2019 Batch C: Share Your NYSC Registration Experience – Official Log

This is a thread for NYSC 2019 Batch C prospective Corps members to share their NYSC registration experience. Either you have successfully completed your online registration, still on it or yet to register. We want you to share the experience below. See also: Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos

Although some institutions are yet to upload their senate list, some claimed to have sent the list to NYSC but it is yet to be on the NYSC portal and several PCM are still out there unable to find their names on the NYSC portal. See also: 12 Facts Every Corper Should Know About June 12

This post is to enable Prospective Corp members to share their NYSC registration experience so as to know what they are passing through at their respective locations. See also: Top 10 Reasons Why Serving In The Village Is Awesome

Specify your state or area and share how the NYSC registration has been going at your side.

If you have a particular challenge or facing some issues, share the experience below and maybe someone who is passing through such a situation might be helpful.

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This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. Why is it that on my dashboard its displaying”You will be notified when to print your call-up letter. You are in Batch B, 2019.” Whereas I was mobilized with Batch A 2019 but didn’t do my online registration then but registered with batch C via Fresh registration link.

  2. good am to you,l am through with my registration

  3. good am to you,l am through with my registration, please how do I know the stream l will follow

  4. Hello house, my choice of pre-camp verification centre is taking me back each time I select Lagos and I submit. It will still take ne back. For foreign trained.

      • Hello Lola I didn’t receive my call up number up to now. They have sent me a message on 24 oct at exactly 10:46 pm which reads, ‘your call up number will be send to you once mobilize ‘ But up to now I didn’t receive it. Thanks

      • Good evening…. Please I registered the wrong year for my weac…. Please how can I change that… Help me please

    • My own issues is i registered yesterday and is showing that u have not been mobilized due to some details have not been sent oUT by ur institution but they have been notified if rectified will probably be in stream 2

  5. I registered the third day of the registration due to the fact that my school refused to submit the hard copy of the Senate list to NYSC, The only thing I like to say is, the list of all the states i given to chose among was full of Hausa and Igbo land, in fact no southwest state at all was present, am not happy at all.

  6. Is it possible for schools to add names to the list? Because I just corrected my jamb registration number.

  7. I have a problem in my result upload. I don’t know how to go about it. Can anyone help me please.

  8. The issue of ID card,mine had expired last year . can I still use it?

  9. Omoboye Oluwasheyifunmi

    I applied for correction of name from my dashboard since Monday and the mistake in the name is still not corrected till now. Any recommendation from you?

  10. Pls i saw my name on senate list but can’t do my registration pls what should i do

  11. Hi Lola,I was only able to register for three states the fourth choice don’t open any other states for me to register, while was it like that in case

  12. I am a foreign trained student who completed registration on the 22nd. I haven’t been evaluated yet. Just wondering when I will? I’ve seen non foreign trained student received their call up number and have been evaluated. Will I be evaluated until when I go for verification?

  13. Hassan Tahir Sharif

    I’ve been Mobilized with the batch b, but i have’nt register until when dey open the portal for batch c registration, on 21st october 2019, after i register despite the fact my date of birth is wrong instead of 1996 it shows 1986 the mistake was made during my jamb registration, they wrote me my exemption letter is being proccessed and will be delivered to your institution. When i click on the link to date of birth correction it wrote me registration has close this service is no longer available. I’ve been trying since on monday it keeps showing me such pls what should i do?

  14. hello…I’m done with my registration but yet to buy waec verification pin for change of date of birth because first bank have not started selling it out
    pls will the exemption notice on my dash board change when i complain with the verification pin

  15. it keeps saying no available slot for deployment since yesterday……
    The thing is really frustrating

  16. Hi Lola, I finished my registration on Monday but the waec result i uploaded was the one from my school so the site was saying you have not been evaluated yet, later saw a message to upload original waec result which I bought the card again to open the result on waec site and upload yesterday waited till today to check if my green card will be posted yet am still seeing the same messages “not evaluated yet” how long does it take to evaluate someone after uploading all the needed documents ? Today is saturday does it count too or I wait till Monday or Tuesday?

  17. Someone that graduated at the age of 30yrs will the person still go for service?

  18. Those of us having issues of no available slot are we likely to end up with stream 2?

  19. How can one make changes for wrongly captured gender?

    • When am doing my Registration i claim oyo origin, as i finish my reg i send my Callup number direct cos i no won go far state so the person i send my callup want to help me do direct posting and the person call me yesterday that we should hope for the best because i claim Oyo and she choose oyo state for me pls we NYSC give oyo state or not or will they give me according to what i picked during my registration cos i picked Enugun, kano, Edo, kwara or should i do another registration b4 it too late because i don’t want to stay home again cos i suppose to follow stream1 and i don’t know what happen then cos i did my registration so early

  20. Good evening Lola,i want to register as a married woman i have my marriage certificate and other requirement except change of name which seems not to be possible for now,please what can i do or can i proceed with the registration

  21. Hi Lola am having a issue on being not matriculated dat i cant register after my name av been on sanete list
    Please help

  22. Oluwaseyi Odubote

    Hello fellow PCMs,
    Hello Lola..

    Firstly we appreciate Lola for this wonderful platform, God will continue to bless you in abundance.

    Am registering from Lagos and it has be going well except this error in my Date of Birth which have tried every means to clearify them but not going through.

    But I know a reply from Lola or someone now will solve it in a jiffy.

  23. As regard the year, month and date of graduation from primary and secondary school.

    I just randomly select the days but the year is intact, hope there will be no issues ?

  24. Chivozor Edisemi Juliet

    Good evening ma pls what do I do my DOB I saw while I login to register as my first details came out was 1995 while the actual one is 1990 so I told the cyber cafe man to correct it he said I can’t because it was uploaded by my school I was wondering why they made such mistake but I later discover that my Jamb print out is also carrying the same 1995 so pls what is my fate or what do I do , I don’t remember changing my date of birth because I have been using 1990 been the real date pls what do I do

  25. Hi LOLA!…I have been unable to choose a state it’s telling me sorry there’s no available state for deployment!…when would it be resolved cos I don’t want to follow stream 2 oo😰😩😭

  26. I’m almost at the stage of my registration , but there are no available states for deployment. should i submit my registration without selecting states of deployment ?

  27. Hello Lola good morning and how was your night?
    Please during my online registration, I didn’t include the state of my institution as state visited, hope there won’t be any problem?

  28. Pls how do I pay after the registration,

  29. Pls how to I pay after the registration, and theres no available slot for deployment..

  30. I have not seen my name in the Senate list. Will the upload continue till next week?

  31. Hi lola
    How am I going to make my payment cuz I HV done wit registration and didnt see any spot where I will click for payment… Please help me out

  32. No available state has bin showing since yesterday. What’s up with it

  33. Good day … i registered with batch B but couldn’t go to service cos of some issues with evaluation letter … now I’ve been mobilised cos i check my course correction nd my mobilization status:mobilized. The issue here is that i only get a message on my dashboard “you are mandated to choose a centre for your pre-camp registration ” it keeps showing even when i choose a centre . Can’t even access anything cos the message keeps showing.. what should i do?

  34. Seeing no state available

  35. please ma I have been trying to register since on Friday but it is showing No available slot. please what am I going to do.am so tensed.

  36. Does anyone know how I can go about registering from the US. Don’t know how to upload my fingerprints.

  37. Hi lola, something have been bothering me, the passport I used for Nysc registration ehh, my both ears were visible but I was on a round visible earrings, will I be chased out of camp for that?

  38. You have not yet been mobilised because valid details were not sent from your institution. However, your institution has been notified. If rectified you are likely to be in stream II

    This is what I’m seeing on my dashboard after submitting my details.. This means I have to wait till stream 2?

  39. I logged in and there’s this strange message I see on my dashboard. “valid information has not been sent by your institution. However, if rectified you might be in stream 2” I find it rather disturbing because my name, mat number, sur name, everything is correct. I’m confused here

  40. I have done my registration but on my dashboard this information appears on my dashboard ‘You have not yet been mobilised because valid details were not sent from your institution. However, your institution has been notified. If rectified you are likely to be in stream II’. Please what can I do

  41. I have issues of not yet been mobilized will have finished the online registration what I saw was that I have not yet been mobilized and my details have not been sent out by my institution and they have sent notification to them if rectified will be in stream 2

  42. Good day Lola. Pls the Numbers you posted for direct posting n sales of NYsc kits are not been picked. I need them but they ain’t answering their calls

  43. Hi lola please i tried to print my call up letter but its saying error that i have not been evaluated yet so please what might be the issue? (foreign student )

  44. my dashboard is saying have not been mobilized and my details have not been sent from my institution

  45. Ugwu Ugochukwu Williams

    I have been trying to register on the nysc batch c since two days now and it’s showing me no more available state slot and the portal classes on the 1st of November,what do I do please

  46. am having d same challenge of d above people. Wat do I do?

  47. My own issue is that I cannot choose any state of my choice it has been showing no available slot since day before yesterday and the registration is about to close, what should I do please? Anybody with same issue as mine please?

    • Please I registered for NYSC badge C stream 1 but couldn’t go because of unforeseen circumstances, can I still join streamc 2 automatically or should I re-register

  48. My issue was that in they afternoon they wrote u are in stream 2 and you will b notify when to print ur callup letter but later in the evening they wrote sorry u are not in this stream u will notify when to print ur callup letter…pls shey i still have hope 2 follow stream 1

  49. Please who was posted to Jigawa?

  50. I’ve been having problems, my dashboard keeps saying I haven’t been evaluated and I should post 5 credit o’level result & everything is there , I’ve uploaded it & no change

  51. On my dashbord they wrote you are not on this stream, you will b notify when to print your call up letter. Does that mean i will go with stream 2

  52. On my dashboard they wrote you are not on this stream,you will be notify when to print your call up letter, does it mean am not going with stream 2 because right now am confuse,

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