NYSC 2020 Batch A Stream II Update & Introduction

Hello dear NYSC 2020 Batch A Stream II. This post is just to give you guys an update about what is going on.

I’m sure by now you are aware that the NYSC Management is waiting for the green light from the JTF and NCDC because the program can resume fully.

If you have heard about the gist, it’s fine. If you haven’t then the summary is that the NYSC Management cannot resume fully until the federal government issue the command.

The main reason the federal government is yet to issue the command is because they think Covid-19 is still out there and its not safe yet.

Following the viral video of the NYSC Director General a while ago, he said Stream I will come back to complete their camp and on the last day of Stream I camp, Stream II will enter camp.

You guys should just relax and wait for full resumption. No official information about Stream II for now.

Let’s get to know each others in the comment box below. Just go ahead and introduce yourself and stay connected.

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  1. Well,We have been waiting and we don’t have any choice than to still wait, though covid 19 wasn’t anyone’s fault but right now,I see no reason why FG shouldn’t allow NYSC to commence its activities fully…

    This waiting is seriously frustrating and to top it all,you can’t even apply for a job because the so called NYSC certificate is one of the main credentials they ask for.. That means we are jobless,just seating in the house doing nothing..
    Even the Bible says “the heart an idle man is the devil’s workshop” so because the devil start making use of PCMs,its better they do something about it quickly
    And as for stream 1 going back to camp, Honestly I see no reason why that should happen.. After 7 months?? It really don’t make any meaning to me..

    I will suggest that stream 1 should be allowed to resume in their various PPA’s and CDs and whatever is remained to be taught or learnt should be given do them during their CDs program and called stream 2 to camp with immediate effect… This should save time and resources as well..

    God bless DG
    God bless NYSC
    God bless Nigeria



      Seriously I don’t think there is need for stream 1 to still go back to camp after all this indefinite break resulting from the pandemic. And I see no reason why the educated youths that are socially oriented should be held home denying them from resuming to the camp as supposed to, while allowing markets and many other gathering to take place.
      Holding down the prospective Corp members is a waste of time.
      Long live DG
      Long live NYSC
      Long live NIGERIA


  2. Thanks to all the messages and information you have always updated us on.

    None can reward you but we hope you keep up the good job.

    once again thanks to the usual updates

  3. The government is delaying, and geopadize the educational sectors in this country

  4. Please can someone that was assigned with Stream 1 but didn’t go, can the person go with Stream 2?

  5. Please this delay is seriously getting to us. Me don tire to stay for house waiting for this Command o whilst major activities don resume full operations. Abeg make them call us ASAP We have to get this done and secure jobs for ourselves like others please.

  6. In this issue best of what am sensing is like there is a personal interest somewhere, the Government should please put the issue of pcm’s in to special consideration because we are loosing hope, this Covid-19 is not any one’s fault, God of almighty knows why we can’t do it on our own the lord will not let us die all like this.
    Thanks a lot all.

  7. Please let the federal government just command us to resume we are tired of sitting back home doing nothing. But some engaged their selves to do some peti jobs but some didn’t and confusion everywhere.

  8. Please I have a question. Has 2020 stream II been notified because all I get when I log onto the portal to check is that I am not in this stream and that I would be notified of when to print my call up letter lease I need someone to enlighten me, am confused

  9. Hello Lola, the wait is really frustrating, I don’t know what the federal government is still waiting for? After all they held an election. So, before they make too many Yahoo boys and ritualists that FSARS will now be embarrassing around the street, they should do the needful.

    Secondly please I noticed a change in the portal please what is it about?
    The stuff is asking for my consent on some things .

  10. We are not in haste after waiting, for all this while. Any time the fed. Govt like they should call us.

  11. This Country Nigeria is a detriment to human race. Camps can’t open but every other activity is going on normal. Election holding here and there for their selfish interest. Please if the Federal Government hav decided to close the so called NYSC scheme, they should issue us the NYSC certificate let’s get out here. They don’t care because their children are not involved .

  12. We are sick of this selfish, coward and frustrating government

  13. Abdulsalam Ridwan Abiola

    Wonder shall never end, as if Nigeria is the only country dealing with covid 19 issue, even some countries that are below us done recovered, even so they don forget about covid 19 issue… Only Nigeria is still dealing with it, and is affecting us , is like they don’t even think about our situation. As at now no more Corona for anywhere…

  14. Am in batch A stream11 but i cant access my dashboard why all what am seeing is monthly clearance shedule

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