NYSC Is How Many Months – SOLVED!

NYSC is how many months or how many months is the National Youth Service Corps program is your question right, you will find your answer in this post. Either you are new to National Youths Service Corps or you are asking in advance before your mobilization or maybe you are already a serving Corp member you will find your answer here.

The National Youths service corps program is a mandatory program in Nigeria for every graduate of every institution. Even if you study abroad, you still have to partake in the National Youths Service Corps program. As long as you are a citizen of Nigeria, the National Youths Service Corps is mandatory. [Read also: Business To Start With 10k That Is Lucrative And Profitable]

NYSC Is How Many Months

The duration for National Youths Service Corps is 12 months which in other words, is 1 year. The National Youth Service Corps program is a 12 months program with the Orientation camp month included.

After the 12 months, you will do your passing out parade and the next set of Batch will carry on. It’s a soldier go soldier come program.

Let me give a quick recap on the whole process.

The NYSC program is mandatory for every Nigerian citizen that graduated from a Higher institution either in Nigeria or abroad. As long as you are a graduate, you have to partake in the program.

30 years and above and Part-time graduates are exempted from the NYSC service as they will get an exemption letter that will do everything the NYSC certificate can do. [Read also: Online Jobs In Nigeria That Can Make You Very Rich]


It usually begins with mobilization by each institution where they will release the approved senate list. The registration and other NYSC steps will follow.

Then the call-up letter will be out carrying the specific state for each prospective Corps member.

The Orientation camp will begin spanning a period of 21 days and then the place of the primary assignment will follow.

Exactly after 12 months from the month of orientation camp, the passing out parade date will be announced and NYSC is done and dusted.

That is the answer to your question about NYSC is how many months? I’m sure you now have your answer.

Either you are searching for NYSC duration, what is the duration of NYSC, how many months is NYSC, how many years is NYSC, or other questions relating to the duration of the National youths service corps program. I’m sure you now have your answer. [Read also: Food business In Nigeria – Read This Best Guide]

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