NYSC Batch A 2021 News Updates

NYSC Batch A 2021 News Updates – Orientation Camp Date Now Official

Orientation Camp Date Now Official 

Hello everybody, I’m here to announce to you all that the NYSC 2021 Orientation camp is now official. 

The NYSC management just announced the official date as 18th of May 2021. The date is no more a rumour or an indirect update. Its is now official. 

You all should know that the official date for Stream II orientation camp is 18th. No shaking. Call – Up letter can be out any moment from now. Don’t expect a date because it might just appear. 

Some people are saying 14th which it’s possible but just don’t put your mind on any date. Most of the time, the letter will just appear 2 or 3 days before camp. Stay connected! 

You can check below for helpful articles. 

Orientation Camp Latest Update 

Hello everybody, hope you are all doing fine. A news about lockdown went viral yesterday and this is to announce to you that the news is fake. 

The FG released a short video to debunk the viral news this morning. You Click Here to watch the video on Instagram

NYSC Orientation camp for Batch A 2021 stream II still hold on 18th of this month and Call-up letter will be out a few days before 18th.

Below is the camp timetable and also food the  timetable. Go and start getting ready. Follow Us on Instagram to have more fun and let’s repost your videos, pictures and keep your memories. Click here to follow us on Instagram. 

See timetables below:

Stay connected! 

Previous  Updates 

Goodnews as we now have a tentative date for NYSC Stream II orientation camp. This is the second time that the NYSC official social media handle will state that Orientation camp date is 18th.

Although it has not been announced officially but we can call this an indirect confirmation from the management. 

See screenshot below:

This screenshot above is the from the management. That’s the date we have for now. JUST stay connected! 

Previous Updates 

NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II Camp Date Update

Hello dear NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II Prospective Corps Members. Hope you are all doing fine and managing the whole registration stress.

This is just an update about Stream II orientation Camp date and you all need to know the fact.

A rumour has been flying around that the Orientation Camp will commence on 18th of May 2021. Please kindly know that this is not official.

This managemnet is yet to publicly announce the date. Its better you take your mind off it so as not to be disspointed.

However, based on the pace and the speed at which NYSC is going, call-up letter might be out anytime. And once call-up letter is out, Orientation camp date will be on it.

The whole registration was very fast just like last stream and this is because NYSC want to make everything fast.

But for now, no exact official date yet. Once the date is announced, you will be the first to hear about it.

Stay connected

Previous Updates Below

No Slots Available Issue

NYSC No Available Slot Issue has been around for a long time and every batch, during registration, there is always a point in time when Prospective Corps members will be seeing

“Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment”

…right on their dashboard. This will then prevent them from choosing any state as their state of choice. This is exactly what we are all experiencing at the moment and it has been generating reactions from PCMs who are unable to select their state of choice. SOLUTION The solution to this issue is to relax and wait for a little time, the states will be available again before the end of the NYSC registration date. Based on experience and the way out of this situation in the past, the best thing is to wait and try again later. See also: 5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp You all should keep calm, the fault is not a mistake from your side, it is the normal NYSC state of deployment issue. The states will be available again anytime soon and as soon as we have info, you will be the first to hear about. Stay connected!

Registration Portal Opening Updates

Morning to you all dear NYSC 2021 Batch A and hope you are all doing fine. The Management announced today 19th as the portal opening day and we have been waiting and refreshing the portal since 12am still no active registration. Please you all should understand that for the fact that it didn’t open by 12am last night, it doesn’t mean it will not be open again. All of today is 19th and the portal will be still be open today and it could be any moment from now. All you have to do is stay connected and keep checking the portal. As soon as it opens, you will be the first to hear the info. The NYSC registration for Batch A stream II has not been postponed. Nobody postponed anything. The portal will still be open today. Just that we don’t know the exact time yet. Everybody should calm down. There is no cause for panic. Everybody will soon register and we will all go with this stream. Stay connected! Previous Updates below! 

Stream II Online Registration Date OFFICIALLY Announced

GOODNEWS as the NYSC management finally announced the date for Stream II online registration.

According to the official public notice, the NYSC 2021 BATCH Stream II registration portal will commence on Monday 19th, April, 2021.

This information is Official and 100% real. You all should know that registration portal will open from 19th of this month. Which is next week Monday. Senate list uploads is still in progress. More updates will be coming up. Stay connected!

Upload Of Senate List For Stream II

GOODNEWS as the NYSC management portal for senate list is now open. This means that more schools can start uploading their senate list on the NYSC Portal for their graduates to go with Stream II. The NYSC Management is giving institutions chance and opportunity to upload more senate list for the NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II. This is a goodnews because it means that Stream II preparation for camp is already in progress. If your institution is yet to upload your names on senate list so that you can register, you don’t have to worry because as I’m writing this, uploads is in progress. Below is the official notice: So the upload will run through from 12th – 16th of April 2021. We still do not have a date yet for Stream II registration but I’m sure the management is working on it and the date will soon be announced. If you are yet to join our Whatsapp group, kindly scroll up and join. Stay Connected! Previous Updates Below:

Stream II Portal Updates

Goodnews as the NYSC management set to open the NYSC Portal on Monday. This news broke out through a circular that has been going viral on social media and I will show you the picture of the circular below. See the picture:   The Circular stated that the NYSC Portal will be open for fresh registration on Monday. However, what you should know is that the management is yet to make an official announcement about it. You all should relax and lets wait till its officially confirmed. If NYSC registration portal will really be open on Monday, the management will announce it publicly. Stay connected

Latest Update After Stream I Camp

Hello everybody and hope you are all doing fine. Congratulations to our dear Stream I Corps Members who left camp yesterday. This is just an update for dear Stream II to know the state of the system. Let me quickly recall that the management announced that Stream II will be going by May. This is still valid but we just don’t have an exact date or the week it will be yet. Once a date is out, you will be the first to hear about it. The portal will soon be open for registration and more senate list will be added. We don’t have an exact date yet. All you have to do for now is just chill and stay connected on the whatsapp group.

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We have WhatsApp groups for updates alone. The whatsapp group is always locked to curb scammers and spammers as it is hard to moderate a WhatsApp group. So the WhatsApp is only for information and no other distractions.

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However, there are some people that will like to chat and connect with others. So we have an OPEN telegram group where you can chat and make noise as you like. It’s easy to moderate a telegram group. If you don’t have telegram, you can download it from Playstore/Appstore and install it in no time. CLICK HERE TO Join Our Open Telegram Group Stay connected! Previous Updates Hello everybody and hope you are all doing fine. I’m here to give you an update on a timetable going viral at the moment. I’m sure some of you must have seen the timetable tagged NYSC 2021 Mobilization time table. Let me show you the timetable first and then I will talk about it. See the viral timetable below. This timetable above is a very hilarious timetable and it’s not from the NYSC management. The timetable is not real at all, the details in it were generated by whoever wrote it. Kindly disregard the timetable. Its not official and its ridiculous. Stay connected

Very Vital Information Before You God To Camp

This is a very important official update and you all should be aware because the consequence might not be friendly. This is Official and you should pay attention to it from start to finish. Based on the COVID-19 protocol, some prospective Corps Members will be deployed to another state and camp in another state. PLEASE and please, make sure you check the address of the Orientation camp on your call-up letter. That address is where you should report. If you were deployed to Lagos, your camp might be in Ekiti or Osun. Please don’t travel to any Orientation camp without confirming the address on your call-up letter. The second thing you should note is the date that individuals will report to camp is different. Kindly check your call-up letter and check the date you are to report to camp and try as much as possible to report to camp that exact day. NOTE: If you have been unable to print your green card, it was disabled by the management. it will come up again asap. It’s a general issue. Just keep checking. You don’t have to worry. And if your call-up letter is not on your dashboard right now, it means you are stream II. Even if stream II is not written on your dashboard. As long as the call-up letter is not there yet, you are stream II. You can check below for important articles that will help make camp easy. Helpful Articles

Official Public Notice

Hello everybody and how are you doing. The NYSC 2021 Batch A Call-up letter is out and you all can go to your dashboard to print your call up letter. There are some important official information you all should not ignore especially at this time. These public come directly from the NYSC management. In order to observe Covid-19 safety measures in the NYSC Orientation Camps, not all PCMs who have successfully registered were deployed for 2021 Batch ‘A Stream l. All those who were not deployed are advised to patiently wait for the next Stream which is scheduled for May 2021. Stream II will be in May. If you are unable to register, or waiting for evaluation, then may is almost here. 2021 Batch ‘A’ Stream Prospective Corps Members are to register for COVID-19 Test. The NCDC link is on the dashboard of those deployed. This is important, so please treat is as important. Some PCMs deployed to Lagos will have their Orientation Course in Ogun, Oyo and Osun Camps. Please, kindly check the address of your orientation camp on your call up letter. You might to posted to a state and your camp will be in another state. Please check your call-up letter o. PCMs nmust adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the Orientation Camps. No PCMs will be allowed into the Camps if they come before their appointment date. This one is really important. Everybody have a special date of reporting to camp. Do not report after the date or before the date. Stay connected and stay on the whatsapp group. Read previous Updates below:

CALL – Up Letter is Finally Out

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC 2021 BATCH A stream I official call-up letter is out. You guys can now login to the portal and check the State you have been deployed for the 1 year service year. Click link below to check your state. DO NOT LEAVE THE WHATSAPP GROUP YET O. CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR CALL UP LETTER  YYou click below to see all states group link and join your state Click here for state groups

Latest Update on Portal Closing

The NYSC management finally announced the exact time that the NYSC Portal will close for this stream. An announcement was also made that the portal will soon be opened again for Stream II online registration. 2021 Batch ‘A’ Stream I online registration will end by 6 pm today, 7th March 2021. Registration will re-open again soon. Stay Connected! CAMP DATE This is to announce to you all that the NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream I Orientation camp has been officially announced. Orientation camp will start from 10th – 30th of march 2021. Congrats guys! More camp updates will be coming up. So stay connected! LATEST UPDATES Hello everybody, hope you are all doing fine and how has registration been going? Let me quickly give some updates so that you will know what is happening around. The registration is still going on and uploads of senate list, submission of hard copy is still in progress. If you are yet to see your name, kindly contact your school or wait for them to submit the hardcopy. We have been hearing rumours that Orientation camp will commence on the 10th of this month. This date is all over everywhere but we are yet to get an official confirmation. Until the date is being announced officially, we it will still be a rumour. 10th is not yet official. The call-up letter date is not known yet. It always just come out anytime after registration. So we will have to wait for it. If you are seeing no slots available, you don’t need to Panic, all you have to do wait for a little while. The states will still be available. Just keep trying. Check your dashboard, you will see some links to correct some errors and mistakes, kindly click and make correction ASAP. Stay connected. Kindly follow us on Instagram and join us LIVE to ask your questions and get answers LIVE. CLICK HERE to follow us. PREVIOUS UPDATES BELOW  DISCREPANCY IN NAME OF PROSPECTIVE CORPS MEMBERS (PCMs)  Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) who are registering for the 2021 Batch ‘A’ Service Year should note the following: I. Their names on the portal must be the same as the name on Statement of Result from their Institution. II. In order to curb observed sharp practices, the NYSC will no longer allow the addition and removal of names on the online portal. However, name re-arrangement and correction of minor spelling mistakes are still allowed on the NYSC portal during the registration period through PCMs/Corps Members online dashboard. III. Registration at the Orientation Camps will be denied if the names on the Call-up Letter is different from that on the Statement of Result. Do not bother going to the Orientation Camp if there is name discrepancy . IV. If, during registration, you observe that you will need to add or remove any name, you are advised to suspend registration until you resolve the discrepancy issue with your Institution. V. Note that the names uploaded on nysc portal by the Student Affairs Officer (SAO) emanate from the Senate/Academic Board results from the Institutions. This supercedes previous posts on Name Corrections please. If you are yet to follow us on Instagram, kindly follow us. We are going LIVE to listen to your registration experience and answer all questions and challenges. CLICK HERE to follow us on Instagram. Previous Updates below is Important! 

Do Not Make This Expensive Mistake During Registration

One of the most stressful mistake you can make during NYSC registration is biometric. This mistake will stress you so much and sometimes will leave you stranded. So the best thing is to to avoid it. Please and please, do not thumbnail by proxy. This simply means, don’t try to cheat the fingerprint scanner. Do not use any application as an intermediary between the scanner and your browser. Do not let anyone thumbprint for you. Do not let the cyber cafe guy use his own thumbprint. If you are not strong enough to go for the thumbprint, chil and do it when you have the strenght. You should try at all cost to avoid any issue with biometric because when you get to camp, you will have to validate your thumbprint and if its exactly as it should be, you will be sent out of camp. After sending you out, you will have to write a letter and take it to the headquarter in Abuja so that they can remove it and enable you register again. This can be so stressful. So please ensure you do biometric by yourself. This is vital and you all deserve to know. If you are yet to follow us on Instagram, kindly follow us. We are going LIVE to listen to your registration experience and answer all questions and challenges. CLICK HERE to follow us on Instagram. CHECK BELOW for previous updates.


The NYSC Management just announced that Online Registration starts from 3rd to 7th March, 2021. So you all should know that the online registration will just be for 5 days. Its not even up to a week. Please just be fast with preparation and register as soon as the portal opens tomorrow. Stay connected!


The NYSC management has some official tips for all of you and I will advise you all to check them out. 1. NYSC Registration Portal opens on the 3rd of March, visit (www.nysc.org.ng) and click on the active link “Mobilization 2021 Batch A”. Fresh Registration link is for those registering for the first time. 2. The Revalidation link is only for those mobilized in 2020 Batch “B” and previous Batches, but did not go to the Orientation Camp. 3. If you have registered previously and did not complete your Registration, do not create a new account instead click on “Login Here” to continue your registration with your previous Username and Password. 4. Do not thumbprint by proxy. 5. Upload a clear passport photograph. Do not upload passport photograph putting on NYSC crested vest, you will not be registered on camp if you fail to comply. 6. Use the available links on your dashboard appropriately, and stay connected to all our Social Media Platforms for latest updates. 7. Apply for Name Correction on your dashboard, Spelling errors, rearrangement, addition and removal of Name. 8. There is Inclusion of Date of Birth on Discharge Certificates. You are to ensure that your Date of Birth is correct on the NYSC Portal, otherwise use the windows available on your dashboard to apply for correction, immediately after your Online Registration. Note that you cannot correct your Date of Birth after Camp Registration. 9. PCMs with wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and Passport Photographs during Online Registration to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Exercise. No change of passport photograph after registration on camp. 10. Part-time graduates are to register online so as to be able to print their Exclusion Letter on their dashboard, when PCMs are enabled to print their Call-up Letters.

Update On NYSC Portal For Senate List

Information is reaching us that some people are already seeing their names on the NYSC portal for the senate list. Let me quickly recall that from this week, the senate list will start appearing on the NYSC portal. This screenshot is from a PCM who has successfully verified his name on the NYSC Portal. Please, kindly click the button below to go to the NYSC portal for the senate list to verify your name. Please if you are still seeing no record found, there should be no course for alarm. The upload is in progress and everybody will not see it at once.

Verify Your Name On Senate List

Latest News On registration Date

Hello, everybody and happy Sunday to you all. Hope you are all doing fine and eating well. This is update is very important because we have been getting lots of calls and emails on this issue. At first, I did not want to make this update but because questions were piling up and PCM are complaining, I just had to make it. There is a rumour right now that the NYSC registration has been postponed till the 22nd of March. When I first heard about it, I was like where are people always getting this fake news from. After much resistance, I just had to tell you all the facts at this moment so that you are not left uninformed. As of the time of this update, February 28th, 2021. The NYSC registration date is still the 3rd of March. Nothing has changed yet. The Management announced 3rd of March for registration and nothing has changed about the date. Nobody postponed or changed the date for NYSC 2021 online registration. Whatever news you are hearing, please disregard it because it’s not official. Those of you guys that have been worried and thinking and asking why? Should relax. The registration portal is on March 3rd. Stay connected and make sure you belong to our Whatsapp group for updates. Below is some important information that you should read so as to stay updated.


Official Public Notice

The NYSC management just released an update on when the approved senate list will be uploaded and available on the NYSC Portal. According to an official statement, the senate list will be available on NYSC portal from next week. Read the public notice below: PCMs should note that Institutions have not been enabled to print so as to submit their hardcopy, check senate list and its equivalent link by next week to verify your records. So if you have been seeing no record found each time you check your name on the NYSC Portal, don’t worry, from next week, it will be available. You should also know that until your name is available on the NYSC Portal, you will not be able to do your registration. See also: NYSC Senate Approved List For 2021 Batch A – Out & Pasted!]

What Next After Senate List

Institutions have been releasing their approved senate list. You can click here to see the full list of institutions whose senate list is currently out and pasted for NYSC 2021 batch A. The NYSC online registration for NYSC 2021 Batch A will begin on the 3rd of March 2021 and for the past few days, institutions have been releasing and pasting the senate list. Some prospective corps members have seen their names and others are still waiting. The next question people are asking is What next after the senate list. What is the next thing to do after you have seen your name on the senate list? [See also: NYSC Senate Approved List For 2021 Batch A – Out & Pasted!] The answer to this is that you should relax and allow your school to upload the list on the NYSC portal and also send the hard copy to Abuja. Seeing your name on your school senate list is the first step. You need to give your school a little time to take other necessary steps before your name will appear on the NYSC portal. Therefore, if you have seen your name on your school senate list, the next thing to do is relax, fold your hands and let your school and NYSC do their job. After it’s done, your name will appear on the NYSC portal and you will be able to do your NYSC registration seamlessly. [See also: List Of Institutions Whose Senate List Is Out On NYSC Portal – 2021 Batch A] Scroll up and join our WhatsApp group if you are yet to join or just click here. Stay connected.

Official More Details On Mobilization

According to a just-released information from the management, Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) are currently entering and uploading the records of their graduates for mobilization or exemption by the NYSC. Prospect Corps members are advised to check with their Student Affairs Officers (SAOs) to confirm that their names are on the list. You all can start checking your Division of Student Affairs to confirm your name on the list. If your name is not on the senate list, you will not be able to register. They should also make sure there is no conflict with their names from JAMB. Please and please, this is official and you should take it seriously. Foreign-trained graduates are advised to CLICK HERE to read the Requirements for Foreign-trained graduates before they register. All documents must be uploaded before they will be successfully evaluated. PCMs should note that until the SAO uploads their names, they cannot register on the NYSC portal. Stay connected for more updates. Previous Updates below

More Official Updates On mobilization and Uploading of senate list

A while ago, the NYSC management released the NYSC 2021 BATCH A Registration date as March 3rd. The Management just dropped some more details about 2021 mobilization. Kindly read patiently below. UPLOADING AND REGISTRATION OF PROSPECTIVE CORPS MEMBERS FOR 2021 BATCH ‘A’ SERVICE YEAR This is to notify the general public that preparations are in top gear towards a hitch-free 2021 Batch ‘A’ Mobilization Exercise. 2. Accordingly, portal is now opened for all Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) to upload list of their qualified graduates. 3. At the end of the upload, graduates of Nigerian CPIs would commence online registration on 3rd March 2021. 4. Similarly, foreign trained graduates would also login from 3rd March 2021 to upload their documents before being invited for pre-camp physical verification. 5. Those who failed to report for previous camp registration should also use the opportunity to login and revalidate their call-up details when the portal opens on 3rd March 2021. 6. Remobilization of corps members who earlier absconded service is on-going. Abscondees who recently completed all processes for remobilization should login now and register on or before 2nd March 2021. There will be no extension. 7. Management wishes to reiterate that only qualified graduates should avail themselves for mobilization as illegal enlistment attracts jail term upon conviction by the law court. Management

NYSC 2021 Batch A Registration Date Announced

This is to inform you all that the NYSC 2021 batch A online registration date has been officially announced. The official message has been confirmed and its legit. The date for the NYSC 2021 batch A online registration is 3rd of March 2021. More details coming shortly. Stay connected for more details. If you are yet to join our WhatsApp group, check above for the link and kindly join.

Latest Updates On Registration, Timetable and Others – NYSC 2021 Batch A

Good day to you all and hope you are all doing fine and staying safe. There has been a rumour going around and you all have to know the fact. We have been getting messages from PCMs asking us if the news that portal is open is true. The NYSC Portal is not open yet for registration. I don’t know where people are getting these news from. Also the rumour that registration starts by 18 has been declined by the management. But still yet, we are still getting messages from people asking us if registration will still start by 18th. There is no registration date. It will be announced once there is a date. There is also no mobilization timetable yet. Please be calm and stay connected. We have been getting messages and I just have to address this. There is no registration date yet, no timetable yet for Batch A 2021. Stay connected on our Whatsapp group. You will not miss out of anything. Just stay connected! Previous Updates below

Latest Update On Registration Date

This is an update about the NYSC 2021 Batch A mobilization and you should please pay attention and read with maximum attention. There has been a rumor on the ground about NYSC 2021 Batch A registration portal opening on the 18th and sincerely speaking, many people who have been messaging us to confirm the date, we have been telling them the news is not official. One thing you all need to understand is that a lot of fake news and rumors will always be flying around and that is why you should be careful of the platform you belong to. If you are here, you are safe because we always make sure we carry verified news and legit official information. As long as you belong to any of our Whatsapp groups, you are safe. The NYSC management decided to respond to the viral news and the source of the news. See below to read the official disclaimer. DISCLAIMER All Prospective Corps members awaiting mobilization for 2021 Batch ‘A’ Service Year should note that this message is NOT from the NYSC. The 2021 Batch ‘A’ Mobilisation Time Table has not yet been released. PCMs are encouraged to get their information from authentic sources. There is no official information for now, kindly stay connected.

Update On NYSC Portal Opening

One question we have been receiving from prospective Corps Members all day is when will the NYSC Portal be open for registration? Since last year, the only question some aspiring Corpsembers have been asking is when will portal be open so that they can do their registration. The fact and the only answer, for now, is that we don’t have a date yet. There is no official date for the NYSC portal opening for regeneration for now. I released an overview article earlier and if you are yet to read it, you really need to read it so as to know the whole process. [See also:NYSC Batch A 2021 Overview – Everything You Must Know] Portal Opening for registration is not the first thing on the list. You just have to relax and stay connected on the WhatsApp group so as not to miss out of anything important. Just know that no date for registration yet. You will be duly informed once a date is out.

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  39. I was deployed to Adamawa for Batch A stream 1 but was unable to report camp due to some circumstances. Pls will I be opportune to join stream 2???
    What should I do??

  40. Hi Lola and thanks for the update. I had completed my registration but was deployed to stream II. However, someone told me to click on the revalidation once stream II Registration starts. Please, I want to confirm if that’s what I should do or what am I expected to do as the registration starts tomorrow. Thanks

  41. Pls if the date of birth that someone used for WAEC is different from d one used for NYSC registration, will it affect the person when the person gets to camp or not?

  42. Pls if the date of birth that someone used for WAEC is different from d one used for NYSC registration, will it affect the person when the person gets to camp or not?
    For example: If the date of birth used for WAEC is 19/10/1994 while the date of birth used for NYSC is 19/10/1995.

  43. Akor Terkaa Jacob

    I did online registration for nysc batch a stream 2 2021 but green card is not coming since the registration. In this case, what is the way out?

  44. Pls can i used medical certificate of 2019 in camp?

  45. Hi Lola am a PCM( batch A2). Whc WhatsApp do u recommend me to join

  46. Hi lola
    State : kogi
    Sch : kogi
    State selected : kano, ondo,delta, kaduna

  47. State of origin Bayelsa
    Schooled at Ogun state
    Taraba Imo Kwara and Oyo

  48. Good day Lola,

    What happens if you fail to report for NYSC camp after registering twice. Would you be allowed to register for the third time?

  49. ThankGod ogechi samuel

    If Nysc told you to wait that they tell you when to print call up, do you need to register again

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