Click Here.

Stay Connected and stay sharp!

NYSC 2019 Batch C Unofficial Viral Registration Date

I will like to draw your attention to a rumour that is going round about NYSC 2019 Batch C registration date.

It is not a new thing to see rumors and fake news circulate and go viral in NYSC and every batches and streams, there has always been people who will always want to cause panic by spreading rumors.

Another rumour currently going viral now is this message below about registration date.

“NYSC registration for Bacth C Stream 1 will Start on 23rd of this Month and close on 5th of October. Camp will Open on 8th of October and Close on 29th of October.”

This broadcast above is not official and you should all ignore it. The first thing about batch C mobilization will be a timetable which will specify date for other programmes.

And as at now, the official timetable for batch C is not yet out, so there is no way we will know the registration date for now. Please take your mind off the date above and stay connected on our whatsapp group for exclusive and first class information.

I have been getting mails and messages, so I just have to address this issue asap.

Stay connected!

NYSC Batch C 2019 News Updates

The date for the mobilization and every other aspect of the National Youth Service Corps for this batch is yet to be officially announced. All you have to do now is stay connected and stay calm.

The Mobilization will begin with the release of the NYSC Timetable and from the timetable, we will have the date for every other aspect from the senate list to the NYSC orientation camp date.

You should bookmark this page and always check back because I will be updating this post every time to keep you current about everything pertaining to this batch.

If you have any issue or any questions you want to ask, you can use the comment box below and I will reply you with a speed of light.

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  60. Please Lola, add me up to your whatsapp group, think am ready to go with this batch c. Thanks

  61. I have done with matriculation list. Ma what is next?

  62. Gmorning miss Lola, Pls i hv statement of result for national diploma(ND). I want to ask whether they will requested for ND certificate in the camp.Thanks

  63. Pls I have submitted my statement of result n my jamb regularization since last week Thursday for mobilization and up till now my name is not on mobilization list or there a specific time for it


  65. Good afternoon, lola
    If there’d be batch c this year and you didn’t get registered for batch c stream 1 can you register for batch c stream 2

  66. Pls ma, wen is the list for batch c closing finally, before registration start because am yet to see my name

  67. Good evening. Is there batch C stream 2? and when?

  68. Hi Lola, my issue is that I have three names on my jamb admission letter
    But two names on my statement of result, how can I rectify it

  69. How can NYSC know the age of your graduation,?I mean age not year of graduation

  70. Pls ma, i was Posted to ondo (Batch B stream1) before i was Posted to ondo I was unable to Change my waec Date of birth. The mistake there was 22/6/1986 instead of 22/6/1989, that was on my jamb date of Birth, hope is not going to affect me if i want to revalidate it,becos i had to Nysc only base on D. O. B on JAMA not waec

  71. Hello..! Please my name was on the batch b stream 2 list.. But I wasn’t able to register… Was late and they had closed.. So can I still register in batch c.. Without it being a problem..? And will my name still show..?

  72. HPls ma, i was Posted to ondo (Batch B stream1) before i was Posted to ondo I was unable to Change my waec Date of birth. The mistake there was 22/6/1986 instead of 22/6/1989, that was on my jamb date of Birth, hope is not going to affect me if i want to revalidate it,becos i had to Nysc only base on D. O. B on JAMA not waec

  73. Which sacritariat? nysc,waec,jamb because People are saying it has nothing to that, nysc only base on JAMB not waec

  74. Orientation camp will begin by 8th – 28th Oct. And registration will begin by 14th Oct. Pls I don’t understand oo, won’t we register b4 going to camp? Pls enlighten me oo

  75. Please will there be stream 2 for this batch c?

  76. Has registration start for the batch C

  77. Am married just traditionally. I have a baby. And my husband is currently abroad. Please how can I be deployed to the state where my husband’s family reside. Cos I was told I must stay with them and a can’t leave my baby with them to another state. Without having any document as proof of marriage. How can I accomplish all this.Thanks. I’ll be awaiting your kind reply. 🙂

  78. That means MOBILIZATION must begin before 14. Good to hear that. Thank u ma

  79. Hello Lola i did my jamb regularization on the 3rd of September but haven’t received any feedback and the month is almost running out do i still stance a chance of going with batch c stream1? and please how long does it take to receive a reply from jamb

  80. hi Lola, all your whatsapp link are filled up.. pls advise

  81. Good morning ma. Pls I might not be able to make Nov batch, do you have an idea of when next camp will start,like month. Jan, Feb or March. Thank you for your response in advance

  82. I really really appreciate ur work. May god reward u DEAR LOLA.

  83. The datethat appear on my green card is 22/6/1989

  84. Not the dateof birth on my waec which is 10/10/1986. The only date that Shows on my Green card is my jamb date of birth which is 22/06/1989

  85. Good morning Lola.

    Just to clarify, what happens on Oct 14, 2019 is the Commencement of Online Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates for 2019 Batch ‘C’ Stream 1, (not Stream 2)?

    I intend to serve in Batch C stream 2 so I’m wondering if there will be separate registration dates for each stream or does one registration date cover both streams?

  86. Thanks for replying Lola.

    Please, does this mean there’s only one physical verification date?

    On average, how long after the online verification date does the physical verification usually take place?

    If I wanted to be in Batch C stream 2 how can I go about it?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, I just want to make sure I plan accordingly with regards to flight etc.

  87. pls Lola those the date at waec have to do anything with jamb registration

  88. please Lola when the date at your waec is different from the one at your Jamb will it have any negative effect when registering for NYSC

  89. Will there be Batch C Stream 1 and 2. or just only Batch C

  90. Everything is very open with a very clear larification of the challenges.
    It was really informative. Your website iss very useful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  91. Good afternoon. Please Lola I was mobilized last year but couldn’t go. Went to school and student affairs said i register under Revalidation. Pls is this true

  92. Pls Lola, what time will the Registration start??

  93. Hi Lola. I do have some few question to ask please.
    1. If am exempted not to take part for the 3 week orientation camp, because of my physical illness and others on my medical report. Do I still need to get medical certificate and also am I still going to get paid for not participating for the camp only.
    2. About the call up letter of N3000 after the registration. As a foreign graduate, how do I go about collecting my call up letter if I don’t have online banking but cash.
    3. Can I open a new account in the same bank in Nigeria with another account number for the NYSC allowee?
    4. SAED lecture at the camp. Is it possible for me to participate if am exempt from the camp because of my physical illness and others on my medical report. If. when, what time and how often it take place during the camp.

    • 1. Medical report is compulsary either you are staying or not.

      2. You must pay. Go to a Cafe and pay the man to use his account to pay the money.

      3. You can’t have two different account from a single bank.

      3. Once you are exempted, you will have nothing to do about camp.

  94. Hello Lola when I click on the WhatsApp link, it says I don’t have WhatsApp installed and directs me to Google play store. How do I join the WhatsApp group for batch C?

  95. My school @Bayero University Kano, paste mobilization list yesterday afternoon. I saw my name on the list. Rush and check yours if u are BUK product.

  96. Hi Lola. Concerning the medical report issue.
    1. What and what are the NYSC looking to see in the compulsory medical report, what test or so. Is it the same with my physical illness medical report from my doctor.
    2. Do I have to submit two medical report? And if what did they NYSC want to see in their compulsory medical report for all camp student. So that I can know what medical report am getting. please
    3. Now if am exempt from the camp concerning my physical illness. How do I go about getting my uniform, CDS port and so. After the 3 week camp is over or during as a foreign graduate.

  97. Hello Lola, I tried joining your batch C whatsapp group,but whenever I clicked on the link it shows that I don’t have whatsapp. I want you to help me join the group ASAP please. Thank you

  98. RAIDAT Iremide KARIM

    Please When in November will batch c commence?

  99. Hey Lola, so with online registration for Batch C scheduled for October 14th, please when do you reckon the PCMs will be going for service or orientation camp? will it still be in 2019 or in 2020?

  100. Good morning princess lola
    I hard that registration for remobilization has extended to Thursday 10th October.
    Does it mean 14th will no longer effective

  101. Nwankwo chiamaka tessy

    I dont understand this remobilisation of a thing,i mobilized with batch B but due to some issues my name wasn’t in the senate list,,i later rectified the issue and now my name is in the senate list,,do i need to remobilze?

  102. Muhammed muhammed

    Good morning lola. Please i will like to inquire if they will still be another mobilization by December after that of october please. Its urgent. Thanks.

  103. I want to join the what’s app group, but it is full. Is there a second group?

  104. Please Lola, my name is on the senate list i didn’t know that my name is there, which means i was suppose to go with batch B stream 2,but because i was not aware, i didn’t register…. So my question is, will i do the on going remobilization? Or should i wait for batch C portal to open…. I am confused.

  105. Muhammed muhammed

    Ok. So what month in 2020 is batch A likely going to fall?

  106. Good morning Lola. From the statement of results issued to me by my school, I noticed that a letter is missing from my surname (Just a single alphabet), and I want to be mobilize for batch C 2019. Will this affect me knowing fully well that one letter is missing from my surname? Pls reply

    • I contact your school and tell them to fix it

      • I have contacted my school and I have even applied for correction of surname twice and waited months for it to be resolved, only to check back and see that it wasn’t worked upon. I intend to register like that cos I like to go with batch C. Am just asking if it won’t affect me during physical clearance and nysc must have posted me to my state of service. Thanks

      • Good evening please ma I love to know if when someone correct is jamb name next week before submitting his nysc mobilization form next week will the person name still be listed online for nysc batch c stream 1 this November 2019

  107. Good morning! Please I would love to clarify something quickly. I registered with batch b, stream 2, did the physical verification of documents, got my call up letter, but due to some unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t make it to camp. What am I to do? Remobilization or revalidation? And am I supposed to redo the physical verification? Thank you very much in advance.

  108. pls Lola any info about LAUTECH? will they mobilize students for this coming batch c at all cos i dnt understand them o

  109. pls Miss Lola any info about LAUTECH? will they mobilize students for this coming batch c at all cos i dnt understand o

  110. Lola won’t their be mobilisation timetable for batch c before registration start?

  111. won’t their be another steam for this batch eg stream 2

  112. Hi good evening lola. Please is there need for re-printing of my jamb result and admission letter cause I already printed them back in 2015? And I noticed mine does not have a bar code on it.

  113. won’t their be another stream for this batch eg stream 2 and when can it be

  114. Ma please help me out, I was mobilized with batch B but since then each time I check for my name on the Senate list, it keeps showing no record found, I was told to go to my school and complain which I did, I found out that school has uploaded my name but it keeps saying I can not register that my reg number have been used, I did my jamb regularization and everything is ok but I can’t register.

  115. hi Lola, please I av my ND statement/notification of result with me. hope it’s not an issue at camp?

  116. Hello Lola.
    If someone that was among Batch B stream II 2019, went to camp but due to some relocation issues and didn’t resume to ppa or has done clearance. If that person wants to do remobilisation, will the person still do registration and go to camp again?


    Hi, good evening pls am from Babcock university and they said that people that graduated this June that we should chill that they will soon upload our names for senate list for the registration and the registration is on the 14th and my name is not on the senate list pls can I go ahead and register and if I register will it affect my stream abeg

  118. Lola,have the official date for registration changed, since remobilisation is still on going

  119. Pls Lola, now that the registration date have been changed to 21st of this month how would we the foreign graduate conduct our physical verification Is there any change on that too?

  120. Pls Lola, since the registration date have changed to 21st of this month how do we the foreign trained graduate go about our physical verification?

  121. Lola good morning,do we have anything to do with ND result at camp

    • Hi lola 2days ago i received a message from jamb sent to my mail that my admission letter has been approved after doing my jamb regularization and now senate list is out I don’t know if I still stand a chance to go with batch c for service after waiting this long for jamb approval

  122. They don start abi? These guys always like changes.

  123. Hello Lola, my result was approved September this year, though l finished last year, and l will 30yrs by November. would l be eligible for service?

  124. Good day Lola. Pls the remobilization that’s extended till October 10 is for who. What abt people like me that was posted last year to imo but couldn’t go. What am I to do

  125. These NYSC people need to respect themselves. People have booked flights and made arrangements based on their timetable. They cant just be changing things like its inconsequential

  126. Lola good day, pls my name was out on my school Senate list hard copy pasted at students affairs but could not find my name on nysc online Senate list ,I though I mobilize for batch c 2019.
    And I did my mobilization on 25th September.
    My question is why uptill now my name could not be found on the Senate nysc list because each time I check it keep telling me record not found….why?
    Also my school tell me that nysc hv not yet activate my name, pls wat does that mean I need more elaboration

  127. pls.Lola, i was mobilized July 2018 but couldn’t make it to camp. will revalidation work for me?

  128. Sorry Lola when is the Batch C 2019 going to end with the new date announced now

  129. Hello Lola I am married woman and already I’ve done my married certificate and change of name… but I don’t know how to get my domicile letter can I do my registration without it (domicile letter)?

  130. Popoola Damilola Valentina

    Will Affidavit be accepted in camp?

  131. Please, I’ve been mobilized by my school, but I don’t intend to go for this batch c, I wanted to go for batch A 2020. I hope I won’t be penalized for doing so?

  132. Good afternoon Lola
    I have a mistake in my mobilization list at school they change my father name. I complain they said they have already finished with the corrections since 26 September to 1 October. Will that affect my registration

  133. Hi Lola I’ll be done with my school clearance next week. Is there a chance I can still go with this batch c if my school sends the senate list next week or upper week?

  134. The DOB on my BVN is different from my credential will that one will affect me in collection of alawee

  135. I went last week for evaluation and verification at the federal ministry of education, Abuja. Please do I need any further physical verification other than what I have done?

  136. Kolawole Titilayo tosin

    Please help me out
    I have been mobilized with batch B stream 2,so my name is on senate list already
    So can I start registration on d 21st

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