NYSC Remobilization Portal Is Open For Batch A 2021

NYSC Remobilization Portal Is Open For Batch A 2021

This is to announce to you all that the Remobilization portal is now open for everyone who needs Remobilization.

Before you go to the portal to click Remobilization, you should kindly read the details below to know who needs Remobilization.

First of all, let me make this clear that Batch A stream II Prospective Corps Members that did not get call-up letter and was moved to Batch B should not click Remobilization. Remobilization is not meant for Batch A who did not get call-up letter.

Please carefully read below to understand and know what to click so that you don’t make mistakes.

While remobilization generally has to do with people who absconded from NYSC, the registration is in two-part. Let me use Lola as an example for a better understanding.

Let’s say Lola belongs to batch A and was posted to Lagos for NYSC. Lola then traveled to Lagos camp and observe the orientation camp process and after camp or after a few weeks or months during service, Lola abandoned NYSC and never report to PPA or the Local government again. Don’t ask me why Lola abandoned NYSC.

If Lola wants to continue her NYSC and go with the next batch, Lola will have to do remobilization to be part of the next batch. I hope you now understand the whole meaning of remobilization in NYSC.

However, while remobilization is generally for those who absconded from NYSC, the registration is in two ways. Please pay attention below.

The first one is for is meant for crops members who absconded and appropriate action has been taken on the case by the state.

If this is your case, you will click the link above from the portal or CLICK HERE to process your remobilization. which will lead you to this form below:

The second part of the remobilization is meant for is for the Corps Members who have absconded from service and the state has not taken appropriate action. The completion of this application form shows that you are ready to come back and complete your service after you have refunded the NYSC. Afterward, you will then be able to Remob into the current batch when opened”

If this is your case, you will click the link above from the portal or CLICK HERE to process your remobilization. which will lead you to this form below:

Please, before you go to the portal and click anything, kindly be sure you understand the details above. The Deadline, for now, is 21-06-2021. 

If you have any questions, you can use the below comment box.

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  1. Olayiwola Damilare

    Is the remobilization for those who didn’t report to their state of serving due to school faulty system and it’s been retify.

  2. Beriline Agbor

    Hello Lola pls what of people who were posted in batch A stream 11but did not go due to the fact that their certificate weren’t ready?. Awhat are they going to do ? And when will they rectify their own errors?

  3. I tried to apply for remobilization it gave me this error: ‘Sorry, You are not eligible for this Application, Contact your State office’. Pls why is this and what do I have to do to resolve this

  4. Hi, I was deployed lately in batch A stream 2. When will I get to revalidate and go to camp?

  5. God day. Please I am supposed to follow those been mobilized for this nysc batch B (i.e those their name is on the senate list now) but I couldn’t find my name on d senate list which my guys that I filled mobilization form in my school the same day have seen their own on the senate list. So I went back to my school today to report to them that I have not seen my name in the senate list where as my mates have seen their own. So they now told me that I was among the Batch A stream II. Where as I registered to follow batch B. So now they said I should go and do remobilization in other to follow batch B when the portal open for them.
    So please what will I do. Note I have not registered for NYSC at all. So your guide please. Thanks

  6. Please if I got my call up letter but did not show up for camp at all, do I need to remobilize? And what if this is the second time I was unable to show up in the orientation camp without posting? Are there any consequences?

  7. Good morning Lola.I graduated in 2019 and was post to anambra state.at camp there I discovered that my school omitted one of name so I went back to my school and solve the issue on my result.i suppose go with batch A dream 2 but I did get my call up letter.i have only one problem left .➡️ I’m from Bayelsa State but my school mistakenly uploaded my state of origin as (Delta), can I change it at camp or is there any negative effect.

  8. Why is’it that I can’t access my dashboard,my email and password is not accessible again,
    am batch A stream 2 pcm.

  9. I’m on remobilization since 2019. I went to Kebbi twice, the last one was around December 2019. They keep telling me they av not decide on my case. Is there any hope for me.

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