Online Jobs In Nigeria

Online Jobs In Nigeria That Can Make You Very Rich

Online Jobs in Nigeria is a gold mine for those who have a regular job and need a side hustle and also a lucrative and profitable way to make money for those who don’t have have a job. Either you have your own job or you are looking for one, this article about online jobs in Nigeria will be very useful for you. Are you a student, a graduate, a Corper, a businessman and you are looking for online jobs in Nigeria to make extra cash, make sure you read this article to the end. No matter who you are or where you are, you can take this shot and bring a permanent change to your financial life.

Many people find discouragement when they search for online jobs in Nigeria or online jobs that pays daily in Nigeria and they come across a bunch of surveys that will complicate the whole thing. There are a lot of surveys that are paying well out there but am not here to talk about surveys. Am here to talk about some more serious and real online jobs in Nigeria you can do anywhere with or without investment.

Pay Attention

Most people always think online jobs in Nigeria or making money online in Nigeria is overrated because we talk about it often and often. The fact and the truth is that online jobs in Nigeria or making money online in Nigeria deserves all the praise and accolades. Imagine how the rate of starving youths and unemployment in Nigeria will skyrockets if not for some online jobs in Nigeria that is fetching a lot of youth some money. I am a beneficiary of online jobs in Nigeria and I know you know a lot of people out there also who have made millions from online business. So get ready to discover and change your financial status.

This article is going to very useful for a lot of people and a lot of questions and searching you have been making. If you have been searching for online jobs in Nigeria that pay, online jobs in Nigeria for students, unlike jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria and online freelance jobs in Nigeria. This article will be very useful for you and if you have other questions and searches relating to online jobs in Nigeria, just make sure you read to the end. I am not going to leave anything out in this article, so it’s will be a bit longer so as to cover everything you need to know about online jobs in Nigeria from start to finish. See also: How To Make Money Online In Nigeria – 100% Tested & Working Easy Ways

Reasons To Consider Online Jobs In Nigeria

In case you are out there and you are still asking why should you consider online business in Nigeria, this section is just to open your eyes to some reasons to motivate you.

  • Easy to start: There is no job or business out there that is easy to start like online jobs in Nigeria.
  • Not Restricted by Location: What job is more greater than a job that your location has no negative role to play.
  • Low or No Capital: As I discuss online jobs in Nigeria below, you will come across some of them that you can absolutely start without capital.
  • You have enough time: Online Jobs in Nigeria will give you enough time for yourself, for your regular jobs and for pleasure.
  • All you need to start is available already: If you are reading this post now, it means you have a smartphone and an Internet connection and that is all you need to start making extra cash online.
  • You will learn more: Knowledge is never enough. Working online will expose you to a lot of things that will you happy.
  • You can maximize your income to any length: Most of the online jobs in Nigeria we will discuss below can be combined with one another. There is no margin to how much money you can make online.

There are several other benefits that I can’t talk about here because our main purpose is online jobs in Nigeria and not why you should start one. I just talked about those above to motivate you.

Online Jobs In Nigeria

There are tons of online jobs in Nigeria you can do to make extra cash and am just going to list the very best of them below. After reading carefully, you will have to make a decision which you will be glad about very soon.

1. Apply For Online Jobs In Nigeria

Online Jobs In Nigeria

The very first on this list of online jobs in Nigeria is to apply for jobs online through job websites like hot Nigeria jobs or Jobberman and many others. There are always several online jobs openings from various companies in Nigeria. Most of them are looking for online customer care, graphics designer, a social media agent, data entry and many other positions. You will apply online and work for the company from home. They will pay you your salary at the end of the month.

Under this, you are still working for somebody and they might decide to fire you or refuse to pay you if you do not offer up to expectations. It based on your agreement. On this online jobs in Nigeria, you are working for a boss from the comfort of your home. See also: How To Make Money On Nairaland Forum In Nigeria – 100% Tested & Free Guide

Other websites you can get an online job include:

  • Google for Jobs

2. Blogging

Online Jobs In Nigeria

How can I talk about online jobs in Nigeria without mentioning blogging? Blogging is an act of writing articles to pass an information or to solve a particular issue in people’s life. The name of my blog is which focus primarily on National Youths Service Corps. I provide information and great articles that will make the NYSC service year for graduates more easy and familiar. I write tons of articles to answer their questions and try as much as possible to always be there.

By that, am solving a particular solution and offering assistance to my NYSC niche and its making sense. I have also taken my time to write about this online jobs in Nigeria to teach you and show you from my experience and proper research, how you can make extra income online. Am providing you a solution to your questions about online jobs in Nigeria and you are here reading because you need an answer. I have tons of other articles about how you can be your own boss to teach and give ideas to anyone interested in making money.


You are reading this because am providing a solution to your search on Google and your interest in the topic. So also is starting a blog. You have to write to solve problems and help people find an answer to their questions. If your blog will not benefit anyone, nobody will check it out.

So, blogging as an online job will give you the ability to provide solutions or information to people and in turn, make money from it. I love writing, and because am making some money from it, I love it more. You can start blogging as an online Jobs in Nigeria if you have a passion for writing and you have a knowledge about a particular topic or aspect of life.

I have enough experience and friends to call about NYSC and that’s why it’s easy for me to have so much content that is useful for them. See also: How To Earn Money From Facebook – 100% Tested & Working Complete Guide

Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Below are the best ways to make money online blogging in Nigeria.

1. Google Adsense

You must have noticed some beautiful ads dancing around my website. If check several websites and blogs too, you will see ads dancing and displaying around. Those ads are possible because of Google adsense. Google made the platform available for bloggers to make money for the ads displaying on their website. Although there are some strict rules about it, but I can assure you that if you do the right thing, you can become a Millionaire with Google adsense. Once your blog is running and you start getting visitors, you can apply for Google adsense to display ads on your website.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is another topic on its own. Affiliate marketing is promoting a product and earning a commission from that product. I am still going to discuss this in details below because on its own, it’s an online job in Nigeria you can start with nothing.

3. Sponsored Posts

Sometimes ago, someone built an app and want to publish it on our Corpers Forum as a sponsored post. A sponsored post that will be on our forum for life and keep getting traffics till Jesus Come. The negotiation was short and he agreed to pay N25,000 for just a sponsored post. Many blogs and website charge more than that for a sponsored post.

4. Self Ad

This is similar to Google Adsense, the only difference is that you will be the one placing the ads from your customers and not Google. I am still growing and focusing more on content marketing. Very soon, I am going to reach out to organizations and offer a space for self-ads to promote their business. Which of course is not free of charge. There are lots of blogs out there who are not using Google AdSense but raking millions from self-ads. A popular example is nairaland. And you can even combine Adsense with self-ads.

There are many other ways and there is always a chance to maximize your earning with blogging as one of the online Jobs in Nigeria.

The most amazing thing is that starting a blog is as easy and simple as having a mobile phone or a laptop to make things easier and faster. An Internet connection and the writing spirit.

Important Tips About Blogging You should know

Select a niche you have adequate knowledge about. My own niche is NYSC News. You own could be sports news, fashion, cooking, news, entertainment, and many others.

You will need a domain name and hosting. There are several free blogs out there, but some it’s better to have full control over your business. I can show you how to get both domain name and hosting for less than N5,000.

3. Affiliate Online Jobs In Nigeria

Online Jobs In Nigeria

This is the number One recommendation online jobs in Nigeria you can start with nothing. I mean no investment, no blogs, no domain names, shops, no anything. If you looking for how to make money online without paying anything to start, or online jobs in Nigeria without any investment, Affiliate marketing had made it possible. The only investment is your time and passion to make money. You already have a smartphone and an Internet connection. There is nothing stopping you from starting Affiliate online jobs in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product through which you earn a commission for every sale. This is not GNLD or some products you will have to be hawking around the street. You will join Konga, Jumia, Amazon, Clickbank affiliate and then choose a product to product from the online marketplace. You will promote the link of that product on social media or anywhere and where never anyone buys that product with your link, you will earn a commission.


You can ask your friends or the store in your street to tell you whenever they want to order for anything. Let’s say your friend wants to buy a Piano. You will ask your friend to go and find the exact one he wants on Konga or Jumia. He will then send the link of the exact one he wants to you. You will generate the deep link on your affiliate dashboard and send the link back to him. If he buys that Piano with that link, you earn from it. It’s as simple as that. I wrote an article about how to make so much money from Popcorn business and I recommended some equipment
which contains my affiliate links. If anyone buys any Popcorn machine through my link, am going to earn a commission from it for life.

This is good if you really don’t have the money or anything with you, you can start this online jobs in Nigeria and see how much you can make even as festive period is coming close. If you are ready to start affiliate marketing, comment below and let me give you a head up. See also: Make Money Online Without Paying Anything To Start

4. Web Design

Online Jobs In Nigeria

Other online jobs in Nigeria that can make you a good living is Web design. A lot of people will be willing to pay you any amount for a good design of their website. Brands companies, and organizations value beauty in every aspect which of course, the website is not an exemption. If you are very creative and can help design newbies and professional websites, you will make a lot of money from it.

You say you don’t know about Web design, you can dedicate some MTN night browsing to watching videos on YouTube or take some courses online on webs design from Udemy or WGS Career Academy. These courses are cheap and they will teach you everything you need to begin your Web design career. You can then keep building on that till you become a professional.

One way to get jobs is to pitch websites you know you can make better and send them an email. You can say “Hey! I love the design of your website and I have some ideas to make it better and look more attractive to your customers. How about you give me a chance to put my little tricks into work and let’s see the positive impact it will make on your services” I have been getting messages like that and most bloggers get it too. That’s some Web designer trying to get a job.

Know that you need to acquire the skill first. Blogging is fast evolving as many and many people are developing an interest in Blogging. All you just need is some marketing of your self and wait for customers to foods in. I have done some gigs back then that fetch me some money as a Web designer.

5. Freelancing

Online Jobs In Nigeria

Another of the online jobs in Nigeria is Freelancing. This is a very sweet online job that returns money for your passion. You cannot be a freelancer if you don’t like writing. You have to be a passionate writer before you can enjoy this online jobs in Nigeria because it’s all about writing for blogs and making money.

A friend of mine was working for a website by writing an article a day and at the end of the month, he gets N30,000 into his bank account. An article that will not take him more than 2-3 hours to complete. At the same time, he was getting some jobs from upwork and Fiverr and making close to N70,000 per months just writing.

I also am a freelancer who is making a few cash from writing for some websites and blogs. Freelancing is an online job in Nigeria you can do and make money if you are a good writer. There are some website that will pay you to write for them. You can check out this article for websites that will pay you are a freelancer.

All you had to do is promote yourself and pitch website that have topics relating to what you know about. You only need your writing Passion, a smartphone and an Internet connection. Then you are good to proceed. Freelancing could be all you need if you are good and can promote yourself.

Freelancing Killer Tips For Beginners

Just starting up with Freelancing online jobs in Nigeria, don’t worry, am gonna give you some tips to hasten your career.

  • Choose a particular niche and not be a Jack of all trade
  • Make a clear definition of your services
  • Understand your client
  • Build your profile and accept more projects
  • Be honest, consistent and do not disappoint
  • Sell yourself and be professional
  • Pitch with great copy
  • Set a good scale and don’t be too expensive.

6. SEO Online Jobs In Nigeria

Online Jobs In Nigeria

Another of the online jobs in Nigeria that can become a really big deal for you is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the act of writing and optimizing your content to show on Google SERP. Any business without SEO is going to die out because of the so many competition. If I did not do the SEO of this particular post of Online jobs in Nigeria, you will probably never find it. No matter how valuable an information is, it’s as useless as nothing if nobody can find it. Businesses and organization know this and will then pay you as an expert to optimize their business so that people can find it.

SEO optimization is the act of writing a copy or an article that is SEO friendly and can rank in various search engines all over the world. If you don’t know about SEO, you can watch a bunch of videos on YouTube or take some online courses. Once you become an expert, you will make enough money and that your star for giving that money to learn about SEO.


Your potential earning is not limited to only organization and companies alone, you can help website and blogs find a position in Search engines too which will increase their traffics and make more money for them.

Let me give you an example of how SEO works. Have you ever wonder how Google brings up results when you search for something online? When you read the results, most of the time you get an answer to what you were searching for. Those first results out of millions of results are fully optimized and Google knows that they will be useful for you.

You are looking for “Online jobs in Nigeria” you then head to google and type “Online business in Nigeria” and Google brings millions of results and then you found me and click here to read. The reason why am on the front page is SEO optimization and it works more than anything in driving a valid traffics for anything.

7. Social Media Marketer

Online Jobs In Nigeria

Social media marketing is another of the online jobs in Nigeria you can start with nothing and grow over time. I like this one and its one of my very favorite of making money online. Am lucky to have several huge Facebook platforms for Corps members I have been building and managing for years. I put all my best into them by making them relevant and up to dates. I have even spent some money on Facebook ads just to get more likes and grow. Now, people pay me to help them market their products.

Sometimes, when I see people post about their products on my group, I will not approve it off course, I will message them instead and tell them I can help them reach their audience. I don’t charge much because am trying to help fellow Corps Members but at least I don’t have to bother about some bills. Social media is really a big thing for businesses and companies nowadays. How can you call yourself a business or a brand without active social media presence?

Apart from you building your own page and groups for marketing purposes, so many companies, private enterprises, organizations out there will pay you to manage their social media handle. EFCC, NYSC, Jumia, Konga, and thousands of brands in Nigeria hire people to manage their handles for them.

How To Promote

You can pitch companies and promise to build or increase their online presence via your social media marketing strategies. You need to know how to create engaging contents and many other things to keep the platform lively and ready for any updates from the boss. I wrote an extensive guide on Facebook marketing and its worth reading.

  • Promote yourself
  • Network
  • Don’t be too expensive or too cheap
  • Don’t disappoint clients
  • Be always available
  • Create a portfolio and get enough skills
  • Be creative

Once you get into those above tips, you can start this online jobs in Nigeria know as Social media Marketing. You can either work for someone or create a platform to help people promote their product and services while you are making your own money.

8. Translation

Online Jobs In Nigeria

One of the online jobs in Nigeria I cannot leave out is Language Translation. One of the most challenges businesses are facing is language. Do you know Google is now available in Yoruba language, Igbo and Hausa? Even on facebook, you can select a language you want. Most people have education and English is not a problem. However, there is some little percentage out there that needs their local language for perfect understanding.

You remember when you call any of the telecommunication customer care, you will hear something like: To listen in English, Press 1, Bla Bla Bla Bla Hausa, press 2, blo blo blo blo igbo, press 3, ti e ba fe ki a bayin soro ni ede Yourba, e te eerin. Sorry for the Bla Bla Bla and blo blo blo, I can only speak in English and Yoruba. Have you ever wonder why we have all of those?, it’s because language translation aids understanding in any business.

If you are not like me and you can speak all major languages or any other language apart from English, you can start translation online jobs in Nigeria. A Business performing great to the English communities can expand to meet more customers who speak a particular language.

You can pitch companies and tell them you can speak a particular language or help them translate their product details to a particular language. This could be a gold mine for you. There are online platforms too where you can register and translate scripts for people who will pay you.

9. Online Tutor

Online Jobs In Nigeria

Ever like teaching jobs but due to some circumstances, you can get to teach in a School. Do not worry because online Tutor is another of the online jobs in Nigeria you can do and make extra cash. Do you have a knowledge about a solution to a particular problem or you know some self-hacks that might benefit anyone in Nigeria, then you can online tutoring.

I wrote this exclusive article about making money online in Nigeria after seeing several people selling the information through ebook and videos. I would have charged N8,000 for that information or for a personal tutoring but I decided to give it all out for free. Lola is a nice girl Nah. I appreciate those guys selling ebooks and tutoring people on how to make online. They put a lot into it and they deserve to get some money from it.

People are ready to pay for any information you have that can make them better. So if you have a particular skill, you can start an online tutoring job by taking digital classes. You can use YouTube, Skype and any other convenient ways to take your online tutorials.

Tips On Online Tutoring Job in Nigeria

  • Select a particular niche and topic you know about
  • Make sure you are solving a problem and adding values.
  • Have full knowledge and do proper research about your topics
  • Be available and don’t be too expensive
  • Market and promote yourself at every chance you have.
  • YouTube is a great place to upload video d for your students
  • Be yourself and let the passion to help motivate you.
  • You can create a profile on Fiverr for more networking.
  • Advertise yourself on social media platforms

This is one of the online jobs in Nigeria that can make you enough money if you keep to it.

10. Copywriting

Online Jobs In Nigeria

Copywriting is an act of putting powerful word that will encourage customers to buy a product. This is mainly for people who are good with words and knows how to put powerful words together. Many companies will pay you to write a killer copy that will sell their products and make them popular.

If your words and intro can make people think of a product, then you can go for this one of the lucrative online jobs in Nigeria. You can pitch companies and tell them you have an idea that could give them more customers. You could send emails to bloggers and websites that you can turn around their business with some words.

Bonus: Online Surveys

Another of the lucrative online jobs in Nigeria is Surveys. This is the process where you fill some surveys inform of questioneer online and get some cents from it. The more you fill, the more money you make. There are no active survey websites in Nigeria, so if you don’t mind opening a pay pal account, you can start a foreign survey and watch as the money accumulate.

A survey is not really something to be so serious about because it takes a lot of time as you can get about 2 cents or less for a survey. I have tried it in time past and if you are not the patient type, frustration might kill the passion.

Below are websites that will pay you for filling surveys.

We have come to the end of this article about online jobs in Nigeria and am sure you have learned a thing or two. If you have been reading so far, then you have the success in you already. Remember that creativity is the key.

Now Your Turn

Procrastination can really push some things away. If you have had the patience to read this article to this point, it shows you have passion and have interest. So go ahead and choose one of the online Jobs in Nigeria above and drop a comment below and let me see how I can assist you to a point you go one alone.

If you are thinking of a challenge, state the online job you have interest in below and let me know the challenge you are facing into bringing it into reality and let’s see how I can assist.

If you have any questions, or anything in relation to online jobs in Nigeria or not, use the comment box below and I will be glad to attempt an answer.

Please do not leave without sharing this for someone else to benefit from it. Hit that SHARE button below!

Thank you so much for reading

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