NYSC 2019 Batch C

NYSC 2019 Batch C Overview – Everything To Know

The NYSC 2019 Batch C overview is a brief article that will enlighten and give you an insight into what Batch C will be like from start to finish.

  • Mobilization
  • Mobilization Timetable
  • Senate List
  • NYSC Registration
  • NYSC Call-Up Letter
  • Orientation Camp
  • NYSC Clearance
  • NYSC Passing out parade

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  1. Am a PCM for Batch C I would love to be notified on any development abt the scheme

  2. I was deployed to a state in east precisely but didn’t go to camp, am i going to get dat state back during next batch registration? thanks

  3. Hi, please I need a clear information on this.
    Is it possible I go to camp in a different state and then go with a request letter from my work place here in Lagos so I get posted to Lagos directly and have the place as my PPA?

  4. Pls Lola my date of birth is different with the BVN one

  5. Lola pls I tried joining the group but it’s not working pls can you add me with my phone no

  6. when will 2019 batch c mobilization end?

  7. Please I did a change of name before I got into school. Now I’m done and the name on my jamb and the one with my institution is different. And I wanna mobilize with the name with my institution is it possible? Or how do I go about it. Treat as urgent…thank you

  8. Please on what basis are pp exempted form service???

  9. Pls lola, my name has been uploaded on the list for batch C, but i do not want to go for this batch, pls what can i do?

  10. Pls Lola, my name has been uploaded on the senate list for Batch C but i do not want to go for this batch but next pls what can i do?

  11. lola, pls is batch c stream 11 going for camp this year?

  12. Pls Lola I need you to answer that Sarah question…. Am also in that shoe.. Do we need to register & if we didn’t register will it have any effect?

    Pls we will be glad to hear feedback from you before it get late

  13. I am in batch c stream 1 2019. I don’t know when are we going to CDs clearance. In January

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