NYSC 2019 Batch 'A' State of Deployment Prediction

NYSC Batch C 2019 State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy

Hello, Dear gallant NYSC 2019 Batch C Prospective Corps Members (PCMs). I am going to be guessing your likely state of deployment based on your state of origin, and the state you finished higher institution from. See also:
Best States For NYSC And Everything You Need To Know

NYSC posting is random, however, the state you studied and your state of origin matters a lot. Based on experience and the NYSC zoning, I am going to predict where you are likely to be posted to. See also: NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

Dear NYSC 2019 Batch C Prospective Corps members home and abroad, it’s your turn to have a taste of the future!

Firstly, I need the following information below to help my prediction

  • Your State Of Origin
  • State of Institution
  • Choice of states you selected during registration

Then, I will predict where NYSC will deploy you.


  • Lagos
  • Ogun
  • Plateau, Kwara, Kastina, Akwa Ibom

This prediction is just a deductive guess and with about 84% accuracy. Meaning there are still chances that I will be wrong. But just try me. I have been doing this for long and I know how it works. Ask Corpers from the last batch.

Drop the details below and have a glimpse of where you are going to serve your fatherland.

About Lola Princess

This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. Lagos
    Kano, rivers, Benue and enugu

  2. Lagos
    Kano, rivers, Benue and Enugu

  3. Hi Lola
    I want you to predict mine was Bayelsa, Anambra, Bauchi and niger

  4. Oyo
    Kwara, kano, edo, abia

  5. Ishmael Dike Newman

    State of origin: Abia
    State for Institution: Ogun

    States chosen:
    Sokoto, Nassarawa, Calabar, Oyo

  6. hi Lola, you are Weldone MA, I will be so glad if my state of service can be predicted. lol
    My state of origin is ogunstate
    Finished from Moshood Abiola polytechnic Abeokuta ogunstate
    My choice of state are
    Wat do u think 😂

  7. Ondo
    Kaduna, Akwa ibom, Nasarawa, Anambra

  8. Oyo
    Kwara, Edo, Abia, kano

  9. I choose Borno, Kano, osun and Abia
    I am from Edo state and schooled in Anambra state….

    I mistakenly choose borno and Kano among the states visited…. where am I likely to be posted

  10. My state of origin is katsina
    State of origin is katsina
    My choice of states are

  11. state of origin. ……. edo
    State of institution. … Edo
    Choice of state selected… pletu ondo anambra and jigawa

  12. Cross River
    Cross River
    Nasarawa, Kaduna , Anambra, Ogun

  13. State of origin :EBONYI

  14. Cross River
    Kaduna, kogi, Enugu and Ogun

  15. State of origin:Edo
    State of institution: Edo

  16. Kwara
    Jigawa, Ogun, Bauchi, Abia

  17. Kogi
    Kaduna akwa ibom Ebonyi Gombe

  18. Kano,anambra, taraba,oyo

  19. State of origin: kwara state
    State of institution: ND: kwara HND: Ogun state
    Kano,anambra, taraba,oyo

  20. State of origin : Anambra
    Institution: Anambra
    Choice : plateau, delta, jigawa and Ogun

  21. State of Origin: Kwara
    State of Institution: Kwara
    Selected Choice of States: Kano, Ogun, Enugu, Bauchi

  22. State of origin= rivers
    Institution = rivers
    Place of choice = Kaduna, benue, ogun, imo

  23. State of origni:Ekiti
    Institution: Ghana
    Place choosed: kwara, Anambra, Kaduna, delta

  24. State of Origin: Kogi
    State of institution: Kogi

    Choice: Bauchi, Kaduna, Ogun and Akwa-Ibom

  25. State of origin= Osun
    Institution= Osun
    Places we choose during registration are

  26. State of origin: osun
    Institution: ekiti
    Place chosed : anambra, kano, Niger ,rivers

  27. State of origin Benue
    Institution Benue
    Places choses Kano, Akwa Ibom Taraba Oyo

  28. State of Origin : Osun
    State of Institution :Osun
    States chosen in this order: Nassarawa, Bayelsa, Kaduna, Anambra

  29. Egbogho Brorhie favour
    State of origin :Delta state
    Institutions Delta state
    Places chooses :Nasarawa, Jigawa, Anambra, Ogun

  30. State of origin: bayelsa
    Institution: bayelsa
    Choices: kano. Kwara. Anambra. Oyo

  31. Edo
    Nasarawa, Oyo, Kaduna, Enugu

  32. State of origin: Ondo
    Institution:Rivers State
    States: Borno, Akwa-Ibom, Kwara and Anambra.

  33. STate of origin: bayelsa
    Institution: bayelsa
    Choices: kano, kwara, anambra, oyo

  34. State of origin; Cross River State
    Institution Cross River State(Unical)
    The states I choose; Anambra, Nasarawa, Kanu and Ogun.

  35. State of origin-Enugu
    State choosed-kaduna,Niger,cross rivers,ogun

  36. Origin : Cross River.
    School : Osun
    Picked :Ogun Kaduna Kogi Enugu

  37. Place of origin:RIVERS
    Institution: LAGOS
    Places chosen: NIGER, KEBBI, ANAMBRA, OYO

  38. State of origin : rivers , state of institution: rivers for primary and secondary school, abroad for university . choice of states: kogi,Enugu,KANU,ondo

  39. State of origin Edo
    State of institution Edo
    States choosed : kano, anambra, bauchi and Ogun

  40. State of origin: Oyo
    Instutution: Osun
    Selected choice of states: Kwara, Edo, Kano, Abia

  41. State of origin : ogun
    Place of study : ogun
    I chose Kwara, Enugu, Kaduna and Edo

  42. I am from kogi state and I studied at federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State. so where are my likely place of deployment ? thanks

  43. State of origin: rivers ,state of institution: rivers for primary and secondary school and abroad for university. choice of states: kogi,Enugu,KANU,ondo.

    PLACES CHOSEN: Kano, Anambra, Kwara, Delta

  45. place of birth=abia
    choice=katsina, delta, kwara, oyo

  46. origin : Ogun
    school: Ogun
    places: portharcourt, kwara, bayelsa, bauchi,

  47. State of origin :rivers .state of institution :rivers for primary and secondary school and abroad for university.choice of states: kogi,Enugu,KANU,ondo.

  48. State of Origin: IMO
    State of Institution: ABIA

  49. State of origin: Akwa Ibom
    Institution: Akwa Ibom
    Place of choice: Kano, Ogun, Enugu, Niger

  50. State Of Origin:anambra
    Institution:kwara State Poly
    Place Of Birth:ondo
    State Based In:kogi
    i choose:kaduna,akwa-ibom,niger,ogun

  51. State of origin=Bayelsa
    Place of choice=Adamawa, Anambara, plateau, Ogun

  52. State of Origin: Edo
    Institution: Ogun
    Place of choice: Nassarawa , Oyo, Kano, Anambra

  53. State of origin: kwara
    Institution: Ogun
    Choice: kano,anambra, taraba,oyo

  54. state of origin:Rivers
    state of institution : Bayelsa
    State selected : Niger, Enugu, zamfara and ogun.

  55. Delta
    Benin Republic
    Kano, Taraba, Enugu and Ogun state.

  56. State of origin: Osun
    Institution: Ekiti
    State of choice: Kano, Kwara, Imo, Edo

  57. State of origin: Osun
    Institution: Ekiti
    State of choice:Adamawa, Kwara, Imo, Edo

  58. state of origin: delta
    place of birth: lagos
    States: borno

  59. State of origin: Delta state
    Institution: osun
    Place of choice: IMO, Adamawa, Oyo, Kano

  60. Okorji Confidence

    state of Origin :Rivers State
    institution :Rivers
    Place choosed:Kaduna, Kwara, Anambra, and Ogun

  61. State of Origin: Imo
    Institution: Ogun
    States selected: Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Akwa Ibom

  62. State of origin — kwara
    Institution — kwara
    States choose — kaduna,ogun,rivers,bauchi

  63. Institution : Petroleum institution PTI warri Delta state
    State of origin: Bayelsa
    Choose states :Plateau, enugu,taraba,ondo

  64. State of origin: Edo
    Institution: University of Port Harcourt
    Choice: Nasarawa, Anambra, kano and Ogun state

  65. State of origin: kano
    Institutions: kano
    Place of choice: Anambra Bayelsa Bauchi Niger

  66. State of Origin Rivers State
    Institution: Covenant University
    Selected states: plateau, Oyo, kaduna, Abia

  67. Origin: Ogun
    Institution: Ogun
    States I chose: Nasarawa, Jigawa, Anambra, Delta

  68. Kwara
    Crossriver, river state, delta, Lagos, kwara

  69. State of origin: Lagos
    Institution: ondo
    Choice: Edo,kwara,anambra,borno

  70. State choose are adamawa, kaduna, ebonyi, ogun

  71. State of origin : osun
    Institution: ekiti
    Places chosed: kano ,anambra, Niger, rivers

  72. State of origin Ogun
    Institution federal Polytechnic offa
    place choose: Tarawa, Nassarawa, Delta, Anambra

  73. State of origin Edo
    State of institution Edo
    State chose kano,anambra,bauchi and Ogun

  74. State of Origin: Edo
    Institution: Ogun
    Place of choice: Nassarawa , Oyo, Kano, Anambra

  75. State of origin- Oyo
    Institution – Osun
    States choosed- Niger, rivers, Mano, anambra

  76. State of origin: kogi
    Institution: Edo
    States choose: Kaduna, oyo, anambra, bauchi

  77. State of origin; Enugu
    Institution; Enugu
    Choices; Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Delta

  78. Kwara
    Cross river, Kaduna, Oyo and Adamawa

  79. State of origin: Delta
    Institution: Ogun
    Choice: Nasarawa, Anambra, oyo, yobe

  80. State of Origin: Delta
    Institution: Edo
    Places chosed: Niger, Enugu, Ogun and Cross-River

  81. State of origin=kwar
    Place chosen=kano,osun,akwa-ibom,borno

  82. State of Origin: Ogun State
    institution: Kwara state
    state choose: Taraba, Nassarawa, Delta, Anambra

  83. Enugu
    Lagos, Abuja, Enugu Abia

  84. State of Origin: Rivers
    State of institution: Bayelsa
    Place of deployment: Nasarrawa, Anambra, Kano, Ogun

  85. State of origin: IMO
    Institution: IMO
    States of deployment: Borno, Akwa Ibom, Niger and Ogun..

    state of origin ==ogunstate
    schooled in Abeokuta
    Choice of state =

  87. State of origin: Benue
    Institution: Benue
    Place choose: Gombe, cross river, kano and enugu

  88. State of origin and institution Adamawa. Selected; kebbi, abia, plateau and rivers.

  89. state of origin: Ogun state
    institution: Ogun state
    states choosed: Kwara, kano, anambra and edo

  90. State of Origin: Delta
    State of education: Edo
    States chosed: Niger, Enugu, Ogun and cross-rivers

  91. State of Origin: Imo
    Institution. : Rivers
    Choice. :Akwa-Ibom, Ogun, Niger, Kaduna.

  92. State of origin :Ekiti
    Institution :Ondo
    State chosen:Adamawa,Ikwa-ibom,Anambra,Abuja

  93. Kogi
    Kaduna akwa ibom Ebonyi Gombe

  94. State of origin; Ekiti
    Institutions; Edo
    Kwara, Oyo, Anambra, Niger

  95. State Of Origin Kwara Institution Kaduna Selected States Jigawa, Ogun, Bauchi, Abia.

  96. Taraba

  97. state of origin; Benue
    institution; kogi state.
    have been to Kaduna, plateau, nassarawa, NIJA Enugu, Abuja, Lagos, Ekiti,

  98. state origin: adamawa. institution: adamawa, selected: kebbi, abia, plateau and rivers

  99. Ekiti
    Lagos and Ogun
    Plateau, Bayelsa, Ebonyi

  100. Im a foreign student, I couldn’t choose choice of state during my registration. Pls help

  101. State of origin Osun
    Institution Osun
    States I choose are Niger, Edo, Kaduna, Imo

  102. State of origin: Anambra
    Choice of state: Taraba, Ekiti, Ogun, Delta

  103. Institution: anambra

  104. State of Origin : Enugu
    Institution : Abia state polytechnic
    Place of choice : Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, portharcourt

  105. State of origin-Osun state, institution -osun. Place choosed kano,niger,anambra, akwa ibo

  106. State of origin – Anambra
    Institution – Abia
    Place of choice – Plateau, Ogun, Zamfara, Akwaibom

  107. Lagos
    Foreign PCM
    Kaduna, Taraba, Cross River, Enugu

  108. State of Origin – Ekiti
    Institution- Osun
    Place of choice- kwara,Kano,Cross River,Enugu

  109. State of origin:Benue
    State of institution:Benue
    Choices:katsina, river, taraba, ogun

  110. State of origin: osun
    State of Institution : Ondo
    Kwara, Kaduna, Edo, Enugu

  111. State of origin Edo
    Institution_ Edo
    Place of choice_ kogi, Oyo, anambra_ and cross river

  112. State of Origin EKITI
    Institution OSUN

  113. State: Kano
    Studied in: Malaysia
    State chosen: FCT, Lagos, Gombe, Anambra

  114. State of origin and institution: adamawa. Selected:
    1. Kebbi
    2. Abia
    3. Plateau
    4. Rivers

  115. State of origin; Enugu Institution: imo state State of choice:Abuja,Lagos,Akwa ibom and Kano

  116. state of origin:EDO
    place of institution:EDO
    selected states :zamfara,ebonyi and osun

  117. State of origin: Delta
    Institution: Bayelsa
    States of choice: kwara, enugu, ogun, kaduna

  118. state of origin=abia
    choice=katsina,delta, kwara, oyo.

  119. state of origin: delta
    institution : delta

    choice: Kwara, sokoto, ogun and anambra

  120. State of origin :Ekiti
    Institution: Ondo
    Place chosen:Adamawa,Anambra,Akwa-Ibom,Abuja

  121. State of Origin: Ekiti
    Institution: Ekiti
    States of deployment: Kogi, Delta, Kaduna, Abia

  122. State of origin Edo state
    State of Institution Edo state
    Place of of choice: Kaduna,Ogun,Delta kogi

  123. State of origin Edo state
    State of Institution Edo state
    Place of of choice: Kaduna,Ogun,Delta,kwara

  124. nwogu goodness chidinma


  125. Kaduna

  126. State of origin: ondo
    State I choose: kwara, Edo, kebbi, and Anambra

  127. Delta state
    Delta state
    Anambra, Osun, Kano and kwara

  128. State of origin: Bayelsa
    Institution: bayelsa
    Bayelsa, rivers, owerri

  129. Kwara
    Kano, Osun, Adamawa, Edo

  130. Place of origin: delta Institution: editor state. Place chooses: kaduna,Taraba,oyo, enugu

  131. State of origin- Edo state
    Institution- Edo
    States of choice- sokoto, Ondo, Enugu

  132. State of origin; delta

  133. State of origin. Enugu institution. Imo state choice of state. Abuja,lagos,akwa ibom and kano

  134. State of origin:lagos

  135. Babatunde yusuf olaitan

    State of origin : Ibadan
    Institution : Ibadan
    Choices : kwara, abia, kastina, rivers

  136. Anambra

  137. Origin-Imo….Insstitution- Edo
    State of deployment- Abuja,Lagos,Akwa ibom

  138. Rivers state
    Rivers state
    Kano nasarawa ogun imo

  139. State of origin: Delta
    Institution : Delta
    Choice of state: osun, kwara,anambra, kano

  140. State of origin: Delta
    Institution: Delta
    Choice: Osun, Kwara, Anambra, Kano

  141. Rivers state
    Kogi state
    Niger, Anambra Sokoto and Osun

  142. State of Origin: Rivers
    Institution: Bayelsa
    Choice of states: Nasarrawa, Anambra, kaduna, Kano

  143. State of origin: imo
    Choice:lagos, rivers,anambra,abuja

  144. state of origin ogun
    institution.. ogun
    Anambra kastina akwa-ibom benue

  145. State—Kogi
    State I choosed—Zamfara and Ondo

  146. Firstly after registration, at the top, it was written that i have not been mobilized yet because valid details where not sent from my institution. However according to the writing, the institution has been notified.
    Secondly its saying no available slots.
    Please how can i know how to tackle these problems

  147. State of origin: Delta
    Institution state: Edo
    Deployment states: Kaduna, imo, ondo, kogi

  148. State of origin: Enugu
    Institution. : Enugu
    Choice of state: ondo, rivers, Benue, kano

  149. State of origin: oyo
    School : oyo
    States chosen: kastina, edo, adamawa, ebonyi

  150. Joseph Jonah Ndahunri

    State of origin : Kogi
    State of institution: Kogi
    Choice of states : Oyo, Enugu, Nasarawa and Lagos

  151. State of origin : Edo state
    State of institution: Delta
    Choice: Benue, Anambra, Jigawa, Oyo

  152. State of origin: Cross River
    Institution: Cross River

    States chosen: Adamawa, Enugu, Ogun , Benue

  153. State of origin- Imo state
    Institution- Ebonyi State University
    States choosed- Nassarawa, Rivers,Kano and ondo

  154. nwogu goodness chidinma

    state of origin: abia
    state of institution: delta
    choice of states: nasarawa, rivers, ogun, kebbi

  155. Rivers state
    Kogi state
    Niger Anambra Sokoto and Osun

  156. State of origin- Edo
    Institution- Ogun
    Choices- Nasarawa, Oyo, Kaduna, Enugu

  157. State of origin: ogun state
    State of institution:kogi
    Although I have not been able to choose any state due to the “no available state” issue

  158. State of Origin: Edo state
    Institution: Edo State
    Preferred State: Enugu, Ondo, Sokoto

  159. Anyanwu Gladys Ozioma

    Lola please what will happen to those that have not be deployed since Friday i registered but no state available for me&his closing tomorrow,but i have seen my NYSC call-up number&i can’t print it out because no state available for me. Now what do I do

  160. Eze Ogochukwu Ukamaka

    Please Lola, my name was not arranged in order.. Instead of Ogochukwu to come first after my surname it came last while Ukamaka came first and i have already done the registration and also printed out my green card.. Please what can i do to correct this mistake

  161. Edo
    Kogi, ekiti, abia, kaduna

  162. State of origin: Delta
    Institution: osun
    Choices: Nasarawa, ogun,Kano enugu

  163. State of Origin: Oyo
    State of Institution: Edo
    States Selected: Nasarawa, Akwa-Ibom, Zamfara, Anambra

  164. Olaitan Oloruntoba

    State of Origin ; Ondo
    Institution attended ; Ondo

    State Choosed; Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Kano, Anambra

  165. State of origin- Akwa Ibom
    Institution- Oyo
    Choice of states- Kaduna,Ondo,Login, and Anambra

  166. Origin: imo
    Choice: bornu, kaduna, rivers, oyo

  167. State of origin: osun
    Institution: Ondo
    Selected state: nassarawa, anambra, Delta,kebbi

  168. State: Akwa ibom
    institution Akwa ibom
    NYSC states: kaduna, Oyo, Kwara, Imo

  169. State of origin:delta,Institution:university of portharcourt,choice of state:lagos,abuja,kano,Imo

  170. Ondo state birth place
    Ondo state primary/secondary school
    Osun state higher institution
    Places of choice abia state, edo state, akwa ibom and bauchi

  171. Abia state
    Abia state

  172. Ondo state
    Osun State
    Abia state,Edo state,akwa ibom,bauch

  173. State of origin: Lagos state
    Institution: foreign trained
    States: Kwara, Anambra, adamawa and delta

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