How To Know Which Stream i belong to

How To Skip NYSC Stream I

Update On Skipping Stream I

This information is specially for every prospective Corp members out there who might want to skip stream I and go with stream II based on one reason or the other.

We have been getting calls and messages relating to this question since morning and now we have the accurate answer to the question.

The question is Can I skip stream I and go with stream II? A lot of people will really like to skip stream I because of a reason known to them alone.

The answer is Yes, you can skip stream I and go with stream II. You don’t need to register again or pay any money to anybody. All you will have to do is reprint your call-Up letter when stream II start printing their Call-Up letter and proceed to your state of Deployment for Orientation camp.

In other words, if you want to skip stream I and follow stream II, don’t go to camp during stream I orientation camp, just wait till stream II will start printing their Call-Up letter and reprint your own call-up letter. Then you are automatically with stream II.

This video explains how to skip stream I

This will have no negative effect or affect anything and this is Official and confirmed.

Stay connected for more information.

Previous Updates!

A lot of people have been asking if there will be streams for this batch and am going to give a clear answer as possible.

The NYSC splitting batches into streams came into existence because of the too many populations and the need to make them comfortable. All the higher institutions always mobilize thousands of graduates to partake in the National Youth Service Corps platform and the facilities cannot take all these Corpers at once.

Most of the orientation camp will be unbearable if there have not been streams because of overcrowding and other issues. So streams were introduced. And there is no doubt about this because there will surely be streams for this batch.

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  1. What is I want to pick the call up letter in my school.

  2. After revalidation, i realise dt d portal is not bringing the link to pay, tho I paid during batch A reg then

  3. Cross River State
    Cross River State
    Kano, Rivers, Plateau & Ogun

  4. Atamma Muhammad Tahir

    School Kano
    Origin Kano

  5. School:Ogun
    Origin: Ogun

  6. I digine borno,sch borno, Gombe, Kano,bayelsa,enugu

  7. From Abia
    School Cross River

    Rivers, Niger, Kaduna, Anambra

  8. Ebonyi

    Kano, Osun, Nasarawa and Anambra

  9. Benue
    Kaduna, Akwa Ibom, Adamawa and Anambra

  10. Kwara
    Kano, Kogi, Abia or Taraba

  11. School Benue
    State: Akwaibom
    Kano Ogun kwara Ebonyi

  12. Imo
    Kaduna Osun Kogi Edo

  13. Kamaludeen Ahmed

    From kebbi
    Akwa ibon,ogun,benue,jigawa

  14. School:Delta
    Origin: Delta

  15. School at Edo, am from delta.
    State choice, Ebonyi, Lagos Kaduna and adamawa

  16. School: Anambra
    State: Imo
    Kaduna, Rivers, Plateau, Enugu

  17. Solomon Alaoma


    Niger, Kaduna, cross river, Enugu

  18. From Oyo state
    School Uni ibadan
    Niger, kano, Ogun, Anambra

  19. Ogun

  20. School:Anambra
    From:Imo state
    Kwara, Akwa ibom, kaduna, oyo

  21. School: Delta State
    State: Delta State
    Chosen States: Niger, Akwa-Ibom, Kaduna, Enugu

  22. State: Imo
    School: Lagos

    Chosen States:Nasaarawa, Akwa Ibom, Oyo, kano

  23. Abiodun Oladosu

    Mz Lola u re doing great,i followed ur instructions on change of date of birth n it was rectified even after it
    showed exception.More blessings.Abiodun.
    State of origin osun
    Institution Unilag
    Choice Sokoto,River,Abia.

  24. State: plateau
    School: bauchi
    Kano, osun, nassarawa, anambra

  25. School :Enugu
    State :Enugu
    Kano, akwaibom, Niger, Ogun

  26. School:ABUJA
    STATE of origin:cross river
    Selected States: kano,Enugu,bayelsa, Nasarawa

  27. School sokoto
    State Niger
    State of chosen jigawa,kwara,osun,imo

  28. School – Ogun
    State – Ogun
    Borno, Rivers, Osun, Plateau

  29. Kogi state
    Kogi State
    Nasarawa, Kaduna, Ondo, edo

  30. Plateau
    Benue,Ogun,Bauchi,cross rivers

  31. State: imo
    Institution: I’m
    Kaduna, ogun, kwara and anambra

  32. Aunt Lola, please I have a question to ask.
    On my brother’s waec certificate,my DOB was written as 23rd August 1988, while on my jamb regularization and profile,he used 23rd August 1994. Will it affect him? Although he has registered and printed his green card. Will it affect him if he wants to print his call up letter.or do u think he would be exempted???
    Please I need urgent response, thank you ma’am.

  33. Anambra
    Nasarawa, Jigawa,Enugu,Oyo

  34. Ogin
    Akwaibom, Osun, Kano,Niger

  35. Hi Lola today will mark it the 7th day I did correction on spelling of name but it’s not yet reflected.
    Is there any solution to this?

  36. State: Delta
    School: Delta
    Chosen States: Niger, Akwa-Ibom, Kaduna and Enugu

  37. Oyewole Oluwaseyi

    State of origin_Ogun
    Choice of states_Kogi,Oyo,Delta and Adamawa

  38. Oluwanishola olajuwon

    State of origin: Lagos
    Institution: Lagos
    Selected states : kwara, ondo, akwa ibom , adamawa

  39. School Bauchi
    From Gombe
    Plateau, Delta, Kano, Enugu.

  40. Ogun
    Kaduna, kwara, oyo, edo

  41. Oyo

    Sokoto, Osun, Yobe and Rivers.

  42. ROBINSON Uchenna

    From: RIVERS
    Schl: RIVERS

  43. School :Auchi
    Origin: Edo
    Home address Lagos
    State visited: kano, kaduna, kogi, nasarawa, delta, ogun

    State selected: kaduna, Akwa ibom, Anambra, Nasarawa

  44. Origin Edo
    School calaba
    Nassarawa, enugu, ekiti, kaduna

  45. Abiodun Oladosu

    Mz Lola kudos to u,if i print my call up letter to know my state of deployment for stream1,can i be able to reprint again to go with stream 2 if didn’t go wt 1.

  46. Bello Isaac Ambrose

    From Kogi
    School: Kaduna
    State chooses : Abuja Delta Ogun kano

  47. school: kogi origin: kogi choice:kwara, Ogun Edo and Kaduna

  48. Jos
    Borneo, cross River, Sokoto, ondo

  49. usman idris dabban

    state: minna
    institution: kwara
    choices: nasarawa IMO osun kano

  50. Hi Lola, thank you for all the info…
    What’s usually the space between stream 1 and stream 2?

  51. Kano, Akwaibom, Ogun, Niger

  52. Origin: kaduna
    school; Bauchi
    Kano Abuja Enugu Oyo

  53. Adamawa

    Gombe, Jos, Lagos and Rivers

  54. State of Origin – Osun
    Schooled in Ogun

    I chose Rivers and Oyo

  55. From bayelsa
    Sch in bayelsa ndu
    State:nasarawa,zamfara,akwa ibom,anambra

  56. From Enugu state. School at Enugu state. I put Taraba Anambra Sokoto and Delta

  57. Hello lola plz if am among the steam 1 and I don’t want to follow them due to my result delay. Can I still join the stream two and go to camp! Plz clearify me. Thanks

  58. From :Ondo state
    Sokoto, osun, rivers

  59. Oniwinde Emmanuel

    School: Ogun
    State of origin: Oyo

    Borno, Anambra, Akwa ibom, Plateau

  60. State if origin… Enugu

    States…. Kebbi, Benue, Osun and Anambra

  61. Enugu

    Kebbi, Benue, Osun and Anambra

  62. Aliyu Abdullahi

    School: Sokoto
    Origin: Niger
    States: Kebbi, Kwara, Delta and Ekiti

  63. Abia

    Nasarawa, ogun,enugu,akwa ibom

  64. From Edo

  65. From Edo
    Kaduna,delta kwara,abia

  66. State Rivers
    School Rivers
    Kano, Nassarawa, Osun, adamawa

  67. State: anambra
    School: anambra
    Live in: delta
    Kaduna, akwa ibom, enugu, benue

  68. Hi Lola, thanks for your good works here, I registered yesterday and I really want to go with stream 11,is it possible and how

  69. Schooled in Lagos.
    Origin: Oyo
    Choice: Kano, Osun, Nasarawa, Akwa ibom

  70. school Bauchi
    origin Kano
    GOMBE, Katsina, EDO, Ondo

  71. from kaduna, schooled in Zaria kaduna, states Gombe, Osun, Plateau, Cross river.

  72. State of origins: delta state
    School: exo state
    Selected states:

  73. Nwofe chika Boniface

    Akwa ibom,anambra,benue,kaduna

  74. Okeke Chinyere favour

    School: IMO
    From :anambra

  75. school BAUCHI
    origin KANO

  76. State: anambra
    School: anambra
    Live in: delta
    Akwa ibom, enugu, benue, kaduna

  77. Kaduna
    Kano Gombe Cross-rivers Abia

  78. Good morning. Was deployed to zamfara. Is it safe? And what if I want to skip and go for stream 2, will it still be zamfara

  79. HI lola. Thank you for your state redeployment prediction. I Know it’s the handy work of God cos I also prayed for it but at the same time you were correct.
    My redeployment state is ogun as you predicted. Thank you.

  80. state of origin: Bauchi
    state of sch : kaduna
    state of choice:Adamawa, Rivers, Katsina, Rivers.

  81. Pls wen is batch b stream II going?

  82. Please how true is this information can it be trusted? I don’t want to go with stream I.. I’ll greatly appreciate your response

  83. Adesina abiodun Emmanuel

    Is it possible to go to camp after a week, like going by Sunday when we ought to resume by Tues is it possible thou I Av a strong reason for it

  84. Ogunsola Abiodun

    Pls I got posted with stream 1 but a friend of mine mistakenly printed my call up letter and I am not ready to go to camp,already planned on going with stream 2 ,pls what can I do as av printed my call up letter. Pls help am confused

  85. Is it possible for me to skip batch B and for batch C

  86. Abiodun Oladosu

    Hi Mz Lola,wen i registered it was only 2 slots of state dat remain den i registered it like dat den i got my call up number,but wen i checked my call up letter it read enter ur 4 States of choice n did.Wen I checked d call up letter it read u re not bn deployed try later.Can I still go wt dz stream 1.
    Origin Osun
    Choice – Kano,Akwa ibom, Nassarawa,Abia.

  87. if I skip stream I when reprinting my call up letter to go with stream II is there any possibility that the state deployed initially to be change??

  88. Hi mz Lola.Please am able to pick jst one state instead of four states and was told i have registered successful that i should go printout my green card.pls is it possible to pik jst one state.Reply please I beg u in d name of God

  89. State of origin: Lagos
    Institution: Lagos
    State of choice: abia ,Delta, gombe,kwara

  90. Hi Lola, i have an issue i have been mobolized for batch A stream 1 but due to some personal reasons i dont think i can make it to stream 1, what are the procedures i will follow to go for stream 11? thanks in anticipation.

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