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NYSC January 2019 Allowee Update!

Hello to every serving Corps members across the country and special greetings to those who are already checking their phone every seconds expecting an alert. Am sure some of you are already waiting patiently for your allowance as there are lots of bills on ground to settle.

It is normal for you to be expecting your allowance because it is your right and you deserve it.

The Good news we have for every serving Corps members is that the NYSC 2019 January allowance is comming in very soon. From this Moment am writing this, your NYSC allowance can enter anytime.

Shout out to everyone that will save from it, shout out to those that will spend it all, shout out to those that will send Recharge cards to their parents, shout out to those that will give half to their girlfriend.

It’s your money, spend it the way that will pleases you. If you have been so eager, just relax because the next message on your phone. Might be your N19, 800.

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This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. Hmmm! aunty Lola, u made us a promise but failed to fufil it on Nov. u didn’t tell us d winner of ur 5k

    • Gift dear, it’s not like that ó. We got a lot of serious reasons and it’s kind of hard for us to decide. We have been working and making some CONTACT. We will announce it soon. Many overwhelming reasons

  2. What happened to our December allawee. (Batch C stream 2) The last time they paid us was in camp. And people have started receiving allawee, but they only paid for January.

  3. My updated aunty lola, I want to hear from you pertaining increament of corps allawee, if Government increase the minimum wages to 30000

  4. I understand zamfara corp members have not been getting their allowee. Please thus should be a thing of cincern

  5. Aunty Lola I was made to know that zamfara corp members have not been paid since after the camp allowed. Is there an explanation to this

  6. Good morning,please batch c stream 2 2019 corp members did not receive their December allawee…is there any hope of the 19800 at the end of their service year?

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