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NYSC Portal Is Open For Remobilization – See Details

The NYSC management has opened the portal for Remobilization and you are advice to register before the deadline date.

This remobilization is for people who absconded from NYSC during the previous batches and now ready to participate in the programme.

If you also received an sms of a new NYSC call-up number, you should also proceed to register.

This is not for Batch C Prospective Corps members, it is strictly for Corpers who absconded from NYSC in the last batch and now ready to do their NYSC.

The official timetable is yet to be out for NYSC 2019 Batch C. So if you are 2019 Batch C prospective Corps members, this is not for you. You should stay connected and wait for mobilization to begin.

Again, I say this is not for NYSC 2019 Batch C PCM. Those that are concerned knows themselves. If you are a PCM waiting or hoping to go with batch C, this is not for you.

Read the official message below.

This is to inform all those for Remobilisation that the portal is open for registration.
It will start from 13th September to 4th October 2019.
You are advised to register within the time limit.

Click Here to Start Your Remobilization

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  1. Hi, I did mobilization for the last batch, my name was on the portal but I opted out, I didn’t proceed to registration, hence I didn’t follow the last batch. Should I be concerned about this??

    • Hi,I did mobilization for batch B stream 2 but my name wasn’t found in the Senate list..should I be concerned too? Thank you.

  2. Thank you

  3. Hello

    Plz in reference to the above
    I was shortlisted for batch b stream 2
    But I didn’t register

    I’ll like to know if the above info is for me


  4. please I had issue in a first semester course though I have written and the result is out but my HOD is yet to sign our clearance list. please will I still make it with this batch?

  5. I have registered with batch B19… but I did not pay and print my call up number. is this remobilization also meant for me?

  6. I registered for batch B stream 2 and got my call up letter but I didn’t go to camp. Please, should I be concern about this?

  7. this remobilization and revalidation are they d same? i just want to know.

  8. Hi.. please I had a first semester course issue but I have written the exam but my HOD is yet to sign our clearance list. please I want to know if I can still make it with this batch C

  9. Hello my name came out on the Senate list for Batch B stream 2 but didn’t register because there was an error in my year of graduation. The error has been corrected so should i register

  10. I am to revalidate with this coming batch C. My question is that; when would that revalidation be?

  11. Hi Lola princess! I register for bach B stream 1and I got my call up number bout I don’t go to camp should I be concern about this registration that is going on right now?

  12. hello,I missed camp batch B and I don’t want to do remobilization. I want to go for batch C please is that valid can I do that?

  13. Please am an abscond member 18B. I have been to my deployed state last month they ask me to wait until notice comes from Abuja, now they have open the portal what should I do please.?

  14. Good day ma’am. Pls is it possible for me to skip this stream 1 to join stream2. I have been deployed n i have printed out my call up letter but something beyond my control came up. So I want to join stream2 pls what should I do?

  15. Please ma’am I registered for this Batch C stream 1 and have been posted to Plateau State but I’m having serious issues with collecting my Result from my School and Camp is closing tomorrow.. I’m very tensed and my question is can I still remobilize and go with stream 2 giving the fact I’ve been posted or called up to serve,?

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