NYSC Important Official Public Notice

NYSC Important Official Public Notice – A Must READ!

The NYSC Management just released a public notice to clear the air concerning every challenge and question you might want an answer to at the moment. Kindly read the official message below.


1. If you are not deployed in this Stream or you cannot print your Call-up letter or you cannot see the COVID-19 link, be patient you will be deployed in 2021 Batch “B”.

2. Those who did not report for 2021 Batch “A” Stream I have been informed by NYSC Management of the implication. See the post of 11th March, 2021. Below:

3. All PCMs should check the camp address on their call-up letter. PCMs deployed to Borno, Lagos, and FCT should take note.

4. Those who applied for spelling error and name rearrangement, should note that Name Correction is ongoing.

5. For Name Addition and Removal, apply on your dashboard then contact your Institution (SAO) to upload necessary documents online.

6. Date of Birth issues can only be resolved when the NYSC portal opens for Registration.

7. You are to resume on the date on your Call-up Letter.

8. The date of the Mobilization Exercise (Opening of Registration Portal) for 2021 Batch “B” will be announced in due course.

9. The date for the commencement of the 2021 Batch “B” has NOT been officially announced

10. Anyone who posts WhatsApp Link will be banned.

11. If you have error “Matric Number in use” contact your SAO to write the NYSC on your behalf.
12. Date of Birth cannot be changed after your registration at the Orientation Camp.

13. Do not try to register for COVID-19 test, if you are not deployed for 2021 Batch “B” Stream II.ï

14. If you are having an error “Invalid Storage Type: DB Null” send a message to NYSC page and also to [email protected] with your call-up number, email address and phone number.

15. If you registered for COVID-19 test in March to April 2021, you have to re-register.

16. If you have a problem of incorrect password, inbox your Email Address and phone number. Include the Screenshot.


17. Many Foreign trained PCMs were deployed in 2021 Batch “A” Stream II. Those that are not deployed should wait for 2021 Batch ‘B’ .

18. If you have the following message on your dashboard: “ Yet to be evaluated” or “not yet mobilize because you have not upload valid documents.” Upload whatever needs to be uploaded and be patient. Send an email reminder [email protected]

19. Those who have registered and have not gone for Pre-camp Verification should patience, the date will be announced by NYSC Management.

20. If your account is suspended, write an appeal officially to [email protected] (Attention: Director Corps Mobilization). Kindly note that some Institutions have been suspended by the NYSC.

21. Foreign-trained PCMs that have been successfully evaluated and cleared will eventually get Call-up number. Be patient.

22. Foreign-trained PCMs should come with Original Copies of their documents and credentials to the Orientation Camp.

All the information above is strictly official and legit. If You have any questions, kindly ask me below:

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  1. Hello
    I missed my nysc physical verification date due to some reasons.
    Please what can I do now?

  2. I have be evaluated by NYSC, still my dashboard is showing me (yet to be evaluate). And again, nysc did not clear me of my physical verification up till now.

  3. what should foreign trained graduates who are cleared on dashboard it says yet to be evaluated, and a section that says ” upload scanned documents” wheras documents were properly scanned and sent if it wasnt scanned the portal wont accept the documents in the first place…..now ive done the physical verification and recieved cleared letter, whats is needed to be done do i reupload scanned again and when, can it be done at any time or only during registeration please need answers thank you.

  4. Nothing was written on my portal, no call up letter and there’s no message like “due to COVID-19 blah blah blah” there. What’s going on?😔😔😔

  5. Oladeinde David

    What about if you are yet to be evaluated and you’ve uploaded your evaluation letter and the necessary documents and still yet no changes and there is Mobilized at the portal

  6. Egbulefu Grace

    Good afternoon Sir/Ma.
    Please my DOB is 1993, but my waec and jamb is carrying 1995 please what can I do?

  7. Please how can I re-register my covid19 test

  8. Ma pls wht of some people that have done their nysc registration successfully and not seen their call up letter due to covid19 protocol

  9. does it mean that those who saw covid 19 information on their dashboard will be going with batch B

  10. Will there be batch a stream 2b

  11. No call up letter and no Ncdc message on my dashboard
    The name correction I applied for have been approved for over a month now… just help please

  12. Lawal jelili donald

    I got a cleared verification slip on my portal in batch A stream 2 but no call up number, I was deployed to batch B stream 1 another ,will I automatically get my call up number or I will have to go for another physical verification?

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