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NYSC Questions

Let’s SOLVE All NYSC Questions & Issues – I reply In 2 Minutes Or Less

Let’s SOLVE All NYSC Questions & Issues is like a support platform to help you attempt an answer to all pressing questions. This post is specifically to solve every question, issues you might have about the National Youth Service Corps from start to finish. I am Lola and I will be here as your NYSC Google assistant to help you provide, solve, and attempt every question, challenges, issues you might need about NYSC in general.

No matter how funny, hard, complicated, long, short your NYSC questions are, I can guarantee you that we will SOLVE all of them right here.

NYSC Questions

Any questions you have that might be too hard for me to answer, you don’t have to worry because I have a lot of friends to call.

Please give details to help me stay relevant. And in case you are wondering how fast I reply, I will surprise you with my lightning speed because I will reply to you NYSC questions in 2 Minutes or less.

If you have any questions, just go ahead and ask below and if your questions are PRIVATE, Click HERE to use the contact form to speak to me directly.


About Lola Princess

I am Lola Princess and am from Earth. I am from somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. I love making friends and blogging. Am your NYSC Google Assistant and am always here.


  1. the name on my nysc portal, jamb and waec is olakunle odunayo stephen but the name on my statement of result is olakunle odunayo, pls what do i do

  2. Please. Did they stop schools from uploading new names on the nysc portal??? My school just collected the mobilization form from us but we are yet to see our names on the senate list

  3. Please I want to know when the NYSC next batch would be because have been hearing it is by June 2019, I just want to confirm how true it is

  4. pls whatz the condition of the stream 1 pcm deploy to kaduna? are we still camping with stream 2 or not going at all

  5. my dashboard is showing this error message “sorry you are not on this stream, you will be notified when to print your call-up letter”… please will I still go this november?

  6. Good evening dear, my question is during the registration at the camp what and what is done in the process of verification of documents? do the officials ask any question about the states visited?

  7. How will I make correction for date of birth on waec certificate

  8. Saw this on my portal,that I cannot register because my name has been specified more than once and I have not served before o..pls help!

  9. Hello Nysc official… Am a Corp member redeploy to OGUN… Due to the delay in placement In OGUN I didn’t do clearance for last month… And I haven’t been paid, don’t know if you have any ideas for me

    • Am not an NYSC official ó. You have to go to your local Govt and tell them. Because if you miss a clearance, that’s an extension. Go to your LI and better have a good reason with evidence on why you missed clearance

  10. Please I have been trying to replace the name on my dash board but they are saying record not saved ensure you don’t have a pending request, what should I do

  11. Pls is there no answer to my question, about the correction of wrong date of birth on WAEC certificate, thanks

  12. please this is the problem am having on the sanate list status “the candidate was not admitted,confirm your admission status…” and I have informed the school,but no solution yet. please what caused the problem am having and the way out?

  13. Please I am a foreign students I have done my registration on Monday and I woke up this morning to see on my dash doard sorry you are not in this stream we notify for your call up later what does it means please?

  14. Mohammed sani Ibrahim

    Hello sir I need help,concerning my NYSC registration I did changing of date of birth since on 30th October I was told that date of birth Approval status Application has been treated however i should login to my dashboard to confirmed my new mobilization status and up till now it hasn’t effect on my NYSC account so what can I do please thank.
    Application details/reference are here below.
    Examination number =4271810265 Ibrahim Mohammed sani.
    Year =2012.
    WAEC verification pin =17662151401443714052

  15. Hello. Goodafternoon. I tendered my medical report while I was in camp in Yola few weeks back and I was ordered to go home cause of my health status that I will be relocated back to my state so as to be close with my family and doctor. Bur unfortunately, I was relocated to Ekiti State instead of Lagos state which can’t work out for me as I have a very tight schedule with my doctor. Please what should I do to get relocated to Lagos state. ?

  16. Hello Lola I’m Alaile Adekunbi with call up number ” NYSC/FRN/2018/717381 am one of the new batch c stream ii mobilized corper, as a married foreign student I was told to upload all my documents including my marital document which I did, when the call up letter came out it was shocking to me that I wasn’t still posted to the state my husband lives and the most painful part is I AM HEAVILY PREGNANT and soon to put to bed, I have 1year and 8months baby which no one will help me take care of her because my husband will go to office too. How do I go about it with a baby and heavy pregnancy in another state where no one will assist me where I know no one. Please I need it to be rectify. Thanks with kindness regards

    • So sorry about this. The fact is pregnant and mother are always redployed instantly to meet their husband after the camp registration. You will have to go to camp first. There is a special treatment for pregnant women and nursing mothers. You won’t spend more than a day. But you have to register at the camp first

      • Christopher Ukpong

        Gud afternoon sir/ ma….my name is Christopher Ukpong am from Akwa Ibom state pls I finishing paying all my money I hold in school am waiting for my school to call me uptill now no phone call I want to ask if posible am still going for bath b and when are we going to start d mobilization pls or should I go back to my school and ask them pls enlighten me this is my first time pls

  17. spoke to the Cordinator, he said there is nothing he can do. please what do i have to present to them in NYSC secretariat here in Lagos?
    Thank You.

    • Since the state Cordinator said nothing it might be hard a little. His the only one who can repost directly. If you can visit any local Govt NYSC secretariat and show them your medical evidence… They could call the state Cordinator for you. Just wear your Kaki to the secretariat.

      • Please this is the problem am having on the Senate list ” the candidate jamb registration number does not exist, admission status unconfirmed, contact your Institution” have contacted my school and was told the corrected list was sent yesterday to NYSC but til the error is still displaying.

  18. Who’s in ajah wanna know if there’s any lodge there

  19. Good evening!!!
    I gained my national diploma admission 2014 and graduated 2016, during my jamb regularization registration I mistakenly choose 2012 instead of 2014. The rjamb registration nunber given to me is 2012 instead of 2014. Please what should I do??? Hope it won’t affect my NYSC??? Thanks God bless you!!!

  20. how can that b possible when I have already been regularize for a particular year and I want to Chang the year. please will that be possible for me. to change 2012 regularization to 2014.

    • The whole thing is funny you know. You wanted to correct a mistake, then you made another mistake in the process. A mistake from JAMB cannot be fixed on NYSC Dashboard. It’s better you visit a JAMB office. Registration will soon be out o

      • thanks so much, the lord bless.
        should I go for another regularizations or what do you think because ain’t sure that can be change have ask so many cafe and they told it not an error that I will be mobilize I should forget about it . though am HND 2 student as I speak. please can jamb change 2012 regularization to 2014 or I should enrol for another regularization

        • Since you have done it before, go to any close JAMB office and tell them you made a mistake during your first regularization. They will tell you how to go by it. This is one of the minor things that always delay PCM

  21. I did marriage not quite long and I’ve uploaded all the necessary documents but for me to submit it is the problem. The send request botten does not working. Please what can I

  22. I want to relocate

  23. Sorry is there no answer to my question, about the relocation on marital status

  24. Good morning, I cant see my Ppa letter online,i checked through phone and someone told me i should check through laptop..i did its still the same…”check using mozilla or microsoft browser is the reply i keep getting”…what should i do?

  25. Please I want to know if December allowee payment will be made this month because I am yet to receive the NYSC account number I created in camp. When I went for my documentation at NYSC Zonal office Yenegoa where I am serving, there was a field I need to fill in my NYSC account number and bank name but I couldn’t since I am yet to receive the NYSC account number. I told the staff in sit of the documentation about it and she told me not to worry that when I return January I can fill it, she also said December payment won’t be made this month. I am in Batch C stream II and we just camp

    • It’s thesame and you are not the only one who have not been paid. Just give it sometimes. Sincerely, I don’t know why they haven’t paid, but they will sure pay it.

      When you get back in January, you can still fill your bank details. You need to go to that bank u registered with and complain why you are yet to get an account number

  26. Will Batch C stream II CORPs members that just left camp get allowee this deecember?

  27. My relocation has just been approved but I was asked to go to my state coordinator’s office to print my relocation letter. Please do I need to go with any document?

  28. Hi. Pls I just got relocated and it’s showing I have to get clearance from my state coordinator. Any knowledge or information about the procedure for this will be highly appreciated. Thank you

  29. Hello….pleas , i’ve just recently uploaded my evaluation letter and i’ve also filled in for remobilization last week tuesday, yet, it said that i’m not evaluated yet! I’m worried please kindly enlighten me on this issue! Many thanks!

  30. Good Evening, I Enterd My Natiional Diploma 2014 And Mistakenly Choose 2016 While Enroling For Regularization. I Went 2jamb Office I Was Told I Wil Reenrol For Another Regularisation. Which I Did Since Last Year Nov 28 And Submited It My School. Jan 7 I Calld My School That I Have Yet 2b Sent Mesage On Mail From Jamb, They Told Me Theyve Done There Part, Please How Long Does It Take Jamb To Sent Someone Jamb Reg Number, Please, Jamb Offrce Ado Ekiti

  31. Good day sir /ma

    Please I need your quick response.

    I have an issue of date on my O’level Weac results the date on it is February 29 1988. That was a mistake by the school but I wasn’t able to correct it!

    But on my Jamb the date of birth is 20 January 1990 which is the original… Though I have did affidavit in the court on the age.

    I want to ask what will NYSC use to mobilise in February or what is my fate?

    Please I need comprehensive answer urgently.

    Thanks very much

  32. Pls i Studied in Benin Republic I used Two Nabteb result …av gotten Original result for the First result but original result for the Second Nabteb result is not yet out …Pls kindly enlight Me on this issue… will it Affect me doing NYSC screening?

  33. I was unable to open an account while at camp last year due to some errors on bvn so I was told to do so outside camp. I didn’t know that I was supposed to submit it to the Secretariat. am a batch C stream 2 Corper. will I be given my DEC, Jan and Febuary once I go over to the Secretariat to rectify the issue

    • That shows you have not been doing clearance. There is no way you will be doing clearance and wouldn’t have solved it since. I will advice you run and go and do it asap… It’s a serious issue. Just go and rectify it first.

  34. Hello dear
    I just got on Matriculation list on jamb website due to the payment for my admission letter
    was just wondering if i’m good to go or i still need to pay for original result in order to be eligible for NYSC?

  35. Hello dear,
    Please the year I mistakenly submitted to nysc portal as my graduation date is different from the one on my statement. I submitted 2019 but the result was on December 2018. Please can it be corrected at the camp or the portal please. I want to know before printing my green card. Thanks

  36. hi Lola is it true senate list is out to print, because I never see anything in my dashboard.

  37. Boss i have issues on my green card … I don’t know why they didn’t have my full details on it and i haven.t be able to print out my call up letter too and have been deployed to Rivers …Please help me

  38. I am a foreign trained PCM. I registered for 2019 batch A, all documents were complete and uploaded. The issue is now my dashboard still shows not yet evaluated. What could be the reason pls? What actions do i need to take?

  39. Please when exactly is batch b coming up?

  40. Good morning
    Please I’ll want to enquire about some agencies in abuja and what they pay to corpers
    Ministries eg power, labour, Science and Tech.

    Thank you so much in anticipation

  41. I made use of combined result (WAEC AND NECO) for HND and ND.
    name on my WAEC HND and ND is Kalesanwo Kehinde Peter but on my NECO it is Kalesanwo Kehinde only.
    hope that wont affect my mobilization.

  42. all my document were uploaded during this last nysc reg,but this what i see on my dashboard,verification of your original cert is yet to be done.proceed to nysc hq for clearance………a foreign student……the name on my document z openaike oluwabukola blessing but the one on my cert is openaike oluwabukola ann…..thats why i didnt go with batch a

  43. good evening,the same jamb number i used in printing my jamb admission letter is the same jamb number that does not exist in nysc reg why

  44. plx I changed ppa from d initial one I was working with.but d new ppa terms r nt pleasing to me,i want to change back to my initial.wat do I do?don’t want to spend moni for a change again..

  45. 1.Jamb gave me admission in uniabuja, but I accepted to study in ABU, now I’m a graduate. I have already printed out my jamb admission letter and was told I’m on the matriculation list. Pls my question is would I be mobilized for nysc.
    2. How can I verify and correct my DOB on NECO

  46. As at last year my name was uploaded to nysc Senate list but at the status line it aays (jamb reg dose not exist contact your institution,used by none.).I also checked the matriculation list it says “no admission given yet”.I went to my school to complain and they said I will have to do regularization. so I did the regularization and it was approved 7th of dis month and the jamb reg it’s now valid and my name is now on the jamb matriculation list ,my name is also on the nysc Senate list but the status has not changed..my question is that when the nysc registration begin will I be able to register

  47. What will I do if I want to join Stream 2 specifically not stream 1?

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