NYSC Mobilization list

NYSC Mobilization list

The NYSC mobilization list is popularly known and have official recognition as the Senate list. After the NYSC Mobilization, the NYSC management will give a particular date for every institution management to upload the Senate list also known as NYSC Mobilization list. This Senate list is an official list of names and details of graduates who are eligible for the NYSC registration.

If your name is on the Senate list, you will then have the ability to do your NYSC registration on the NYSC Portal. There are some reasons why your name may not be on the Senate list. If your name is not on the Senate list, you won’t be able to proceed with the registration. The mobilization list is a list that will contain the details of everyone eligible to proceed with the NYSC mobilization.

Where To Check The NYSC Mobilization List

To those prospective Corps members who might want to ask where they can check for the list. I have an answer for you. Just keep reading as I tell you where you can check your name to see if you are on the list or not.

There are two places you can check to confirm if you are mobilized or not.

Your School

The first is from your school. After your school upload the Senate list on NYSC database, they will make the list to be available both online and also at the DSA. To check your name on the list, you can firstly confirm on your school portal or visit the DSA to see your name.

NYSC Portal

Another place you can check the NYSC Mobilization list is through the NYSC portal. This is the most important of all because while your name maybe on the school Senate list, it might not be on the NYSC portal. Although such happens on rare cases but you must find your name on the NYSC Mobilization list live on the portal before you can proceed with the registration.

You want to ask how to check your name on the NYSC portal Mobilization list? I will show you just below.

How To Check Your Name On NYSC Mobilization List

Verifying your name on the Senate list through the NYSC portal is very simple and easy. You will need the following to fill the form to check your name.

  • Institution Name
  • Matric Number
  • Surname
  • Date Of Birth

Once you have those information ready, click the button below!


Nysc Mobilization list
After clicking on the button above, this form will appear. You should fill it correctly and hit the “Search” Button.

If your name is there, Congratulation as you are going with the next batch and if your name is not there, that is not the end of the road.

Reasons Your Name May Not Be On NYSC Mobilization List

You don’t have to be frustrated or cry if your name is not on the Senate list. It might be due to the following fixable reasons. Before you lost hope on this Batch, you should check below reasons.

  • Maybe you have issues with your school
  • Jamb regularization
  • Your school did not mobilize you
  • You are above 30

Those are the major reasons.

Latest Mobilization List

There is no official mobilization list, for now, stay with us as we will update when we have an information.

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